On a great many occasions, we have wrestled with the enigma as to the motivation of those Americans whose contemporary mindset appears to reflect an insurgency against the liberal principles and relatively non-intrusive operation of our reasonably, competent, democratic republic. Their loudly expressed opinions and overt actions, [the most extreme of which was the January 6, 2021, violent insurgency against the Washington Capitol Building,] which, if conceivably successful, would seem, ultimately, to, lead to a steep descent into autocracy, portending a far less free and spontaneous life experience for all concerned.

It has been, ominously said, that the next Presidential election will determine the nature of the country we will inhabit. Our Nation, it seems, has been generally, bifurcated, into two competing constituencies; one of which, remains fully in favor of the precepts of universal equity, the unfettered right of every citizen to vote, and the implicit responsibility of government, when necessary, to render assistance to the needy citizen. The other, to supporting racial and religious preference, voting regulation and diminished government participation in the lives, business and welfare of the citizenry.

It was the latter cohort, in its crude intolerance and adolescent rashness, that chose to mount the violent insurrection; erroneously based upon the false, fascistic and tactically manufactured, “Big Lie,” [“stolen election,”]  tactically authored by the defeated, Donald Trump, purposed to overturn the result of that [certified, as correct] democratic, election. Those protestors and the Nation’s balance of Trump sycophants, would, thereby, engineer the setting aside of the vote, and thoughtlessly, the keystone institution of the democracy itself. In an earlier blog, we warned such ignorant, errant citizens, to be wary of what they ultimately wish for, viz., the cold iron fist of autocratic rule.

It has ominously, been said that the next Presidential election will determine the nature of the country we will reside in, as in the present, free, republican democracy or an autocracy, such as monstrously exists in Putin’s Russia, or Oban’s Hungary.

It is no less than crucial, that Congress pass the current Voting Rights Bill, as, yet another formal and articulated expression of Americans’ universal right to vote, the latter, being the salient criterion of a Democratic Nation. Yet, it may fairly be observed, that we have historically passed voting rights Statutes, [in addition to the U.S. Constitution, as it is contemporaneously read]. It is the theme of this writing, that, while the relevant enactments,, must be passed, the salient causes of the problems of inequality and of race and religious prejudice, apparently, are not intrinsically, legal ones.

It has been in our empirically considered observation, that we cannot depend upon Statutory Law, alone, to preserve democracy. As stated, to date, we may possibly have a surfeit of legal enactments providing for the preservation of an equitable democracy. It is essentially, the relevant people, who have to be convinced of the essential morality of universal equality and of personal worth. We have in our Nation, a huge conglomerate of varied individuals, discontented with their lives, who feel that their lives have no meaning and that the latter, is the fault of the government.

We certainly do not presume to infer that such discontent, or lack of meaning, is in any way, the responsibility of government. To the contrary, our democratic republic certainly does not discourage literacy nor self-advancement; the latter being the best route to a more fulfilled life experience. It is difficult to imagine any redeeming or perceived value in a daily life, pursued solely, in an ignorant, unaware, and insular manner. In fact, the foundational, and eternal purpose of this blogspace, is the encouragement of self-advancement through the conduct of personal elective activities; from reading and artwork to collecting and carpentry. The greatest number of pliny essays, especially the earlier writings are dedicated to the theme of self-fulfillment by the pursuance of non-work-related, selected interests. These “outside” interests furnish private insight to oneself and a mature perspective of others.

There, conceivably, may be ways, to encourage such self-improvement, personal self-fulfillment and as a positive consequence, feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction with life. This would tend to eliminate any felt need to seek a scapegoat for one’s discontent in life, such as the government or people who look different, Unless and until that methodology is developed and utilized, we will be obliged to rely upon efficient enforcement of Statutes, for whatever they may accomplish.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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