In the immediately preceding writing, [“618”] we empathically observed that enlightened Americans’ natural and proper inclination to present the merits of the day’s controversial issues, to that portion of the Nation termed, “ the underbelly,” who are motivated by other than considered principle, is naively ineffective. In this writing, we will state our affirmative views as to the contemporary promotion of more inclusive enlightenment and will additionally, take the liberty to briefly indicate our nuanced thoughts concerning the conceivable possibility of a still ongoing process of human [societal] evolution.

Mankind, as depicted in great literature and reported in written histories, appears not to be appreciably different from its contemporaries; apparently, the persona is identical but played out in a different circumstantial ambience. Classic literature, and other forms of aesthetic expression, seem to recycle similar passions and aspirations, strengths, as well as flaws and weaknesses in the eternal human character. Proceeding to our theme, there has always been the segment of society that is, in various degrees, enlightened, and governed by reason, and also existing, by contrast, the figurative, “mob.”

Recent signature events have evinced, a populist elevation of a prior, ignorant, incapable, and bigoted person to the Office of the Presidency, his effective use of the fascist style “Big Lie,” an unprecedented violent insurrection against the Nation’s Capital Building, the  existence of military style groups, dedicated to Christian White Supremacy, the frustrating and tragic continuance of racial bias and prejudice (most tragically by police), race-based voter suppression by municipal and State Legislatures, the prevalence of gun ownership despite its tragic results, religious bias respecting woman’s personal right of abortion, the populist  hatred of immigration (in a Nation  populated 100% by immigrants and their progeny), archaic xenophobia, a disrespect for science and learning responsible for thousands of unnecessary Covid deaths, the ignorant dismissal of planetary (global warming) studies and vital matters of environmental concern, and a wide-spread disrespect for societal educational advancement.

Unless America can construe an effective way to ameliorate this pernicious condition, the shameful waste of human potential represented by our currently large conglomerate of ignorant and reductionist individuals will endure, and continue to impair the intended functioning of our Republic. In the interest of our ailing Nation and its well-intentioned, educated, and informed citizenry, we would propose a possible[ albeit, by practical necessity], long-term, solution to this existential democratic problem.

The problem, to repeat, is fundamental, and multi-faceted; change will predictably require much long-term, ameliorative and instructive effort on the part of a willing and sufficiently dedicated citizenry. For clarity, and deliberative convenience, we have separately set forth each proposed facet of change. Predictably, not all proposals will be applicable or relevant to the reader but may be of utility in instructively raising the consciousness of others.

Early childhood. Even the most well-intentioned teachings on the matter of a young child’s identity may constitute an insidious primer on the inculcation of racial or ethnic prejudice. The concept of “we” and “they” can be transmogrified by childhood imagination to the conclusion of the unacceptability of others who look, speak, or differ in folkways, eventuating in an unacceptable lifetime of bigoted perception. Young children must be made aware that, their own, singular identity, is but a part of an equally acceptable, multi-racial, and ethnically diverse, world population. Lessons not in “we” and “they” but, preferably and inclusively, “us.”

Family teachings of values and morality. Parents should eschew the morally flawed practice of rewards for good action and punishment for unacceptable behavior. Children, in their early years, should be instructed in the understanding of valued self-image and the inner distinction of moral and equitable action from wrongful or prejudicial behavior. To be intrinsically effective, such teachings should be modeled after the parents’ own consistent moral behavior.

Morality’s ultimate reward is in one’s recognition of a lifelong presence of self-respect and the inner, comforting, sense of personal rectitude. “Heaven or hell” morality may, empirically, be a significant error in many religious teachings.

School. To prevent cynicism in later years, the practice of candor in the young student, a revisit is recommended to propaganda-like National myths such as teaching of the Nation’s, “ Manifest Destiny” to expand its boundaries to the Pacific Ocean. Trust would be encouraged if accuracy, however shameful, is historically adhered to. The Nation’s unvarnished history relates the unjust uprooting of Native Americans from their traditionally desirably arable lands, by the Federal government to the windy, dry western territory[“ lands more suitable to injun’s”]. If still in use, such National myths should immediately be scrapped, as, indeed, should the untruthful teachings of benign black slavery.

In the development of an honest and sincere citizenry, the young student should be candidly instructed concerning the presently regrettable “dark days” of American history, and the Nation’s subsequent continuing efforts to rectify them; and of the admirable, longstanding efforts of good citizens, white and black, toward a true and lasting universal American equality.

Private life. In our writings, we have always maintained that elective time spent in personally rewarding pursuits, materially assists in the pursuit of wisdom and a mature self-image. Activities such as reading good literature, the enjoyment of music and the pursuit of skills and hobbies are, of inestimable of value in the building of self-confidence and individuality. Introduction into the regular practice of spare time reading and the acquisition of knowledge thereby lends understanding of self and others to the student’s array of knowledge. The rewards of personal advancement results to a life of meaningful value and self -satisfaction.

The earnest desire for knowledge is an invitation to an enjoyable life of wonder and inquiry. In this instance, parents and relatives who enjoy reading on a regular basis can empirically serve as models. In addition, the useful routine perusal of a daily newspaper is vital to the development of an informed, useful member of a representative democracy.

Family interaction with society. Our favorite, and often referenced, 19th Century empirical philosopher, John Locke held that man is born with a clean slate (“tabula rasa”) and that all of man’s knowledge is acquired by life experience. In addition to the four previous proposals, this one is, in the same fashion, effected and affected by the individual’s life experience. The regular observation of parental and other related adults in inter-societal interaction with diverse others, has an impactful influence on the child’s, developing social behavior. Proper, respectful treatment and communication with all members of society, of every physical description, from neighbor to postman to the door-to-door salesman, is specifically noted in the observant child’s mental notebook, as is the parent’s choices of friends and associates.

We would respectfully submit the above recommendations for the reader’s consideration, as the cumulative, thoughtful product of more than eight decades of objective societal observation, and never flagging hope for a better National society. We believe that the above considerations would be of material aid to further progress, in man’s imperceptible ongoing process of spiritual and moral evolution.



t is our observation and considered view, that the lack of requisite success by right thinking Americans regarding controversial issues of the day, such as gun control, woman’s right to abortion, even prophylactic face masks, is attributable to a fundamental error in their assumptions and strategic policy.  For example, the obdurate inflexibility of the proponents of the purported right to own guns, and the staunch opponents of a woman’s right to choose abortion, appear to be fundamentally unrelated to the actual merits of the issues, concerning gun ownership nor the maternal right to terminate a  pregnancy. The principal theme of this essay is based upon the writers’ empirical observation that a great many views on contemporary issues in dispute, have far less to do with relevant facts or coveted rights than they do as an overt assertion of loyalty and demonstrated identification with a chosen tribal dogma.

In a well-known Biblical account, the alternate uses of an ethnic sibilant in the pronunciation of the  Hebrew word ”shibboleth,” was adjudged solely determinative as to the identification of a speaker, as friend or foe and bore lethal ramifications. The actual translation of this crucially determinative word,(var. “sheath of wheat”) was entirely beside the point and irrelevant; what was lethally determinative was the derivative, tribal identification demonstrated by of the manner of its utterance.

Contemplative, morally principled citizens, by appropriate inclination, tend to rationally argue the perceived merits or drawbacks of presenting controversial issues. A creditable and rational approach to gun control, for example, might cite as evidentiary support, the vast number of homicides due to the nonregulation of deadly unregulated firearms, the injustice and personal misery caused by State criminalization of needed abortion, and as well, the accurate meaning and context of the word  “Socialism;” the latter, often ignorantly, and tactically, employed as an epithet. Rational citizens, seldom seem to be aware of the bizarre and unjust phenomenon that by choosing to argue the actual merits of a controversial issue, they may be missing the decisive point, and thus, are less than desirably effective.

We confidently assert our observation that the acknowledged unhealthy divisiveness extant in our Nation, is fundamentally and essentially, socio-cultural, rather than politically or economically based. The contemporaneous divisive marker does not delineate the fundamental diversity of philosophy of governance, nor the competing self-interest of economic class. It has evolved fundamentally and unhappily, founded upon the element of neurotically needed demonstrated loyalty to a “tribe” and its (“group think”) point of view. This unhealthy phenomenon recently diagnosed, exacerbated, and metastasized by a seemingly endless travesty of four years of Donald Trump has sought to make thoughtless tribal loyalty a priority, and rational and responsible citizenship, repugnant. Such metastasized pathology appears to chronically persist within a considerable swath of American society;  notwithstanding the electoral recent defeat of its provocateur and high Priest, Donald Trump. As an historic fact, the participation of a vast, inadequately educated and poorly informed underbelly of the  Nation, was a significant factor in Trump’s successful run.

In a many of our writings we have expressed, in one context or another, the eternal moral obligation of mankind to demonstrate appropriate gratitude to Natural Evolution, for the generous gift of an advanced brain; affording to man the capability of reason. We have consistently extolled the practice of  activities and the pursuit of interests which advance the individual’s growth and capability of reason in the direction of the ultimate goal of wisdom, man’s highest and most admirable calling.

It is singularly appropriate and useful for individuals to use their acquired knowledge and available wisdom, in the understanding of their life and world and to personally develop the valuable rational tool of mature perception enabling the wise solution of problems. For clarity, we restate and eternally endorse these principles without exception.  It is the advanced capability of rational thought that places homo sapiens at the top of the anthropological tree.

Yet, it would appear to be fruitless, even naïve, to assume that the intransigent members of the group-think members of America’s underbelly, will respond, positively to meritorious argument based on reason, or factual reality. They would predictably perceive such eternally appropriate phenomena as relatively irrelevant when compared to their subjectively vital personal considerations of loyalty to an autocratic leader such as Donald Trump, and/or the views of a chosen group or mindset, to which they have sacrificed their persona and free will; the latter, in neurotic exchange for the perceived comfort of assurance of needed acceptance. Other non-affiliated members of America’s underbelly internally possess their own personal dynamics of reductive ignorance.

Our position is certainly not to the effect that thoughtful Americans should, to any degree, abandon their appropriate practice of the rational consideration and articulation of the intrinsic merits, or lack thereof, of the presenting issues of the day. To the contrary, as previously expressed, we continue to recommend the thoughtful continuance of articulation of persuasive arguments on the merits or defects of presenting issues. We, in this writing, merely seek to an empathic precaution against disappointment, resulting from well-intentioned but, in this instance, functionally naive and persuasively intended expectations.



It is eminently predictable, that memories of the fearful and disheartening advent and widespread progression of the potentially lethal, Covid-19 Pandemic will be enduring if not, indeed, lifelong. The dark, unsettling days of governmental proscribed social interaction and prophylactic quarantine effected impactful, and at times, traumatic reaction across the entire landscape of the American human persona.

Kudos and unlimited gratitude are universally due to the capable scientists at our Nation’s pharmaceutical companies for the unprecedentedly rapid development of safe and effective vaccines, presently in wide administration; pointing to a bright light at the end of this dark viral tunnel and promising a bright breaking dawn, following a long dark night of existential terror and tragic loss.

We would at this juncture, pose the presenting [sociological-psychological] question as to how much, or to what extent, if at all, we have changed after so many consecutive months of unnatural prophylactic avoidance of others and major upheaval of our individual lifestyle. Included in this novel phenomenon are curtailment of regular employment and overall changes in long-established routines. The salient issue at hand is whether the adult that emerges from this experience will be the same as he was prior to its advent. If our self-image and defining persona are, in large part, developed from, and reactive to, our empirical association with other members of society, has our nuanced individuality altered at all, or perhaps confusingly blurred from this relatively isolated experience?  For one thing, has the requirement of isolation from non-familial members of society, resulted, for better or worse, in increased introspection and self-examination?

As appears to our [unprofessional] view, one’s empirical reaction to altered or new experience would appear to vary with his previously established personality. Our expectation would be that individuals whose sensitivities are not ordinarily directed to introspection or ruminative, self -examination, may, conceivably, react with less anxiety than others, more inclined to situational and personal analysis.

If our speculation is generally sound, such a persona may more easily, perhaps, even happily, adjust to the alteration of responsibility, viz. the freedom of obligatory employment, and perhaps other societal responsibilities. In accordance with such contemplation,  others, by contrast, possessing an ever-present, natural inclination to self-analysis and aspiration for an acceptably nuanced self-image and societal identification, have, conceivably, found the life changes more disorienting and alteration less acceptable and more productive of anxiety, or even, to a degree, disorientation. So many people seem, naturally, to define themselves, in large part, by their profession or area of employment, that it may be acceptable to presume various degrees of, at least, partial disorientation in the suspension of one’s personally perceived societal role as well as his identification.

With the nightmare of the pandemic happily dawning on the nature and quality of the individual’s resumption of the former normality, societal and personal will be fascinating and instructive.


Post # 616 (2nd ) Reply, PAM EDEMIC TO ELVIRA SWINE [“Neighbors”]

El Paso, Texas

Dear Elvira:

It was so good to hear from you again and to know that you and all of the Swines are well and doing good. Abel and I were sorry to hear about Rev. Snarl’s worsened hemorrhoids that caused his retirement and replacement by Rev. Mishak Abendigo with the bad hiccup and lisp. But I am sure that the congregation will get used to his style and Fred will still be able to sleep just as well during sermons.

Our cross-the-road neighbors, Reggie and Serena Salpeter are very nice but different. I forgot to tell you last time that when we first arrived at our new house, we found a white-flowered dish with two dozen butter cookies on the kitchen table from Serena Salpeter to welcome us. Her Reggie works for a large well-digging company and Serena, in addition to taking care of their two children plus Barnaby, their smelly pet goat, also works at the plant for the El Paso Water Company, as part time official taster. Yesterday, their naughty pet goat Barnaby took it into his head to eat up all her yellow primroses and some of their next-door neighbor’s Shasta daisies. She will just have to keep that Barnaby on a stronger leash. The two sons are Jason T. and Mason J. Salpeter. Reggie does the family cooking, due to the fact that the only things Serena says she does passably well, are American cheese omelets, fruited dry cereal and butter cookies (like the three dozen we found in the kitchen when we first arrived).

 Strange, I am puzzled about what church they attend because I always see them every weekend, in jeans, outside on their lawn, mowing the grass, watering, or chasing after Barnaby and when it is nice weather, snoozing on their camp chairs or, when rainy, their large screened-in porch. The two Salpeter sons both belong to the City of El Paso chapter of the Boy Scouts and the local Little League, so we almost never see them. But they seem very friendly and respectful when you do see them.

I would like to write some more but it smells out here on the porch like my new batch of butter cookies are burning.

Best wishes and stay safe,



As we avidly follow the televised proceedings of the ongoing Chauvin trial, our thoughts are routed back to our earlier essay, “What Do We Tell the Children?” The earlier writing candidly focuses on American history’s dark periods, the most shameful of which, inarguably, was the period of the enslavement of black human beings, and the ensuing persistence of the injustice and immorality of Jim Crow prejudice.

Governmental legislation has been enacted relative to the elimination of the immoral, atavistic, and prejudicial treatment of black Americans, legally decreeing the equality of all citizens, regardless of race, color, or creed. Nevertheless, neither Statutes providing for universal equality, such as the Voting Rights Act and other major Civil Rights Legislation, nor confirming, precedential Court Rulings have, empirically, had sufficient ameliorative impact on our population of intractably bigoted citizens. An archaic and irrational perception and generally contextual prejudice, against people of color, appears stubbornly to persist, in the generational psyche of (too)  many members of the American society.

The fact-pattern  in the Chauvin prosecution is an illustrative example of the numerous instances of unconscionable treatment, including homicide, of unarmed black men, by white police officers. The Chauvin case is painfully demonstrative of the irrationally skewed context in which police, and too many others, maintain toward American people of color. It was an especial relief for all right-thinking citizens to take note that the white police chief, and the other white witnesses [as well as black] testified uniformly,  to the practice of brutally excessive and arbitrary force, practiced by the white police officer, Chauvin, against the handcuffed, supine and completely immobilized, black arrestee, George Floyd.

To be fair, the general context and maintenance of white prejudicial attitudes toward blacks has, of late, been somewhat ameliorated, but far too slowly and incompletely. Despite the appropriate enactment of civil rights Statutes, it has been our observation that legislation in this area is relatively ineffectual, without a concomitant change in the bigoted mindset of those whose inclinations are thus intended to be legislatively proscribed. In our view, effective personal persuasion, by morally inclined citizens, is a mandatorily requirement, in addition to legal strictures, to achieve meaningful results regarding this generationally, chronic inheritance.

The much-admired philosopher and Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel, wisely and memorably  said, “The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.”

Those Americans who sincerely aspire to the Nation’s attainment of its publicly avowed and emblematic promises of universal equality and moral justice have an historical mandate to become pro-active in the accomplishment of that aspiration. We are of the view that the American white citizens in equal measure to those of color have a vested interest in an America finally and redemptively, living up to its avowal of equality and justice for all. It empirically appears to be insufficient, merely to be in favor of civil rights; white Americans, perforce, have a symbolically historical, redemptive, and moral obligation to be outspoken and affirmatively, pro-active in the cause of existing racial and ethnic equality.

We are thus of the view, that when the occasion prompts, it is the derivative moral mandate of all white, upstanding American citizens, actively and resolutely, to join their fellow citizens of color in the effort to eradicate this evil and irrational prejudice, bequeathed to us all, as an unwanted legacy from an earlier National period. It would be tantamount to the engagement in a  symbolic historic redemption, for white American citizens, to actively and energetically, agitate for black racial equality.

Regarding the question concerning an acceptable response to the sensitive question, what do we tell our children, posed earlier, we might candidly advise them of the dark periods in American history, and of our dedicated and personal efforts to redemptively ameliorate them.



El Paso, Texas

Dear Pam:

Since I received your nice letter of March 13, a lot of things have happened here in the supposedly, quiet and peaceful Village of Wistful Vista. Clarence and Josephina Fudge’s eldest daughter, Binny, (the one with the slight limp) who, as you know, had been engaged to Byron Pecksniff, broke off the wedding plans set for this April Abel says he heard that, even after graduating top of his class from Barnyard Fragrance Junior College with a major in Men’s Imported Colognes, he could not get a job at any perfume store or manufacturer in the State at all, and had to accept employment as an Assistant Septic Tank Inspector- but I hear it pays pretty good money. Binny says that it wasn’t Byron’s job that was the reason she broke the engagement, it was that Byron seemed to take a fancy to Loretta Lovelust’s skinny, flirtatious daughter, Mitzie. From the what-all I hear at Sunday Church, Binny really should feel blessed to be rid of that trouble.

Speaking of Church, old Reverend Snarl’s hemorrhoids got so awful bad he was obliged to step aside, the new Preacher, Rev. Abendigo Chuzzlewit, is nice enough, except for his always hiccupping a lot and his bad lisp which take away from the down-home sacred sound of his Sunday Sermons. His wife, Prunella-Jo Treakle, is a little, Lord forgive me, on the heavy side, but I understand that she won some blue ribbons for her famous gooseberry preserve biscuits. The new Reverend is in favor of wearing masks, not on account of the pandemic, but because he says that people do too much useless talking and that wearing a mask cuts down on sinful gossip and such.

I expect you are taking good care of your new bought chickens, Miss Henrietta and Mr. Purvis—just fooling. Regards to Fred and write back soon.


Elviry S.


Blogpost # 613 A PREAMBLE TO THE CHAUVIN PANDEMIC (pliny Editorial)

Yesterday was the opening day of trial of the accused white police officer, Derek Chauvin, for the crime of the brutal, choking homicide of George Floyd, an unarmed black Minnesotan resident. Two independent autopsies disproved purported defense theories as to certain alternate causes of death, and medically confirmed the criminal charge of homicide by asphyxiation. The horrendous crime, compliantly witnessed by several other white police officers, was demonstrably and inarguably, motivated by racial bigotry; as were too many other pernicious killings by white police officers of unarmed  African Americans. It is our view that every American in possession of a normally socialized sense of humanity and rectitude, has felt outrage and frustrated condemnation, regarding this recent act of cruelty, and toward similar past occurrences. In recognition of these bigoted killings, we have termed this widespread chronic pathology after the horrendous offense du jour, “The Chauvin Pandemic.”

In our estimation it is as a practical matter advisable, despite our ardent aspiration for moral and legal justice [and additionally declared recognition that every American life is equally precious], to responsibly assert an empirically realistic preamble to the pending case of Minnesota v. Chauvin. Our preamble, or cautious reservation, is as follows: the well-deserved expectation and justified perception that the decision in the Chauvin case will articulate an appropriate National repudiation for the persistence of Jim Crow bigotry may, in fact, not,  as an empirical matter, be realized.

It unquestionably appears to anyone, viewing the videos of the psychopathic gagging torture of Floyd by an officer of the law, that the perpetrator deserves the justice of a prolonged jail sentence. Similarly, hateful acts of murder practiced against unarmed black men by white policemen, as shown in videos, are also well deserving of severe criminal sentences. However, regardless of the essential merit and justice of such punishment, [especially as an appropriate National statement of justice and equality]  has not often enough been the case. The understandable frustration of right-thinking American citizens and unrequited calls for the justice of moral and legal retribution are undeniably, well justified.

Obtaining a judgment of guilty in any criminal case is made difficult by (a) the requirement that guilt be proven “beyond any reasonable doubt” and (b) that such a conclusion be reached by a unanimous jury,  is the mandatory rule of American criminal jurisprudence. Such difficult strictures imposed by statutory law, applicable to every American, regardless of color or ethnos, most especially the mandate that all jurors must agree, [to protect the innocent against wrongful conviction] however, makes the test, an inadequate and misleading measure of demonstrated National concern for rectitude in civil rights cases.

Whatever may be the outcome of the current trial [guilty or not guilty], it is our own supremely frustrated, but empirically considered view, that the same will not articulate, nor have an appreciative [curative] impact on the Nation’s perniciously bigoted, Chauvin Pandemic.



As we view the bizarre contemporary scene, it would seem that, given an appropriately receptive audience, a tactically convincing speaker could successfully maintain that fireflies are powered by a naturally occurring wireless internet; that owls are alien- monitored intelligence gatherers, or, even perhaps, that Dungeness crabs can do intermediate algebra. It took but four years of Donald J. Trump to disabuse his large cultish base of the principal, that objective facts do not exist, but that real factual accuracy is a matter of self-interested suggestive determination.

It is mandatory and definitional that in a Democratic Republic all citizens of legal age possess the right to vote for their own representation and leadership. It is equally presumed that a losing incumbent, President will peacefully and dutifully hand over the occupation of the Oval Office to the winner, his chosen successor. This is a systemic and characteristic feature of our republican political system. We credit Donald J. Trump with his characteristic failure to observe political propriety.

Since the Official proclamation of Joe Biden as the winner, Trump has grudgingly and neurotically failed to acknowledge his defeat, but has instead, gracelessly and irrationally concluded that the election was a fraud and that his actual victory was stolen [“Stop the steal”] by the Democrats. Like the audience required for credibility of the firefly assertion of its reliance on the wireless computer for its lighting phenomenon or that of the California crabs doing intermediate algebra, Trump’s cultish base believed Trump and set out to reverse the “stolen election result” [at his express instance] by the unprecedented commission of a large, violent, and criminal insurrection at the Washington Capitol Building.

The shameful event caused five homicides, a great many injuries, some permanent, destruction of property, including historical artifacts, as well as to the building itself. The most enduring injury was the essential threat imposed on our democratic system of government. The large and angry (Trump-inspired) mob was finally put down; but the Trump underbelly of the Nation, together with Members of Congress were not done in their malicious attempts to overturn the election. Their spurious claims of election improprieties were factually disproven by no less than three separate audits conducted by disinterested, independent firms, who certified the election as accurate and proper. A plethora of lawsuits alleging election fraud was summarily dismissed, as completely without merit. Courts, traditionally, do not believe stories about fireflies.

The Trump supporters, as expected, private citizen and politician, systemically unaffected by objective facts, persisted, with  Trump’s neurotic and egocentric encouragement, to wave, nonetheless, the tattered flag of “election fraud”. Most American citizens pay homage to factual accuracy and know that the objective findings were unanimous in certifying the election as sound in procedure and outcome. In point of fact, the only election misbehavior publicly demonstrated is Trump’s illegal and fraudulent telephone calls to the Secretary of State and Governor of Georgia, two of his sycophants, requesting them to alter the tally of the Georgia Presidential vote. This legally is known as ”chuzpah.”

By the same logic that would confer on Dungeness crabs, the ability to do intermediate algebra, the Trump camp, observing that the black vote in large part, supported Biden, that the alleged voter irregularities could be eliminated by hobbling the votes of American black citizens. This is detestable bigotry, camouflaged as prevention of fraud. Fireflies, again. What does an unconstitutional and immoral program of prevention of the black vote have to do with voter fraud?

It is painfully obvious that interference with the votes of black citizens is, evidently the prejudicial attempt to curb the black vote, which logically and for sensible reasons, supported the Democratic candidate. This perverse program was immorally and successfully performed in Georgia, by Kemp supporters, to defeat Stacey Abrams, and the sainted “protectors” of the American right to vote, have designed this abominable National policy to [hypocritically] tamper with the vote and undermine democracy. Trump [ cult’s] policy is to enact legislation and voter regulations that are designed to disproportionately affect voters of color. This, indeed, is election rigging fraud, perpetrated by the fraudulent election, religious inquisition itself.

Thus, numerous changes in voting hours, voting days, limitation of absentee ballots, removal, limitation, and strategic location of ballot drop boxes, all of which, tactically configured to impose stress on the voting habits of black citizens have been in the Republican legislative works, (353 enactments in 40 States) making voting difficult and inconvenient for black fellow citizens. Extreme laws, such as the prohibition of bringing water or food, to a prospective voter, waiting on an extremely long line [caused by the draconian voting strictures designed to limit the vote of persons of color] have been enacted to misrepresent the American vote; by self-appointed protectors of voting fairness.

Maybe fireflies do light up with power derived from the wireless internet.



The informed and thoughtful citizen will predictably note, from any rudimentary analysis of current events, that the most existential threat to our traditional American way of life, is not national disaster, the advent of a serious pandemic, economic break-down or foreign invasion, but rather one, internally posed by some of our own fellow Americans.

The Nation, construed, from its inception as a two- party democracy, with the grant of citizen guarantees of freedom of speech, religion, peaceful assembly, and liberty, has always condoned [in fact, encouraged] meritorious and useful differences of opinion, political and otherwise, together with the practice of amicable debate; the same to serve as a guide to legislation, in service of a Nation perceived and intended to be,” by and for the people”.

As we have noted in earlier writings, what developed, contrary to the Founders’ optimistic expectations, was instead, the angry, divisive, and insular phenomenon of antagonism between individuals and groups of disparate opinion, the disappointing dynamics of which we have examined in an early essay, “The Death of Civic Amity.” This unfortunate and unforeseen National development has been the source of bitter enmity, based  on differences in view on issues, ultimately resulting in a rift, or a politically divided Nation.

Inarguably, the most impactful and chronically enduring of all contested issues, had its inception during the several shameful decades of the American institution of Slavery, ultimately resulting in the American Civil War, followed by disputed issues of post-bellum rights for the freed slaves. The legal and moral issue of racial equality, unhappily, persists contemporaneously, kept alive by bigoted citizens in their obdurate and moral failure to acknowledge the essential  equality of all humanity, irrespective of color.

Disputed National issues also included gold standard versus silver, Native American policy, later, the Viet Nam War, gun ownership, women’s right to vote and to have an abortion, government health and labor regulation of industry, environment and global warming, the empirical primacy of science and education, immigration policy and a plethora of  contested, divisive subjects. Voters would normally cast their votes, for the [one of the two] candidates, whose platform was perceived to be closest to their point of view. Parties possessing disparate views on presenting issues, thus, had a recognized process by which they might express their individual political  sentiments. The healthy and enduring phenomenon of disparity of opinion became recognized and rationalized, within the generally inclusive designation of E Pluribus Unum. Thus, our empirically divided Nation carried on with its usual progress, albeit somewhat less efficiently than it could have, with less acrimonious divisiveness and more unity of principle,  in bitterly disputed areas such as immigration, abortion, gun ownership and civil rights.

 The election and re-election to the Nation’s Presidency, of the Nation’s first black President, Barack Obama, and his Administration’s acknowledged exemplary performance, had the effect of engendering in us, great and optimistic expectations, concerning the Nation’s seemingly  improved rate of progress in many areas, most especially, Civil Rights and the appropriate respect for science and education. The status of the  avowed, “E Pluribus Unum” was a representative reality; for the moment.

It all “went out the window,” with the election of an ignorant, incapable, and egoistic, former second- rate television game show host, and real estate grifter, Donald J. Trump. It is our view that Trump’s unexpected elevation to the Oval Office, was the combined result of (a) a low Democratic voter turnout due to the apparent lack of popularity of its Candidate, (b) the vast sums of money expended in support of anti- government regulation propaganda, by sociopathic captains of industry, who value profit, from their industry’s air polluting activities, over the health and life of human beings, plus (c) the vulnerability of our inadequately educated, dissatisfied, flat earth segment of the population  to Trump’s false and tactically, seductive “snake-oil,” demagoguery.

Donald Trump, concededly evaluated to be ignorant, incompetent and immoral, proved, somehow, to be an effective catalyst regarding a new and fundamentally different species of divisiveness in the Nation; one, dangerously differing from the normally expected phenomenon of  democratic, free disparity of opinion; causing, tragically, the Nation to thereafter to remain no longer entitled to the historic motto, “E PLURIBUS UNUM”[from many peoples, one].

The Nation’s realistic motto, following the election of President of Donald J.  Trump might be stated as  “E PLURIBUS DUEM” [from many, two]. The “two”  representing, for too many deluded Americans, the sole, determinative, and divisive two categories: “for, or against Donald Trump.” For Trump devotees, the determinative presenting issues were to be resolved not by personal consideration of their individual merits, but instead, reductively, upon whether the individual counted himself as a Trump supporter, and if so, adherence to the position of Trump on the  issue. Such cultish reductionism may have a degree of  practical application in certain autocratic countries but is many light years distant from a Nation that flys the banner of “Republican Democracy.”

 Trump denigrated science and education, ignorantly exacerbated the seriousness and mortality of the Covid pandemic, mocked vaccination and masking, expressed support, subtle and not-so-subtle for the White Supremacists and other bigoted, pestilential groups, overtly incited an historic insurrection at the Nation’s Capital, supported the NRA and unregulated gun ownership, demeaned women and minorities in general, opposed immigration and its asylum entitlements, opposed governmental regulations including, clean air and water, medicine and food safety, dismissed environmental concerns and existential global warming, manifested extreme hostility to the responsible media, and, incredibly, the existential value of “truth,” itself [himself, a chronic practitioner of serial mendacity]. Individuals who cultishly saw themselves as Trump supporters, submissively fell in line with his dark ages,  anti-enlightenment world view, and regressed to the status of his lifeless, submissive puppet-like sycophants.  

For Trump supporters, it became a populist, revered badge of loyalty and an overt submission to accepted populist identity to inhabit the announced Trump positions [including the Fascistic,” Big Lie] on all issues. It now appears that, in our newly construed divided America, that a signifying red line is to be drawn between those whose point of view is in hypnotic lockstep, cultish accord with the ignorant and biased opinions publicly expressed by Mr. Trump; and, on the other side of the line, the balance of the Nation. The Trump syndrome appears to have been transformative, alike, as to identity as well as derivative opinion. Frighteningly, there now appears to be a category, of uniform Trump endorsers, totally unconcerned with the relevant presenting  issue or its implications. It is the convenient and lazy way, for Trump sycophants to comfortably dumb down further, into the shameful role of a truly lazy reductionist, solely concerned with acting in concert with other cultish supporters of Donald Trump.

The other (second) category of  American citizens are, justifiably, principled, and moral opponents of Trump, consistently support the traditional American ethos and often are in sync regarding many of the day’s presenting issues, such as immigration, gun control, abortion, civil rights, prison reform, health regulations, minimum wage, environment and global warming, respect for science and education, and vaccination, and the other issues of the day. The existential and determinative difference is that these voters have their own, individualized moral and principled reasons, for their specific [and, at times, differing] views; as diametrically opposed to the thoughtless, submissive, and cultish, “group think” adherents to the views of the demagogic, arrogant and ignorant Donald Trump.

 This newly hatched, mindless, and potentially dangerous Trump category, as observed, entirely distinguishable from any naturally occurring, thoughtful brand of diversity, has no acceptable place in a Democratic Republic. To the contrary, acquiring a badge of (submissive) identity to a cult of personality, principally and historically, links one to such notably estimable members of the Planet’s human family as, Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Mao Zedong.



The reader is doubtless familiar with the violent and treasonous storming of the United States Capitol Building, January 6, 2021, by a mob of hate-motivated and Trump-inspired faithful. The insurrection took place admittedly in response to Trump’s publicly communicated, behest, following his prior unsuccessful and undemocratic attempts to overturn the results of the recent Presidential election. The uniform and dedicated battle cry of the insurgents, was an exact replication of Trump’s propagandic, mantra, “Stop the Steal.” The angry battle cry, in civilized English, meant, prevent by force, the day’s scheduled certification by the Electoral College of a fraudulently elected Candidate, Joseph Biden. In truth and in complete negation of Trump’s tactical employment of the Fascistic ploy, “The Big Lie,” the Election count was certified as accurate, by no less than three separate independent auditing firms. The context and occurrence of this unprecedented insurrection were in embarrassing contrast to America’s consistent, post-election, democratic history, of the peaceful transfer of power.

The large, virulently angry mob, visibly and noisily, composed of Trump-inspired miscreants, was inclusive of such bigoted and pernicious groups as, White Nationalists, “Oath keepers,” the “Proud Boys” and other unwholesome and pestilential gangs, joined by several hundreds of unaffiliated, angry individuals, demonstrably, in hypnotic sync with the other insurgents. All participants were zealously receptive to Trump’s egregious call to arms and supportive of his delusional and unamerican quest to overturn a free American election. When apprehended and questioned, the uniform response of the rioters was some nuanced version of “Trump invited me,” or a self-justified attempt at understandable mitigation, with reference to the “call” of Donald Trump, as if he were their irresistible, Pied Piper.

The ugly and unprecedented event resulted in five deaths, a great many injuries [some permanent],   destruction of property, damage to the building itself, spoilage of valuable historic treasures, smashed windows, ransacked offices and angrily scattered books, and records. We must not omit the publicized, National “black eye,” presumably celebrated by the rioters, but publicly and effectively, constituting an existential danger to our unique democracy. Many of the insurrectionists had weapons, carried Confederate and Donald Trump flags, and wore Trump imprinted shirts. Congressmen who were present in the building, their staffs, and Capital Building employees, testified to personal experiences of traumatic fear and urgent attempts to hide during the frightening pendency of the siege.

It is disturbingly ironic to us, even Kafkaesque, to consider the bizarre reality that the only incidents of voter irregularities, included those [as revealed at the extensive Mueller Commission Hearings] consisting of conspiratorial and improper behavior, between Russia’s autocratic leader, Putin, and Trump, in the earlier election, to advance Trump’s chances of victory. In the recent election, Trump [alone] committed voter fraud by [television witnessed] telephonic requests, to the Secretary of State and to the Governor of Georgia, to “find,” in Trump’s electoral interest, a determinative number of voters needed to reverse the Biden victory in that State. Additional misbehavior consisted of the many Trump- lobbied efforts to reduce or purge the voting lists of minorities. The perverse actions of this pathological liar, many indeed, televised to the public, were the only determined instances of election fraud. Notwithstanding the objectively shown facts, Trump, himself, unashamedly and insanely, cried foul [“Stop the steal”] falsely accusing [projecting onto] his opponent his inclination to acts of election fraud. It is beyond the pale of imagination that, as objectively shown by the bizarrely misrepresented circumstances, he [the defrauder] should perversely claim election fraud; and even worse, to observe that such irrational claims were religiously believed, by mobs of angry, disaffected individuals.

We are satisfied to learn from the media that the hundreds of felonious participants in the insurrection are being investigated and, as appropriate, will be criminally charged by the authorities. Yet, above all, we are ineluctably concerned that the authorities calcify their backbones, and, at long last, render fitting and appropriately harsh justice regarding the sociopathic Donald J. Trump. In addition to his previous four years of manifold criminal acts, he, incontrovertibly, was the despicable and toxic puppet master who premeditatively, and tactically, manipulated the January 6, responsive, “Manchurian Candidate” style, hypnotic puppets, who, in compliance with his malevolent summons, obediently wreaked lethal havoc on our Capital Building and, conceivably, on the institution of Democracy, itself.