The violent insurrection at the Capitol Building in Washington, like the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, has similarly, been termed a “Day of Infamy.” As known, many hundreds of American protesters were involved, notably; members of its undemocratic, right-wing Christian White Supremacy Groups. Seven lives were lost and millions of dollars of property damages incurred. The effort was to set aside the result of a certified, democratic election, incited by Donald J. Trump, the defeated candidate.

While, conceivably, the motivation of the individual insurgents may have respectively, varied, as we have declared, in previous writings, there was uniformly expressed, a shared discontent. In most cases, we presumed that the ego mechanism of “projection,” was operative, so that the varied causation for such unhappiness was unjustly, displaced, e.g., the government, “liberals,” people of color.

Mainstream American citizens, shocked and concerned about this existential threat to our Republican Democracy, seem unified, in their desire that the participants, planners and supporters, of this autocratic insurrection, be appropriately, punished by the Justice system, as a future deterrent. There are a substantial number of mainstream American citizens, who maintain the expectation, that the punishments, meted out will not be adequate to discourage future misguided zealots from such aberrant, fascistic, behavior.

We too, have concerns about such delusional, Trump cultists, tactically, perceiving such jailed miscreants as “martyrs,” or as “political prisoners, notwithstanding that either perception is, factually, absurd and ridiculous; but, empirically, no more ridiculous than the “Big Lie,” itself, and the plethora of conspiratorial, paranoid ideations, bandied about by Trump sycophants.

As an additional matter, incarceration is very expensive and it may be felt that these deluded faux patriots, have to date, wrongfully cost our Treasury, enormous sums of money as a result, of their illegal and delusional attempt at an undemocratic coup.

Following some personal rumination, we are pleased to declare, that we have successfully reached what we perceive to be, a just, pragmatic and acceptable solution to the problem. However, first, a brief geographical note and recitation of certain specific current events might seem in order.

[Geographic note]: Kazakhstan is a huge country, far bigger than the size of Western Europe, situated in Central Asia, bordering Russia and China, and granted independence in 1991, following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

[Current Events]: Kazakhstan, an unquestionably, autocratic and repressive Nation, is, presently, in the throes of an enormous revolt and insurgency, from its angry and oppressed population. Our readings indicate that said autocratic State suffers from corruption, inflation, political repression, authoritarianism, police brutality, human rights violations and significant civil unrest.

[Solution]: The peace and tranquility of two separate nations can be mutually, be achieved with the exercise of a bit of rudimentary [albeit innovative] imagination. Neither the American cohort of insurgents nor the Kazakh revolutionaries are happy with their National plight. The American insurgents seem most anxious to surrender their democratic rights [vote, universal equality of opportunity] in exchange for an autocracy and an autocratic ruler [in this case, Donald J. Trump]. The Kazakhs, by contrast, are revolting against autocratic rule and its concomitant oppression.  

Would it not be the ideal solution, instead of the expense and trouble of incarceration by America of insurgents, and the public firing squads, for Kazak protesters, to have a mutual exchange of permanent citizenship and residences, of the relevant, discontented, insurgents, similar to long-term, Air B&Bs, and thereby, ameliorate their respective revolutionary angst? Why not, officially identify the International Program, “Burgers for Borscht”?


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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