Blog # 526 NAMASTE [*Redux of 172]


Attend it close, excluding all
So as to sense and mindfully hear
The cardiac beat of planet Earth
Those pulses soft in depths profound
Life’s vital tattoo, its organic sound
In synchrony to man’s own heart
In star- set universal time.

If you would hear, go out of mind
Attend the Earth, embrace its sound
Enfin, -do you mark that base tattoo?
That all may hear and apprehend-
It ticks the steady tune of life
With the eternal measured strikes
That beat, indeed, from babe to crone
And then, from crone to dust, so soft.

My sight is only for your Self
And not your lovely eyes or limbs
It is perforce, your heart I seek
That beats along with that of mine
Both timed unto that earthly drum.

What I would see and do salute
My planetary heart and earthly self:
Is pure, ethereal love of you.


Leonard N. Shapiro, N.Y. 2018)

*This poesie is reposted to serve as a brief moment of healing, at this time of great stress.