Post # 636 STONE SOUP

In the immediate, preceding writing, [# 635 “Song of the Discontented”], we chose to presume, that the fundamental motivation of the individual, January 6, 2021 insurgents, and conceivably, the run of the mill, Trump acolyte, amounts to an all-pervasive discontent with personal life, and the emotional need, to project such mundane disappointment, on others; such as government, people who look different, or on “liberals” or immigrants. Our recommendation to individuals, needing more depth and affirmation in their lives, has consistently been, the pursuit of personal elective interests, seems eternally, disregarded. Compounding the problem is the empirical difficulty, inherent in the amelioration of any non-specific, or generalized, as opposed to defined, grievance.

Historically, the motivation for insurgency or revolution is the product of defined, attributed causation, viz., American Revolutionary War- independence from England; Russian Revolution- overturn of the Czarist aristocracy; French Revolution –revolt by the lower against the upper, privileged class. Our thematic conundrum is, as follows: in a Nation guaranteeing, free speech, liberty, and the right to the pursuit of happiness, what can logically and empirically, ignite and fuel such revolutionary outrage?  The apparent answer, bizarrely, seems to be the enduring, mesmerizing effect of an errant, unprincipled, “pie-in-the-sky”, mendacious demagogue, on a substantial receptive, cohort of ignorant malcontents.

There has been no noticeable revolutionary cry, by example, for bread, for freedom, independence or main justice. The sole, discernable demand, of this underbelly of the Nation, seems to be the irregular and undemocratic restoration to the office of the Presidency, of a twice impeached, mendacious, ignorant and autocratic hazmat to the Republic, Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump who, in his one term of office, had already proven to be an ignorant, dishonest, bigoted, egotist, possessing no acumen for the office, whatsoever. Shockingly, and in a shameful and autocratic manner, Trump, as outgoing President, has failed and refused, to procedurally, pass the baton to the winner of the election, Joseph Biden; as is historically, consistent with democratic government; but instead is responsible for directly, fomenting the unprecedented insurrection.

There is an apocryphal folk tale, bearing a symbolic general message for the Nation, most specifically, the cultish Trump sycophants:

Two elderly, world-weary, travelers arrived in town. It was cold, and already past mealtime. The two, being very hungry, had as their sole possession, an old worn, pot with a lid, but, unfortunately, no food with which to make themselves a meal. Their requests for food, from townspeople, had gone ignored.

 In the Town center, amidst several local people, they put some water and a smooth stone in the pot,  and then lit a small wood fire under the covered pot. Several townspeople approached the travelers and inquired as to their activities. They explained that they were cooking some delicious stone soup for dinner. The gullible onlookers stared at each other and at the simmering pot. They were amazed when told by the travelers, in response to their questions, that the stone would make a delicious and satisfying soup, but that it lacked a bit of garnish to make it simply, wonderful. In exchange for the travelers’ promise to share the miraculous soup, one person brought some carrots, another, potatoes and peas, and yet another, a piece of fatty beef. Several townspeople watched, hungrily, as the two old men cooked and stirred the soup pot. One villager brought spoons and bread, another some soup bowls.

When the traveler announced that the “Stone Soup,” was ready, the soup bowls, spoons and bread were distributed, and the shared soup was unanimously, declared, “Delicious”; but not before the round, stone was removed and discarded. This is the best soup we ever had, said some of the villagers. The two elderly travelers were too busy, hungrily eating, to respond.

It may acceptably, be said that the tale is about “sharing.” However, by adamant contrast, we would prefer, in the context and circumstances of our contemporary political scene, to recite the tale as one about gullibility and ignorance. Our analogous “stone,” would be slick, orange-haired, and inedible and the tale, itself, chiefly, about fraud and deceit of the gullible.


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