Post # 299 “HAIL TO THE KLUTZ”

The public has seen unprecedented quantum of entire folios, published and desseminated, containing concerning the worrisome subject of the character and performance of Donald J. Trump, as President. The same amounts to a unanimous declaration of his utter unfitness for the position; based upon his demonstrated [frightening] combination of egotism and ignorance, his regular and unashamed mendacity, his detrimental acts as President, including bigotted statements and his abusive behavior. He has been clearly responsible for great and universal embarrassment. and utter confusion in the National, as well as the International context.

It appears somehow, that relatively little has been been said, however, about his over-all demeanor, his artless and clumsy behavior, which unquestionably qualifies him to be a  receipient of the unique (originally Yiddish, but English- adopted) and inelegant designation, of “Klutz.”

Television viewers of the news, have seen him publicly, and thoughtlessly, flicking off dandruff from the jacket of French President Macron, aggressively pushing ahead in a group of walking heads of State, publicly and thoughtlessly, demonstrating boredom and lack of interest, during the speaches of other heads of State, overtly demeaning the American media at publicized events, arbitrarily choosing to not attend  holiday  international ceremonies, in honor of the World War I dead, due to light rain (“might mess up my hair”), indirectly manifesting tolerance for white supremacy, consistently denigrating and slandering immigrants, enunciated to a nation, entirely populated by immigrants and their progeny, his public boasting about his carnal acts of sexual abuse, in an age when the nation’s conscience has [finally] been raised to that serious problem, his  publicly demeaning the reports of our leading scientists, as well as the many empirical proofs of climate damage,  his approval the of the use of the Oval Office  as a family shopping mall, his publicly lauding his  “bromances” with our historical  enemies, Putin of Russia, and Kim of North Korea, while making enemies of  our staunch  allies, Canada and Australia, and his boastful declarations (without its consent or authority) that Mexico will pay for a dividing wall (which was never built); the latter two examples demonstrating the unparalled level of public relations acumen, of an authentic klutz.

Any cursory review of American history will reveal the existence of elegant Presidents, such as  Jefferson,  Lincoln, and Obama, and more populist-style Chief Executives, such as Jackson and Reagan; but the elevation of Donald Trump to the American Presidency was, among other more profound  concerns, the novel appearance of a true Presidential Klutz; thanks largely to the vast numbers of easily influenced, low information voters, and the tactical impact, and cynical influence of wealthy, self-serving profiteers.

Even a passing familiarity with the neurotic, adolescent persona of Donald J. Trump, lends versimilitude to the existence of a friendship between him and the macho-despot,  Putin. Unfortunately, in addition to great physical peril, our nation has recently been in serious danger of losing face, and its historically, well earned respect.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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