Post # 638  AMERICAN BLUES [Editorial]

We have noted an unsettling, almost palpable concern, presumably, arising from the widespread trend in citizen, anti-democratic, sentiment. The latter seems, to encompass the virtual entirety of the Republican Party, which, alarmingly, constitutes one component of our established, two-party system.

 Policies favored by said recently, turned aberrational party, are inclusive of, the ratification of Donald Trump’s, fascistic, “Big Lie,” the voter suppression of minority communities, opposition to the women’s right of abortion, the denigration of science [including medical science] and education, in general, the atavistic perpetuation of  Jim Crow policies, the opposition to immigration, the politicizing the Judicial System, including SCOTUS, the denial of global warming and the sociopathic support of unhealthy, large polluting industry, and the shameful maintenance of an unjust criminal justice system.

It is disturbing to additionally, observe that the members of that party’s cultish homage to the defeated and despicable, Donald Trump, leading to the unprecedented mounting of a violent and bloody, Trump-inspired insurrection in Washington, the dedicated actions of Republican controlled, State Legislatures, officials and Trump sycophants, to distort the American vote [the salient ingredient of democracy], to hobble progress in civil rights, and in historically, 1930’s Weimar Republic style, to pervert and morph democratic government in the direction of autocratic fascism; featuring the despicable, Donald Trump, as the desired autocratic despot.

One can almost feel a cold, insidious and ominous wind, perilously blowing in reverse to the direction of our current of Democratic government. The salient, operative, question, is, what to do about it?

The comfortable, inactive of many American citizens, to occupy the posture of a mere spectator, of National events, an analogous tendency to a sports stadium, hot dog eating baseball fan, is no longer feasible; if the present trend towards a pernicious autocracy [fascism] is to be defeated. The protection of our precious personal freedoms and American lifestyle now requires more than simple or, inactive, attendance, as if at a “spectator sport.” To the extent that the latter, conceivably, was ever tolerable, it is, inarguably, not so, under the extant circumstances. We cannot, and should not reliably look, to our government or other fellow citizens, to fix, or to restore, matters, respecting this present clear and present danger. American freedom loving citizens, must actively and conscientiously, place themselves in the mix, of what, metaphorically, is this existential “contact sport,” if the Founders’ American experiment and our natural liberties, are to continue.

It is of the utmost importance that every citizen remain well informed. Reading reputable newspapers such as The New York Times and The Washington Post, published by the legitimate media, observing the current events, by the patronage of principled and objective television media, is a daily must. The most important of all strategies is voting for democratically suitable candidates, federal and local. Also recommended, where possible, is active attendance at town halls or other public meeting events, and, as appropriate, voicing one’s opinion as to the intrinsic value and equal rights of every American citizen.

When relevant and appropriate, voice your opinion, instruct your children and, if necessary, other adults in the legal and philosophical underpinnings, of universal equality. Do not remain silent, but, be sure to emphatically, object at the recitation of racial, or ethnic jokes. Do not be reticent, in any assemblage, in the expression of your views. [Enemies of democracy are certainly not soft-spoken]. What is mandatorily required is an articulate, groundswell of assertive, democratic voices, to counteract today’s extant, broadcasted, autocratic demagoguery.  We cannot permit the ignorant roar of vociferous opponents of democracy, to drown out the reasoned, moral and historical arguments of its defenders.

It is no less than existentially important, to maintain publicly demonstrated confidence in the certain and undeniable, continuance of our Republican Democracy; fear and anxiety are of tactical use and value to the opponents of democracy, and can even embolden such detractors. 

America has successfully survived a bloody Civil War, the violent and corrupt, 19th Century Reconstruction Period, The McCarthy Proceedings, the scourge of polio, various epidemics and two World Wars. Through the confident expression and affirmative maintenance of our American ideals, together with the exercise of prudent reason, we will as done eternally, prevail over this latest outrage and source of citizen angst.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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