Post # 301 THE BOOK OF EXODUS, 2018

As we awaken each morning, following a comfortable sleep on clean sheets, toothbrush in  hand, coffee, orange juice and breakfast in mind, do we at all, deign to interrupt our routinely secure and comfortable musings, to consider the “Caravan”? The latter term, selected by the vile current Presidential administration, would seem to connote an orderly, directed course of  movement  by experienced travelers for a joint purpose, trade perhaps, or greener  pastures. The sad reality, here, is far from that stereotype.

By the time we have finished brushing our teeth, 3000, frightened, tortured people, largely mothers with very young children, will have already abandoned their hardscrabble beds to continue with their 1500 mile trek, from their past living hell in Central America. The predominance of single mothers and grandmothers, fleeing with children, is the unspeakable result of the heartless and cruel murder of  innocent husbands and fathers, heartlessly and cruelly murdered in Hondouras, or some other despicable nest of autocracy.

The straggling refugees from that living hell, many painfully walking shoeless, thirsty, hungry, exhausted and desperate, seem to be able, even in the face of such suffering and privation, to continue to maintain their desperate purpose: a life in the U.S. where they hope to find safety, employment and a normal life for their families.

By the time you have routinely, finished your corn flakes with milk and strawberries, they may have exhaustedly stopped for a desperately needed rest by the side of a road; and by the time you arrive at school or work, many of the exhausted refugees have already attended to the stragglers, many of whom have who have fainted with exhaustion and hunger, and then resumed their Biblical-style exodus toward a seemingly unacheivable destination. They are driven, not by strength or principled purpose; the movement is fueled by utter desperation and cold fear. To return to their homeland, if that were still a possibility, would result in certain death, and so they plod on, perhaps to a slower, but purposeful death.

America, a country populated 100% by immigrants, and their descendants, should be enthusiastically  welcoming these pilgrims, if not morally and empathically, assisting them, in their strenous and dangerous exodus. [Their does not seem to be any help from the God of the Isrealites.] Our Statue of Liberty morally symbolizes an American  welcome to all the “poor and huddled people yearning to breath free.”

There can be no act, so evocative of deep shame, or demonstrative cruelty, than the decree of our President, sending combat troops to the border to “confront” these poor refugees. It exceeds immorality and is inarguably, psychopathic.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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