Thousands of valuable acres of natural California woodlands are presently under relentless attack by fire, describably equal, in raw and careless intensity, to the hot,  punitive flames, described in the  “Inferno” by the 14th Century, religious poet, Dante.  According to authoritative reports, these out of control forest fires, are the most devestating yet experienced by California, a State perennially subject to that dangerous calamity.

Many hundreds of California residents, are experiencing fatalities, critical injuries, missing neighbors, destroyed homes and  fire damaged, formerly, scenic property, resulting in  substantial hopelessness and  despair concerning their future.

Televised images of distracted people, irresistably drawn to the sights of the charred remains of what had, until recently, been their family home, is breathtakingly heartbraking. Far more emotially significant than an unfortunate loss of  property, ( for some, their principal asset), a destroyed and totally incinerated homestead, albeit modest, is  effectively the tragic, premature and unceremonial cremation, of an irreplaceable family entity and its unique and cherished past history.  Destroyed familiar furniture and furnishings, cherished  coveted picture albums, revered antiques, familiarly passed down through the generations, are all testimony to the immense, disorienting tragedy of a destroyed familiar home, and the immolated, nostalgic memories of a joint life, suddenly and unceremoniously cremated.

We have all been consistently advised by virtually every objective and  reputable climate scientist, that events, such as these forest fires (as well as unnatural  glacial melting and rising water levels, hurricanes, flooding and countless other undesireable planetary events) are exacerbated, and in some cases, primarily caused, by climate change brought about by the spewing of excessive hydrocarbons, into the earth’s atmosphere, by certain human activities, notably many unhealthy industrial practices.

Empirically demonstrated man-made climate change, the immoral and precarious poisoning of Planet Earth,  remains manifestly denied by our low information, flat earth, reductive citizens, many, pursant to tactical and cynical manipulation by selfish industrial entrepreneurs, who exhalt profit, above the health of our planet and its inhabitants. President Trump, whose neurotic  ego and reductive ignorance, far exceeds his understanding, has publicly declared that it is California, itself, that is responsible for the current holocaust, “because it has not raked its leaves,” The depth of ignorance, cruelty and incoherence of this statement, relegates it to response, possibly within the capability of Lewis Carroll’s ” Mad Hatter”, but not by us.






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