It is more than disconcerting, to consider, that the very same anti-democratic individuals, most especially, the fascistic, White Christian Supremacy groups, whose militant aspiration is the so-called, preservation of an “all-white Christian Nation,” are factually and inarguably, the descendants of those white Christians, who inhumanely and forcibly, abducted to these shores, the forbears of the black and brown people, they would now wrongfully, seek to exclude.

It is to be borne in mind, that the North American Continent was, originally, populated by indigenous, brown skin people, in possession of their own rich culture and valued beliefs, and not White Christians.  Moreover, if such reductionist bigots were, by some, unprecedented, chance, to consul the recorded American history, they would also discover that their propagandist meme: “America was created to be a White Christian Nation,” is far from the truth. History reveals that the Founders, were not religiously oriented, being, predominately, agnostics and deists. It is relevant and determinatively significant, that the U.S. Constitution contains absolutely no reference to a Deity. As the Founders sagely articulated, if one were to put “God” in the Constitution, he would thereby, exclude “Man.”

Additionally, it is no less than, incredible, to note, that this identified, anti-democratic, “underbelly” of America, has consistently and vehemently, opposed immigration. It takes but little thought to realize that our Nation is populated, 100%, by immigrants and their descendants, with the sole exception of the referenced, earlier, Indigenous Peoples. However, as has eternally been the case, problematically, rational understanding, objective perception and accurate information, were never strong suits of America’s bigoted, loud and belligerent, underbelly. Their nightmarish myth concerning the tragic replacement of a white America, by a mixed racial America, is an anthropological concern, more appropriate to the loyal sycophants of Herr Adolph Hitler, than the realistic and healthier, morality of Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson.

In earlier writings, we felt the need to emphasize the [all-to-obvious] fact, that one’s race, religion and ethnos, are involuntarily determined, and acquired by the happenstance of his birth,[ as distinguished from choice]. Our salient point was, that physical differences are biologically and non-preferentially, distributed.  It would appear to us, that the phenomena of prejudice, fear or animus regarding  “others,” different from oneself, racially or culturally, [“we” and “they”] are lessons, often, unartfully taught and ratified, by well-intentioned, nurturing people; insensitive to the problems they unwittingly create, by their mode of instructing the young as to identity. It is an existential prerequisite, to the ultimate reduction of prejudice and human conflict that, in addition to teaching the culture and beliefs of the family into which the child has been born, that he be aware that there are many other, different and acceptable cultures and beliefs.

In the unique creation of an experimental, Democratic Republic, the Founders sought to eliminate the historical European injustice of privileged birth and societal entitlement. They decreed equal status for all [then, implied, white] citizens, a sociologically limited inheritance, charitably understandable in the context of their times. More recently, as morally appropriate, interpretive legality and common understanding have [justly] enlarged “equality” to be the identical birthright of every American, regardless of culture or race.

This principle, especially includes non-interference with the citizen voting franchise, an egregious democratic misdemeanor, apparently being the anti-democratic darling of the Trump cult, and shamefully, at present, being legislatively affected, by many Republican State Legislatures.

In the years prior to the Civil War, and the consequent, 13th Amendment, people who, by the accident of birth were, unfortunately, born black [viz., any color but unquestionably, white] were either enslaved or, if free, treated like far less than equal American citizens. Indeed, it was late in the period of American Slavery, that the Supreme Court of the United States, [“SCOTUS”, J. Taney] legally decreed, that a black, runaway slave, named Dred Scott, was not a man, but a mere item of agricultural equipment [a “chattel”] and therefore, could be legally recovered by his [it’s] “owner.”

Fortunately, times have radically changed, and have progressively, been improving, so that the concept of equality has been well on its way, toward the moral goal of universality, by means of education and, when necessary, by mandatory Statute and instructive case precedent. Universal equality, America’s eternally prized mantra, is the aspiration of every right-thinking citizen. However, too many atavistic, apparently, emotionally flawed, individuals seem to cling, like rock or tree lichen, to the pernicious dogma and, abhorrent practice, of racial prejudice.

Among the latter folk are many who desire to exclude the darker periods of American history, like slavery, from the teaching of America’s history. It is our view that the tactical exclusion from the curriculum of American education, of its darker moments [viz., slavery, the government’s treatment of the indigenous residents of the land, the tuning back of the ship, the “Exodus,’ containing 5,000 fleeing Jews, in 1947, to a certain extermination by Hitler] amounts to dishonest, autocratic- style censorship.

By contrasting choice, acknowledgment of our historical mistakes is empirically and instructively, essential, for the Nation’s growth and moral advancement; and, empirically, as well, as a credible testament to the efficacy and objective value of [our] recorded historical accounts.

All right-thinking Americans, irrespective of their nuanced, racial and cultural inheritance, must affirmatively stand together, as fellow Americans, motivated by the common moral, aspiration towards the maintenance and preservation of the Democratic Republic in which every citizen is an equal participant and beneficiary.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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