Thousands of valuable acres of natural California woodlands are presently under relentless attack by fire, describably equal, in raw and careless intensity, to the hot,  punitive flames, described in the  “Inferno” by the 14th Century, religious poet, Dante.  According to authoritative reports, these out of control forest fires, are the most devestating yet experienced by California, a State perennially subject to that dangerous calamity.

Many hundreds of California residents, are experiencing fatalities, critical injuries, missing neighbors, destroyed homes and  fire damaged, formerly, scenic property, resulting in  substantial hopelessness and  despair concerning their future.

Televised images of distracted people, irresistably drawn to the sights of the charred remains of what had, until recently, been their family home, is breathtakingly heartbraking. Far more emotially significant than an unfortunate loss of  property, ( for some, their principal asset), a destroyed and totally incinerated homestead, albeit modest, is  effectively the tragic, premature and unceremonial cremation, of an irreplaceable family entity and its unique and cherished past history.  Destroyed familiar furniture and furnishings, cherished  coveted picture albums, revered antiques, familiarly passed down through the generations, are all testimony to the immense, disorienting tragedy of a destroyed familiar home, and the immolated, nostalgic memories of a joint life, suddenly and unceremoniously cremated.

We have all been consistently advised by virtually every objective and  reputable climate scientist, that events, such as these forest fires (as well as unnatural  glacial melting and rising water levels, hurricanes, flooding and countless other undesireable planetary events) are exacerbated, and in some cases, primarily caused, by climate change brought about by the spewing of excessive hydrocarbons, into the earth’s atmosphere, by certain human activities, notably many unhealthy industrial practices.

Empirically demonstrated man-made climate change, the immoral and precarious poisoning of Planet Earth,  remains manifestly denied by our low information, flat earth, reductive citizens, many, pursant to tactical and cynical manipulation by selfish industrial entrepreneurs, who exhalt profit, above the health of our planet and its inhabitants. President Trump, whose neurotic  ego and reductive ignorance, far exceeds his understanding, has publicly declared that it is California, itself, that is responsible for the current holocaust, “because it has not raked its leaves,” The depth of ignorance, cruelty and incoherence of this statement, relegates it to response, possibly within the capability of Lewis Carroll’s ” Mad Hatter”, but not by us.






Post # 301 THE BOOK OF EXODUS, 2018

As we awaken each morning, following a comfortable sleep on clean sheets, toothbrush in  hand, coffee, orange juice and breakfast in mind, do we at all, deign to interrupt our routinely secure and comfortable musings, to consider the “Caravan”? The latter term, selected by the vile current Presidential administration, would seem to connote an orderly, directed course of  movement  by experienced travelers for a joint purpose, trade perhaps, or greener  pastures. The sad reality, here, is far from that stereotype.

By the time we have finished brushing our teeth, 3000, frightened, tortured people, largely mothers with very young children, will have already abandoned their hardscrabble beds to continue with their 1500 mile trek, from their past living hell in Central America. The predominance of single mothers and grandmothers, fleeing with children, is the unspeakable result of the heartless and cruel murder of  innocent husbands and fathers, heartlessly and cruelly murdered in Hondouras, or some other despicable nest of autocracy.

The straggling refugees from that living hell, many painfully walking shoeless, thirsty, hungry, exhausted and desperate, seem to be able, even in the face of such suffering and privation, to continue to maintain their desperate purpose: a life in the U.S. where they hope to find safety, employment and a normal life for their families.

By the time you have routinely, finished your corn flakes with milk and strawberries, they may have exhaustedly stopped for a desperately needed rest by the side of a road; and by the time you arrive at school or work, many of the exhausted refugees have already attended to the stragglers, many of whom have who have fainted with exhaustion and hunger, and then resumed their Biblical-style exodus toward a seemingly unacheivable destination. They are driven, not by strength or principled purpose; the movement is fueled by utter desperation and cold fear. To return to their homeland, if that were still a possibility, would result in certain death, and so they plod on, perhaps to a slower, but purposeful death.

America, a country populated 100% by immigrants, and their descendants, should be enthusiastically  welcoming these pilgrims, if not morally and empathically, assisting them, in their strenous and dangerous exodus. [Their does not seem to be any help from the God of the Isrealites.] Our Statue of Liberty morally symbolizes an American  welcome to all the “poor and huddled people yearning to breath free.”

There can be no act, so evocative of deep shame, or demonstrative cruelty, than the decree of our President, sending combat troops to the border to “confront” these poor refugees. It exceeds immorality and is inarguably, psychopathic.


Post # 300 Free Enterprise And Empathy (redux)

In a much earlier post, titled “American Socialism,” we observed, with some repressed annoyance, that the term, “socialist,” was a term in popular use by people who do not know better, as an epithet to designate a person or a governmental program as indefensibly un-American, and blameworthy. We had attempted to clarify the word, “Socialism,” in fact, as a political-economic theory, representing the total ownership and control of basic industry and business enterprise, by the State. We observed  that  the theory (the product, no doubt, of well-meaning theoreticians) could not be successful, because it discourages initiative and demonstrates, additionally, a disregard for the individualistic and creative feature of the human persona, viz., the natural, human aspiration for self-fullment.

Theories like “Socialism,” were, perhaps, in direct and understandable response to a laissez-faire economic system, whereby society manifested the immense suffering and privation on the part of the common man, whose humanity and  intrinsic value was seen, solely in terms of his capacity for labor, in the production of profit for the entrepreneur. Any reader of Victorian literature (especially the novels of Charles Dickens) will be aware of the great suffering and privation of the lower classes, whose lives and suffering were existentially relegated to the theoretical and unsympathetic operation of  “Natural Law.”

In more recent times, due no doubt, in large part to reformers like Charles Dickens, a measure of recognition for the plight of the common man had its nascent development, and empathic governmental reforms were legislated. In the 1930’s, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt oversaw a new philosophy of governance, by which assistance to the needy, limitations of working hours, regulations to protect life and health, a system of social security and survivor’s insurance, protections for trade unionism, unemployment insurance and many of the programs of governmental assistance existing today, were firmly established.

Such reforms were part of the government’s appropriate recognition of a measure of responsibility, and developing moral concern for humanity; a far cry from the “blacking shops” in which Dickens labored as a small child. Such beneficial and empathic assistance by government to improve the air and drinking water, prevent hunger and want, are inarguably commendable actions; they collaterally, are also an effective way to prevent the appeal of other  forms of governance, which might well limit free enterprise and individual initiative.

Unthinking citizens, who decry American  governmental programs of welfare and beneficial assistance, as “Socialist”and therefore, “unAmerican”, should, (1) consider their own participation in social security, disability and death benefits, unemployment insurance, postal privileges and the remaining plethora of governmental services and benefits, which they enjoy and, perhaps, (2) research the accurate definition and meaning of the word, “Socialism.”

We prefer the words, “Compassionate Capitalism,” to aptly describe the American system, which embodys the morally proper exercise of empathic governance.



Post # 299 “HAIL TO THE KLUTZ”

The public has seen unprecedented quantum of entire folios, published and desseminated, containing concerning the worrisome subject of the character and performance of Donald J. Trump, as President. The same amounts to a unanimous declaration of his utter unfitness for the position; based upon his demonstrated [frightening] combination of egotism and ignorance, his regular and unashamed mendacity, his detrimental acts as President, including bigotted statements and his abusive behavior. He has been clearly responsible for great and universal embarrassment. and utter confusion in the National, as well as the International context.

It appears somehow, that relatively little has been been said, however, about his over-all demeanor, his artless and clumsy behavior, which unquestionably qualifies him to be a  receipient of the unique (originally Yiddish, but English- adopted) and inelegant designation, of “Klutz.”

Television viewers of the news, have seen him publicly, and thoughtlessly, flicking off dandruff from the jacket of French President Macron, aggressively pushing ahead in a group of walking heads of State, publicly and thoughtlessly, demonstrating boredom and lack of interest, during the speaches of other heads of State, overtly demeaning the American media at publicized events, arbitrarily choosing to not attend  holiday  international ceremonies, in honor of the World War I dead, due to light rain (“might mess up my hair”), indirectly manifesting tolerance for white supremacy, consistently denigrating and slandering immigrants, enunciated to a nation, entirely populated by immigrants and their progeny, his public boasting about his carnal acts of sexual abuse, in an age when the nation’s conscience has [finally] been raised to that serious problem, his  publicly demeaning the reports of our leading scientists, as well as the many empirical proofs of climate damage,  his approval the of the use of the Oval Office  as a family shopping mall, his publicly lauding his  “bromances” with our historical  enemies, Putin of Russia, and Kim of North Korea, while making enemies of  our staunch  allies, Canada and Australia, and his boastful declarations (without its consent or authority) that Mexico will pay for a dividing wall (which was never built); the latter two examples demonstrating the unparalled level of public relations acumen, of an authentic klutz.

Any cursory review of American history will reveal the existence of elegant Presidents, such as  Jefferson,  Lincoln, and Obama, and more populist-style Chief Executives, such as Jackson and Reagan; but the elevation of Donald Trump to the American Presidency was, among other more profound  concerns, the novel appearance of a true Presidential Klutz; thanks largely to the vast numbers of easily influenced, low information voters, and the tactical impact, and cynical influence of wealthy, self-serving profiteers.

Even a passing familiarity with the neurotic, adolescent persona of Donald J. Trump, lends versimilitude to the existence of a friendship between him and the macho-despot,  Putin. Unfortunately, in addition to great physical peril, our nation has recently been in serious danger of losing face, and its historically, well earned respect.


Post # 298 NICE

There would appear to be  many vocabulary words in the American-English lexicon, whose use, traditionally and universally, summon up positive feelings and colorfull  mental imagery; a few illustrtative examples are, “wonderful,” “victory,” “mealtime,” “chocolate,” “justice,” and “family.” Regular followers of plinyblog are well aware that we have a nuanced penchant, viz., to strive for the attainment of proper accreditation and recognition for deserving words, usually relegated to the “back of the bus,” in our language spectrum; i.e., words, that unfairly been given insufficient credit and short shrift. If there is such a phenomenon known as ” seeking verbal justice,” that would, funtionally, define our intended goal.

In pursuit of this nuanced motivation, we have in the past, published posts, recognizing the true intrinsic importance (and the general lack of due credit) for words, such as “like,” (the epoxy holding married couples together, in a long established marriage, after the early passion has  waned), “repetition,” (rather than meaning useless and boring, the dynamic that keeps us alive, physiologically,  maintains our jointure to  society, and vitally constituting the essential modus for experimentation and general learning), as well as several  others which we have deemed justly  deserving of mention.

“Nice” is a tiny, non-assuming adjective, which, like a valuable and well-cut diamond, has a great many precious, sparkling facets. As relevant, it will incorporate the facets of pleasant, empathic, kind, generous, thoughtful, tasty, accommodating, caring, equitable, fair, pleasant- smelling, attractive, and factors making for an acceptable family or societal member;  examples of such uses are, “he looks nice,” “that was a nice thing to do,” “you have a nice touch,” she served me a nice portion,” It is nice to make your acquaintence,” It was nice to see the way Grandpa held the baby,” “nice catch,” and, “She  received a  nice portion of the Estate. ”

To observe the casually spoken words, “that’s nice,” when used as an arrogant and dismissive response, often imperiously accompanied  with a hand gesture (usually, a bored wave), amounts, in our judgment, to verbal sacrilege, as well as the identification of an intolerant (and a not “nice”) person.



If, by any chance, the reader incurs some degree of disbelief, or loses some faith, regarding the extent of the sincerity of our frequently stated resolve, to refrain from comment on the subject of our modern day, adolescent Nero, it would be understandable.  It is our humble estimation that there are a great many more worthwhile subjects of interest, concerning the progress of mankind, and its  hoped-for [continued] evolution, towards a wiser and more compassionate inhabitant of the planet. We would therefore, apologize for the sporatic episodes of abandoment of such sincerely intended resolve, and hope that forgiveness, and restored  credibility, will be mercifully afforded to us, when we explain that our alarm is unresistingly broadcast at each new instance of Trump’s progressive arrogation of the unlimited powers of an Emperor, and his utter disrespect for societal law and propriety.

We will not again undertake the prodigious task of recounting Donald Trump’s lack of fitness, his bigotted statements, his attrack on the virtue of “truth,” and his derogation of responsible media, his overt purchasing of silence from call girls, his ignorant and embarrassing acts and statements, nationally and internationally, and, a great many [historically] embarrassing others,  as so often previously noted. This brief note will, however,  treat specifically of his arrogant and sociopathic distain for our American law.

Starting with his successful refusal, as President -elect, to furnish his tax returns (which, when obtained by the newly- elected democratic House of Representatives, by means of its subpoena  power, is expected to demonstrate many illegal domestic and foreign transactions, and, predictibly, a tsunami of tax violations), his repeated violations of the Constitution  (most especially, the Emolument Clause), his permitted use of the Oval Office as a shopping mall for family profit, and his direct and treasonous liason with Russia, he has consistently and confidently, acted as if he were above the law. Because of his illegal and immoral, indications of possibly treasonous behavior, a Special Commision, under the experienced direction of the capable and experienced prosecutor, Robert Mueller, has been investigating Trump’s activities, and is expected to render its long, detailed report to the Justice Department, soon.

Mr. Trump, appointed Mr. Jeffrey Sessions, to the position of U.S. Attorney General, with his (usually, ignorant) assumption that such appointment would make Sessions his personal attorney. Trump’s devious attempts to quash the public report of his misdeeds [since the investigative report is submitted to the Attorney General] was outweighed by his colossal  ignorance. The Attorney General, as every informed citizen knows, is the head of the Justice Department, the attorney for the American government and people; not the President’s personal lawyer. In any event, Sessions,  by black letter law, was required to recuse himself ( for having personal dealings with the Russian Government, a subject of the Special Investigation). This naturally, and legally, resulted in the succession by the next official in line, of the Justice Department, Rob Rosenstein.

Rob Rosenstein evinced no desire to delimit the investigation and so, Donald, the brilliant chessplayer, attempted to hire Mark Whittaker, as successor Attorney General.  However, Mr. Whittaker had previously made several publicized statements to the effect that tthe investigation was a phony “witch hunt.”  He did so, apparently, without any knowledge, whatsoever, of the facts elicited by the Special Committee from the many involved witnesses [many of which pleaded guilty, or were indicted.] In many overt ways, the tactically appointed, selected successor has shown himself  (especially, to Trump), to be biased in thematter, (in his favor) and was therefore, by Statute and ethical proscript, completely unacceptable.

We would like to highlight the etiology of our exasperation, which, as above, excited our present breach of resolve.  Mr. Trump and his sycophantic White House lawyers, cynically choosing to ignore the many evidences of conflict of interest, regarding the putative successor,  and additionally,  the vital Constitutional requirement of his prior approval by the Senate, have chosen to cite a particular Federal Statute, dealing with the replacement of vacant  federal officials.

We are indeed heartened at their sudden recognition of the existence of Statutory Law and procedure; but in this precious instance, in addition to Mr. Whittaker’s fatal disqualifications, there is no vacancy, at all, to be filled; Rob Rosenstein is and has been, legally established as the next in line, as Assistant U.S. Attorney General. It is thought to have been Trump’s Machiavellian plan, that the newly appointed Whittraker, as AG.. would fire Rob Rosenstein, who, unlike the illegally intended appointment of the successor to Sessions, demonstrated  absolutely no enthusiasm for the downplaying or shelving, of the Mueller findings.

We cannot help expressing our exasperation and anger at Trump and his loyal base, who apparently have little understanding of the American ethic, yet strive to destroy it.



One would be well justified, historically and morally, in celebrating our American mantra, “one man, one vote,” if, in its empirical implementation,  it were accurate.

We have, in past writings, recounted the plethora of  wrongful practices, some institutionalized, amounting to tactical interference with the actual casting of votes.  These included, gerrymandering voting districts, interference with voters by local officials in declaring selected voters, ineligible to vote on de minimus “irregularities” such as the absence, or presence, of a hyphen, purging of voters lists by unscrupulous officials, moving, or eliminating voting places in native American areas of residence,  misinformation, and many other like, miscreant, undemocratic behavior; practiced  to affect voter results.

“One man, one vote”, obviously incorporates the implicit understanding that each vote cast will have appropriate, and equal, significance. This issue is the specific subject of concern of this writing.

In accordance with Article 12, of the U.S, constitution, our Presidential (and Vice Presidential)  elections, have never  been, legally and historically, the result  of the popular will of our citizenry; but are elected by a “College of Electors”, somewhat responsive to the popular (one man, one vote) franchise. It is the disparate number of State selected Electors that actually elect the President. In the most recent election, which gifted to America, an unfit, egotistic and ignorant chief executive, it was the Electoral College that elected him; the popular ( and larger)  vote was for his opponent. This selection of the Chief Executive, by the Board of Electors, contrary to the tally of American voters, was not unique, it has happened several times in the past.

This legal denial of “one man, one vote” has had several purported “justifications,” none of them admirable or useful; in fact we would characterize them at best, as outmoded and unrealistic, and at worst, aristocratically snobbish and stupid, as well as bigoted. The authors of Art. 12, had little confidence as to the knowledge of the issues, by a large, widely dispersed population. Even if we choose to forgive the arrogance of such assumption  (on the grounds that our Founders actually accomplished the creation of our unique republican democracy), the widespread knowledge of issues and events have  for a long time, been well communicated  throughout the nation. We have had  national parties, capable of the dessimination of such information, and above all a universally accessible media.

There was an arguement that the Electoral College system protects the smaller States. This, we feel is absurd, If anything, the small (largely agricultural) States, in our view, have always had many unfair advantages over the large (urban) areas. Every State has two Senators irrespective of population. Obviously, and most unfairly, the number of votes, required to elect two Senators, in Idaho, Montana and Nevada, are incomparably less than that necessary to elect two Senators in California, New York and Illinois. It is the largely populated States that bear the obvious and prejudicial disability. It is certainly indisputable, that at present, the Senate is controlled, by these smaller States and its dominance over the House of Representatives, lately, is evident.

There was an outmoided theory that the selection of the accurate formula would offset the disadvantage of the slave-owning States, since slaves were included in the population of such States, but couldn’t vote. This unsavory arguement, mercifully, is not today relevant.

It is not easy to Amend the Constitution, however, if such logistically complicated politics can result in a closer step to the attainment of a truly democratic vote, [ by eliminating the undemocratic  Electoral College], it certainly seems worth it.