In our [varied] experience, we have noted that a popularly expressed explanation  [or rationalization], by an abused spouse, for remaining in an unhealthy marital relationship, is her perceived fear of inadequate financial resources.

We have chosen to use the above personal recounting  of observed experience, as our metaphor, for the depiction of the unusual relationship between our [unlawfully] autocratic President, Donald J. Trump, and the  [legally] established autocratic ruler, of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed ben Salman.

It appears that the current Presidential administration has elected to ignore history, the Constitutional Separation of Powers, as well as any consideration of precedential legal restraint and propriety, in  its ignorant, and avowed zeal for profit, national, and conceivably, [and, criminally] personal.

It is a matter of serious concern to a great many that, under the Trump administration, our defense industry, known as the “Military Industrial Complex,” has been the major supplier of military weapons, including bombs, to the Saudi’s, irrespective  of their cruel and homicidal bombing of young children riding in Yemeni schoolbuses and other reported, horrendous behavior throughout the Middle East.

The recent murder of a Saudi born, American journalist for the Washington Post, a graduate of Indiana University, and a U.S, resident, Jamal Khashoogi, is the latest known, bloody and truly gruesome [ his body was dismembered into bloody pieces,  by electric saw] act, perpetrated under the authority, and most likely, the direct order, of Trump’s inamorada, MBS. Khashoogi was lured to the Saudi Turkish Embassy and by premeditated and deliberate plan, murdered and savagely butchered there.

Our singular President has chosen to distance himself from the event, stating only, “the Middle East is a dangerous place.” He has also made public pronouncements about the huge amount of business the United States [and, possibly, although illegal, he and/or his family] does with that rogue nation.

We are optimistically hoping that such recent psychopathic murder of the American journalist, will, at long last, stir Congress to meaningful action, to further prevent any and all, further prioritizing of commercial interests, above basic human values and civilized  morality.



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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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