It does not require the experienced expertise of a medical professional, to reach the (empirical) conclusion, that our current body politic is seriously ailing. The applicable multi- faceted, chronic illness, is reliably reported to have had its etiological start and development, by way of a combination of a determinative number of uninformed and insufficiently literate citizens, tactically misled, by a nefarious strategem of widespread “pie in the sky,” demagogic propaganda. The same was financed by special interest, monied people, who seem to have chosen to prioritize profits above the health and well-being of the nation, and the planet.

Presenting clinical symptoms of this serious pandemic, include, discomfiting reactions to: (a) the dangerous and impusively egocentric acts of an ignorant, incapable, former game show host, elevated to the Oval Office; resulting in an embarrassing (and dangerous) state of affairs, nationally and internationally, (b) efforts by that President, and his selected “Alice in Wonderland” Cabinet, to completely deny the consistent reports of  reputable scientists, advising and warning of proven climate change, and the resulting continued deterioration of the planet, (c) his historically unprecedented attack on the moral and utilitarian institution of “truth,”(d)  his constant undemocratic disparagement of the responsible media, (e) his employment of draconian, exclusionary  policies regarding immigration (in a nation composed, exclusively, of immigrants and their descendants), cruelly and shockingly enforced by the illegal use of armed military; who, in Nazi fashion,  have, monstrously, fired tear gas on attempted entrants (largely mothers with young children), (f)  by his engagement in what appears to be a sustained treasonous liaison with our historic enemies, while making enemies of our long- term allies  (g) by installing [Trump-friendly] arch -reactionary Justices to the Supreme Court, (h) by his publicly promoting and encouraging bigotry (including his defense of white supremacist groups,by  active support for known segregationist candidates, by his opposition to the natural, private rights of women to choose an abortion, (i) by his unshamefacedly aberrant behavior including actual sexual abuse, (j) by the denigration and defunding of our nation’s vitally essential, research initiatives and the intellectual community in general, and, (k)  most unsuitably, his  engaging in a practice of consistent and systemic mendacity, in his shameless derogation of the existential existence of the “truth.”

We have entertained a felt responsibility toward our loyal readers and followers, to responsibly  attempt to prescribe natural sources of temporary relief, from the painful discomfort of their predictable personal reaction to these symptomatic events, as recounted. Accordingly,  we have prescribed selected ameliorative and analgesic treatments, consisting of the use of sensible and practical healing and restorative substances and balms, as well as, our recommendation of  clinically indicated physical activities; in  each case, as applicable to, and helpful for, any of  the respective, listed categories of  symptomatic outbreaks. In view of the apparent dicey nature of economic conditions, we have, empathically, prescribed only generic products and low- cost therapeutic activities.  We would emphasize that the following therapeutic prescriptions and recommended acts of therapy, [as tailored  to the applicable category of the listed symptoms], are merely analgesic; a protocol designed to achieve actual cure is specified at the conclusion of this note.

*SYMPTOMS & ANALGESICS: [ General caution! Do not exceed recommended dose, without prior physician approval and personal supervision]

*DENIAL OF CLIMATE CHANGE: hot beverages, multi- vitamins, orange juice, broccoli, chicken soup, all ingested while simultaneously, wearing woolen gloves, scarf and woolen hat. dosage: 2x per diem, morning and evening.

*DENIAL OF WOMEN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE: warm bath, aroma candles, chilled chablis, olives and liver pate simultaneously enjoyed while dart throwing at a Phyllis Schafly dart board.   dosage:once daily on retirement

*ANTI-CONTRACEPTIVE EDUCATION: (for two participants), nude scrabble games,vodka, dark chocolate bars, loud country music; followed by listening to taped Evangelical Sermon.  dosage: 2x per diem.

*ANTI-IMMIGRATION POLICIES: 2 plates of over- cooked rice and beans, salsa music, cold cervesa, darts- Mike Pence dartboard , clean baseball cap ,  new T-shirts. dosage: 2x per diem.

*ILLICIT FRIENDSHIP WITH PUTIN: hot bowl of cabbage borscht, cold glass of vodka, James Bond Movie,  manly arrest game with bare chest and toy handcuffs. dosage: 2x per diem (not for women).

*PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: orange pajamas, cold oatmeal (2 bowls), cherry jello, harmonica music, black and white film on sexual diseases, checkers, knock-hockey, or ping-pong: dosage: 1x out of doors, every third day.

*PRESIDENTIAL MENDACITY: Read Pinocchio  aloud 2x, watch Fox News , at least 30 min., repeat New Year’s weigh loss resolutions again, select duct tape color. dosage:  hourly.

*PRESIDENTIAL ATTACKS ON MEDIA: Read complete N.Y. Times or Wash. Post, cover to cover, delete all statements and pictures of Trump and/or Cabinet Member’s and their statements, with black grease pencil, line garbage can with completed newspapers, sing the words, “fake news” for 10 min. dosage: 2x per diem.

*GOVERNMENT LEAKS, also, WIKI LEAKS: Many regular followers of current events, frustrated with an uncomfortable plethora of “leaking,” governmental, or otherwise, report favorable results with the use of “Depends” or “Assurance” products. dosage: daily, as needed.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The limited, but dedicated, purpose in the dissemination of this prescriptive note, is to mitigate the degree of discomfort in our readers’ reactions to the current, (and irrational)  news of the  day. We have previously made it clear, that the therapeutic procedures set forth, above, are prescribed only for temporary, palliative relief . [You are invited to again consult the specific language of the above disclaimer].

CURE: For the complete and permanent elimination of  such uncomfortable reactive symptoms, one is advised to expend his next precious vote only following his own, independent conduct of a  sufficiently informed and considered judgmental process.




The Statue of Liberty, a giant copper sculpture, [ gifted by the government of France in 1886] in addition to our traditional Stars and Stripes, are inarguably, the two salient  symbols of our American nation. “Lady Liberty,” as she is called, stands, tirelessly, in New York harbor, with her uplifted lamp, eternally beckoning to  people, victimized by life’s vicissitudes, to come, enter and find shelter in America. The world class poem, by Emma Lazarus, inscribed on the statue, includes the thematic words, “… give me your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to be free…” Refugees from all over the world, have  immigrated to America,  found a new and safe life, and contributed to our democratic society.

The pristine virtue of Lady Liberty was first compromised in 1939, when the United States (under President Franklin D. Roosevelt), denied entry to a ship [ the USS St. Louis], carrying 900 Jewish refugees, desperately fleeing for their lives from Nazi Europe, and cruelly sent them back to die in Nazi death camps. The event was later described by historians, as “The most despicable act in American history.” A movie, entitled, “Voyage of the Damned” is based on this shameful travesty in American history.

Subsequently, the United Nations enacted an Amendment to its “Declaration of Human Rights” [Article 14], recognizing a universal right to seek asylum from prosecution, from other countries.  In 1980, the U.S., at long last, passed a systematic procedure for the admission of refugees.

In a cruel, and apparently, psychopathic, defiance of the events of recent American history, established rights, and any consideration of human decency,  the current Administration, under the immoral Presidency of Donald J. Trump, has seen fit to embarrass, and again abuse, Lady Liberty, [as well as all empathetic citizens of our nation] by his demonizing of the contemporary refugees, and blocking their entry to the U.S.

Sizable numbers of asylum seekers from Central America desperately fleeing on foot, many shoeless, the incomprehensible, and uncomfortably hot, distance of 1000 miles, have been immorally and falsely demonized by President Trump and his sycophants, and denied entry. Reports indicate that the large majority of these refugees are mothers and small children, their men having been past victims of brutal murder in their brutal countries of origin.

It will undoubtedly be remembered by history, that President Donald J.Trump actually dispatched armed fighting forces, to confront these exhausted, thirsty and desperate people, whom he has called “this evil Caravan.” These armed soldiers who are to supplement an extant substantial force of border guards, have been laying out barbed accordion wire, to slow down the purported ominous threat of this “substantial military expedition” [composed  largely, of exhausted mothers with hungry toddlers]. Unbelievably, the discharge of highly irritating and disabling, tear gas, on these pitiful victims, by such forces, has been reported and shown on television. This atrocity exceeds any known level of pernicious evil and will forever remain a stain on our republic.

If one were able to fly by helicopter, to the height of Lady Liberty’s head, he would, undoubtedly, witness her tears and the simultaneous biting of her [copper] lip.




We have all observed the absolute demise of  [what this blog space has termed] “civic amity,” as the result of an unhealthy and exaggerated, preoccupation with individual, divergent views on controversial subjects, such as right to abortion, gun regulation, immigration, women’s rights, climate change and others. These exaggerated responses have effectively, and destructively divided our nation. Diversity of belief, regarding particular issues, has led to the birth of insular groups of individuals, sharing identical views, with regard the issue, in virtual conflict with, and intolerant of,  other similar groups of divergent opinion on the same issue.  Such groups generally vote tribally; irrational loyalty often triumphing over personal principle. An illustrative example, is the bizarre support of President Donald J. Trump, by Christian Evangelicals, despite Trump’s public boasts of personal acts of sexual abuse and  immorality.

The idealistic prospect of friendly and constructive debate of contested issues, between citizens of divergent opinions, foreseen by our founders, is sadly, non-existent. We have noted this unfortunate development in an early post “The Death of Civic Amity;” the question remains, what can be done to restore it? We would, humbly, suggest a possible and simple, solution to the problem. But first some relevant metaphoric observations:

Aptitudes:  The exercise of one’s personal  choice of endeavor, is included among those of the highest rank of personal importance. Many inexperienced young people pursue a field of study, in common with close friends, as an alternative to analyzing their personal proclivities. An intelligent, gifted  student may be an abysmal failure in that chosen field, and suffer feelings of failure and consequent inadequacy; even contemplate the possibility of dropping out. The unhappy student may need to acquire an objective awareness, perhaps by counselling, as to the human  phenomenon of aptitudes, which vary among individuals viz., an individual who is a complete slug in the field of computer science, may be a stunning success in biology. There are a great many choices, other than the one, socially agreed upon with his friends. To approach our theme,  he can successfully study an entirely different subject for which he has natural ability, and yet  simultaneously, remain friends with the others. Choice of desired profession is  a distinctly separate subject from, and is superfluous to, the subject of friendship.

In somewhat more topically relevant terms, an alternate position [on any one subject], does not define the entire person; friendships normally have many other positive foundations.

Restaurant Dining: The pleasant, social experience of dining out with friends, may serve as an  additional item of [metaphoric] utility. At such event,  customarily, a menu is presented, to assist in food selection for the meal. Customarily, there is a variety of foods offered, to correspond with the divergent tastes, and preferences of the restaurant’s clientele.  In our fictional conceit, two diners request swordfish, as their main course. Another, a member in good standing of the Sierra Club,  accompanies  her choice of broiled chicken, with a serious remonstrance, regarding the choice of swordfish, characterizing the same as an irresponsible selection of an endangered species. All  thereafter, are served their respective meals, dine, and continue with their social banter; there may be some disagreement as to “responsible choices” for dinner, but the diners, otherwise, enjoy the  relationship as close friends, and often socialize and dine together.

Sporting Events: Fans of the same team often sit next to each other, in the stadium and exchange friendly sports observations of the day. They both may eat hot dogs and drink beer, during their mutual exclamations, of joy and frustration, at the happenings on the field or arena. They traveled together to the stadium, and plan on travelling to their nearby homes, together. It is conceivable, that if the usual subjects of societal contention were raised, that they would not mutually agree as to many of them; yet, they have a sufficient basis of commonality, for their friendly interaction, support for the local team. They heartily enjoy each others’ company and may even own season tickets for adjoining stadium seats.

Differences of opinion and belief as to any particular issue should not define the whole person nor be, in any way, a valid  basis for citizen rancor or rejection. There needs to be an uplifting of consciousness, to the effect that a specific choice made relating to one item on the menu of life experience, does not define the full extent of the chooser’s persona. Moreover, an opponent of gun regulation, may be an advocate for climate management; an opponent of unlimited immigration, may also be a proponent of a women’s right to choose an abortion.

The stubborn and relentless enemy, is the toxic combination of a neurotic need to belong, in cahoots with the giant evil monster of reduction.




This year’s traditional panoply comprising the American Thanksgiving holiday, big parades, football games, the warm, nostalgic reunion of family and close friends, interacting in the midst of a veritable cornucopia of gourmet family specialties, has just ended. This year, as usual, the needed, existential reassurance of familiar family interaction, has furnished yet an additional benefit: it is, in military terms, an R&R, stated otherwise, a much needed oasis, from the regular, distressing media reports of an Alice in Wonderland Government, led by an egoistic, ignorant and unpredictable Mad Hatter, President.

This harvest holiday does, indeed, recall to us, a great many things to be thankful for; our creature comforts, our liberty and expansive inventory of legal  rights, our health and, of course, the expected, regular, gathering of familiar family and friends, the latter, importantly, affording a needed, comforting, but ephemeral,  assurance of continuity.

This year, as always, volunteers, operating under the aegis of numerous charitable organizations, generously donated time and resources to the empathic provision of a traditional holiday meal to many of the needy and homeless people of the City. Those who participated and supported these acts of compassion, and those of us who were pleased at an undeniable demonstration of  human generosity, however, must remember that there are hungry, poor people on the other days of the year, in addition to November 22nd. Aside from personal acts of charity, there are organizations like, City Harvest and Bread for Humanity which are worthy of our regular support.

The annual sojourn in the temporary oasis of the mythical Thanksgiving holiday, celebrated by the eating of a symbolic meal and utterance of heartfelt aphorisms, concerning a chimerical love-fest between the early American settlers and the Native Americans, is a canon the mandatory observance of which, is appropriately celebrated solely, in the venerated Cathedral of  Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Every year, the brief sojourn at the Oasis, recalls to us, the shameful  travesties practiced  against the original inhabitants of the Continent of North America by the incoming European immigrants.[Many of such settlers, or their future progeny, after successful establishment,  ungratefully morphed into anti-immigrant sentiment.] Recorded in our American history are the uncountably numerous, unjust and morally unsupportable, acts of our government, in the wrongful eviction of Native American peoples from their tribal homelands, and the shameful destruction of their ancient culture; an enterprise  conducted on a continental scale [ remember the smug slogan: “manifest destiny”?].

One  sad and illustrative example, was the unjust eviction and removal of  the many Native American tribes, traditionally resident in the fertile and very habitable lands of the American Southeast, to areas “more suitable for Indians”, in the windy, less arable, “more appropriate” midwestern badlands. Forceably evicted and cruelly marched across the continent, they experienced not only the residential loss of owned and developed land, but  suffering and the homicide of a great many lives; and no less than the act of premeditated societal murder of a great and irreplaceable ancient civilization. [ Read: “Trail of Tears.”]

What do the impoverished remnants of our various indigenous peoples think of our Hallmark Holiday? While we enjoy our Oasis from reality, is it not also appropriate to consider the American virtues of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as also applicable to our predecessor Americans?



In our [varied] experience, we have noted that a popularly expressed explanation  [or rationalization], by an abused spouse, for remaining in an unhealthy marital relationship, is her perceived fear of inadequate financial resources.

We have chosen to use the above personal recounting  of observed experience, as our metaphor, for the depiction of the unusual relationship between our [unlawfully] autocratic President, Donald J. Trump, and the  [legally] established autocratic ruler, of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed ben Salman.

It appears that the current Presidential administration has elected to ignore history, the Constitutional Separation of Powers, as well as any consideration of precedential legal restraint and propriety, in  its ignorant, and avowed zeal for profit, national, and conceivably, [and, criminally] personal.

It is a matter of serious concern to a great many that, under the Trump administration, our defense industry, known as the “Military Industrial Complex,” has been the major supplier of military weapons, including bombs, to the Saudi’s, irrespective  of their cruel and homicidal bombing of young children riding in Yemeni schoolbuses and other reported, horrendous behavior throughout the Middle East.

The recent murder of a Saudi born, American journalist for the Washington Post, a graduate of Indiana University, and a U.S, resident, Jamal Khashoogi, is the latest known, bloody and truly gruesome [ his body was dismembered into bloody pieces,  by electric saw] act, perpetrated under the authority, and most likely, the direct order, of Trump’s inamorada, MBS. Khashoogi was lured to the Saudi Turkish Embassy and by premeditated and deliberate plan, murdered and savagely butchered there.

Our singular President has chosen to distance himself from the event, stating only, “the Middle East is a dangerous place.” He has also made public pronouncements about the huge amount of business the United States [and, possibly, although illegal, he and/or his family] does with that rogue nation.

We are optimistically hoping that such recent psychopathic murder of the American journalist, will, at long last, stir Congress to meaningful action, to further prevent any and all, further prioritizing of commercial interests, above basic human values and civilized  morality.




Thousands of valuable acres of natural California woodlands are presently under relentless attack by fire, describably equal, in raw and careless intensity, to the hot,  punitive flames, described in the  “Inferno” by the 14th Century, religious poet, Dante.  According to authoritative reports, these out of control forest fires, are the most devestating yet experienced by California, a State perennially subject to that dangerous calamity.

Many hundreds of California residents, are experiencing fatalities, critical injuries, missing neighbors, destroyed homes and  fire damaged, formerly, scenic property, resulting in  substantial hopelessness and  despair concerning their future.

Televised images of distracted people, irresistably drawn to the sights of the charred remains of what had, until recently, been their family home, is breathtakingly heartbraking. Far more emotially significant than an unfortunate loss of  property, ( for some, their principal asset), a destroyed and totally incinerated homestead, albeit modest, is  effectively the tragic, premature and unceremonial cremation, of an irreplaceable family entity and its unique and cherished past history.  Destroyed familiar furniture and furnishings, cherished  coveted picture albums, revered antiques, familiarly passed down through the generations, are all testimony to the immense, disorienting tragedy of a destroyed familiar home, and the immolated, nostalgic memories of a joint life, suddenly and unceremoniously cremated.

We have all been consistently advised by virtually every objective and  reputable climate scientist, that events, such as these forest fires (as well as unnatural  glacial melting and rising water levels, hurricanes, flooding and countless other undesireable planetary events) are exacerbated, and in some cases, primarily caused, by climate change brought about by the spewing of excessive hydrocarbons, into the earth’s atmosphere, by certain human activities, notably many unhealthy industrial practices.

Empirically demonstrated man-made climate change, the immoral and precarious poisoning of Planet Earth,  remains manifestly denied by our low information, flat earth, reductive citizens, many, pursant to tactical and cynical manipulation by selfish industrial entrepreneurs, who exhalt profit, above the health of our planet and its inhabitants. President Trump, whose neurotic  ego and reductive ignorance, far exceeds his understanding, has publicly declared that it is California, itself, that is responsible for the current holocaust, “because it has not raked its leaves,” The depth of ignorance, cruelty and incoherence of this statement, relegates it to response, possibly within the capability of Lewis Carroll’s ” Mad Hatter”, but not by us.






Post # 301 THE BOOK OF EXODUS, 2018

As we awaken each morning, following a comfortable sleep on clean sheets, toothbrush in  hand, coffee, orange juice and breakfast in mind, do we at all, deign to interrupt our routinely secure and comfortable musings, to consider the “Caravan”? The latter term, selected by the vile current Presidential administration, would seem to connote an orderly, directed course of  movement  by experienced travelers for a joint purpose, trade perhaps, or greener  pastures. The sad reality, here, is far from that stereotype.

By the time we have finished brushing our teeth, 3000, frightened, tortured people, largely mothers with very young children, will have already abandoned their hardscrabble beds to continue with their 1500 mile trek, from their past living hell in Central America. The predominance of single mothers and grandmothers, fleeing with children, is the unspeakable result of the heartless and cruel murder of  innocent husbands and fathers, heartlessly and cruelly murdered in Hondouras, or some other despicable nest of autocracy.

The straggling refugees from that living hell, many painfully walking shoeless, thirsty, hungry, exhausted and desperate, seem to be able, even in the face of such suffering and privation, to continue to maintain their desperate purpose: a life in the U.S. where they hope to find safety, employment and a normal life for their families.

By the time you have routinely, finished your corn flakes with milk and strawberries, they may have exhaustedly stopped for a desperately needed rest by the side of a road; and by the time you arrive at school or work, many of the exhausted refugees have already attended to the stragglers, many of whom have who have fainted with exhaustion and hunger, and then resumed their Biblical-style exodus toward a seemingly unacheivable destination. They are driven, not by strength or principled purpose; the movement is fueled by utter desperation and cold fear. To return to their homeland, if that were still a possibility, would result in certain death, and so they plod on, perhaps to a slower, but purposeful death.

America, a country populated 100% by immigrants, and their descendants, should be enthusiastically  welcoming these pilgrims, if not morally and empathically, assisting them, in their strenous and dangerous exodus. [Their does not seem to be any help from the God of the Isrealites.] Our Statue of Liberty morally symbolizes an American  welcome to all the “poor and huddled people yearning to breath free.”

There can be no act, so evocative of deep shame, or demonstrative cruelty, than the decree of our President, sending combat troops to the border to “confront” these poor refugees. It exceeds immorality and is inarguably, psychopathic.


Post # 300 Free Enterprise And Empathy (redux)

In a much earlier post, titled “American Socialism,” we observed, with some repressed annoyance, that the term, “socialist,” was a term in popular use by people who do not know better, as an epithet to designate a person or a governmental program as indefensibly un-American, and blameworthy. We had attempted to clarify the word, “Socialism,” in fact, as a political-economic theory, representing the total ownership and control of basic industry and business enterprise, by the State. We observed  that  the theory (the product, no doubt, of well-meaning theoreticians) could not be successful, because it discourages initiative and demonstrates, additionally, a disregard for the individualistic and creative feature of the human persona, viz., the natural, human aspiration for self-fullment.

Theories like “Socialism,” were, perhaps, in direct and understandable response to a laissez-faire economic system, whereby society manifested the immense suffering and privation on the part of the common man, whose humanity and  intrinsic value was seen, solely in terms of his capacity for labor, in the production of profit for the entrepreneur. Any reader of Victorian literature (especially the novels of Charles Dickens) will be aware of the great suffering and privation of the lower classes, whose lives and suffering were existentially relegated to the theoretical and unsympathetic operation of  “Natural Law.”

In more recent times, due no doubt, in large part to reformers like Charles Dickens, a measure of recognition for the plight of the common man had its nascent development, and empathic governmental reforms were legislated. In the 1930’s, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt oversaw a new philosophy of governance, by which assistance to the needy, limitations of working hours, regulations to protect life and health, a system of social security and survivor’s insurance, protections for trade unionism, unemployment insurance and many of the programs of governmental assistance existing today, were firmly established.

Such reforms were part of the government’s appropriate recognition of a measure of responsibility, and developing moral concern for humanity; a far cry from the “blacking shops” in which Dickens labored as a small child. Such beneficial and empathic assistance by government to improve the air and drinking water, prevent hunger and want, are inarguably commendable actions; they collaterally, are also an effective way to prevent the appeal of other  forms of governance, which might well limit free enterprise and individual initiative.

Unthinking citizens, who decry American  governmental programs of welfare and beneficial assistance, as “Socialist”and therefore, “unAmerican”, should, (1) consider their own participation in social security, disability and death benefits, unemployment insurance, postal privileges and the remaining plethora of governmental services and benefits, which they enjoy and, perhaps, (2) research the accurate definition and meaning of the word, “Socialism.”

We prefer the words, “Compassionate Capitalism,” to aptly describe the American system, which embodys the morally proper exercise of empathic governance.



Post # 299 “HAIL TO THE KLUTZ”

The public has seen unprecedented quantum of entire folios, published and desseminated, containing concerning the worrisome subject of the character and performance of Donald J. Trump, as President. The same amounts to a unanimous declaration of his utter unfitness for the position; based upon his demonstrated [frightening] combination of egotism and ignorance, his regular and unashamed mendacity, his detrimental acts as President, including bigotted statements and his abusive behavior. He has been clearly responsible for great and universal embarrassment. and utter confusion in the National, as well as the International context.

It appears somehow, that relatively little has been been said, however, about his over-all demeanor, his artless and clumsy behavior, which unquestionably qualifies him to be a  receipient of the unique (originally Yiddish, but English- adopted) and inelegant designation, of “Klutz.”

Television viewers of the news, have seen him publicly, and thoughtlessly, flicking off dandruff from the jacket of French President Macron, aggressively pushing ahead in a group of walking heads of State, publicly and thoughtlessly, demonstrating boredom and lack of interest, during the speaches of other heads of State, overtly demeaning the American media at publicized events, arbitrarily choosing to not attend  holiday  international ceremonies, in honor of the World War I dead, due to light rain (“might mess up my hair”), indirectly manifesting tolerance for white supremacy, consistently denigrating and slandering immigrants, enunciated to a nation, entirely populated by immigrants and their progeny, his public boasting about his carnal acts of sexual abuse, in an age when the nation’s conscience has [finally] been raised to that serious problem, his  publicly demeaning the reports of our leading scientists, as well as the many empirical proofs of climate damage,  his approval the of the use of the Oval Office  as a family shopping mall, his publicly lauding his  “bromances” with our historical  enemies, Putin of Russia, and Kim of North Korea, while making enemies of  our staunch  allies, Canada and Australia, and his boastful declarations (without its consent or authority) that Mexico will pay for a dividing wall (which was never built); the latter two examples demonstrating the unparalled level of public relations acumen, of an authentic klutz.

Any cursory review of American history will reveal the existence of elegant Presidents, such as  Jefferson,  Lincoln, and Obama, and more populist-style Chief Executives, such as Jackson and Reagan; but the elevation of Donald Trump to the American Presidency was, among other more profound  concerns, the novel appearance of a true Presidential Klutz; thanks largely to the vast numbers of easily influenced, low information voters, and the tactical impact, and cynical influence of wealthy, self-serving profiteers.

Even a passing familiarity with the neurotic, adolescent persona of Donald J. Trump, lends versimilitude to the existence of a friendship between him and the macho-despot,  Putin. Unfortunately, in addition to great physical peril, our nation has recently been in serious danger of losing face, and its historically, well earned respect.


Post # 298 NICE

There would appear to be  many vocabulary words in the American-English lexicon, whose use, traditionally and universally, summon up positive feelings and colorfull  mental imagery; a few illustrtative examples are, “wonderful,” “victory,” “mealtime,” “chocolate,” “justice,” and “family.” Regular followers of plinyblog are well aware that we have a nuanced penchant, viz., to strive for the attainment of proper accreditation and recognition for deserving words, usually relegated to the “back of the bus,” in our language spectrum; i.e., words, that unfairly been given insufficient credit and short shrift. If there is such a phenomenon known as ” seeking verbal justice,” that would, funtionally, define our intended goal.

In pursuit of this nuanced motivation, we have in the past, published posts, recognizing the true intrinsic importance (and the general lack of due credit) for words, such as “like,” (the epoxy holding married couples together, in a long established marriage, after the early passion has  waned), “repetition,” (rather than meaning useless and boring, the dynamic that keeps us alive, physiologically,  maintains our jointure to  society, and vitally constituting the essential modus for experimentation and general learning), as well as several  others which we have deemed justly  deserving of mention.

“Nice” is a tiny, non-assuming adjective, which, like a valuable and well-cut diamond, has a great many precious, sparkling facets. As relevant, it will incorporate the facets of pleasant, empathic, kind, generous, thoughtful, tasty, accommodating, caring, equitable, fair, pleasant- smelling, attractive, and factors making for an acceptable family or societal member;  examples of such uses are, “he looks nice,” “that was a nice thing to do,” “you have a nice touch,” she served me a nice portion,” It is nice to make your acquaintence,” It was nice to see the way Grandpa held the baby,” “nice catch,” and, “She  received a  nice portion of the Estate. ”

To observe the casually spoken words, “that’s nice,” when used as an arrogant and dismissive response, often imperiously accompanied  with a hand gesture (usually, a bored wave), amounts, in our judgment, to verbal sacrilege, as well as the identification of an intolerant (and a not “nice”) person.