The Statue of Liberty, a giant copper sculpture, [ gifted by the government of France in 1886] in addition to our traditional Stars and Stripes, are inarguably, the two salient  symbols of our American nation. “Lady Liberty,” as she is called, stands, tirelessly, in New York harbor, with her uplifted lamp, eternally beckoning to  people, victimized by life’s vicissitudes, to come, enter and find shelter in America. The world class poem, by Emma Lazarus, inscribed on the statue, includes the thematic words, “… give me your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to be free…” Refugees from all over the world, have  immigrated to America,  found a new and safe life, and contributed to our democratic society.

The pristine virtue of Lady Liberty was first compromised in 1939, when the United States (under President Franklin D. Roosevelt), denied entry to a ship [ the USS St. Louis], carrying 900 Jewish refugees, desperately fleeing for their lives from Nazi Europe, and cruelly sent them back to die in Nazi death camps. The event was later described by historians, as “The most despicable act in American history.” A movie, entitled, “Voyage of the Damned” is based on this shameful travesty in American history.

Subsequently, the United Nations enacted an Amendment to its “Declaration of Human Rights” [Article 14], recognizing a universal right to seek asylum from prosecution, from other countries.  In 1980, the U.S., at long last, passed a systematic procedure for the admission of refugees.

In a cruel, and apparently, psychopathic, defiance of the events of recent American history, established rights, and any consideration of human decency,  the current Administration, under the immoral Presidency of Donald J. Trump, has seen fit to embarrass, and again abuse, Lady Liberty, [as well as all empathetic citizens of our nation] by his demonizing of the contemporary refugees, and blocking their entry to the U.S.

Sizable numbers of asylum seekers from Central America desperately fleeing on foot, many shoeless, the incomprehensible, and uncomfortably hot, distance of 1000 miles, have been immorally and falsely demonized by President Trump and his sycophants, and denied entry. Reports indicate that the large majority of these refugees are mothers and small children, their men having been past victims of brutal murder in their brutal countries of origin.

It will undoubtedly be remembered by history, that President Donald J.Trump actually dispatched armed fighting forces, to confront these exhausted, thirsty and desperate people, whom he has called “this evil Caravan.” These armed soldiers who are to supplement an extant substantial force of border guards, have been laying out barbed accordion wire, to slow down the purported ominous threat of this “substantial military expedition” [composed  largely, of exhausted mothers with hungry toddlers]. Unbelievably, the discharge of highly irritating and disabling, tear gas, on these pitiful victims, by such forces, has been reported and shown on television. This atrocity exceeds any known level of pernicious evil and will forever remain a stain on our republic.

If one were able to fly by helicopter, to the height of Lady Liberty’s head, he would, undoubtedly, witness her tears and the simultaneous biting of her [copper] lip.



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