Last Wednesday witnessed a perverse, unprecedented, and riotous insurrection that occurred at the Washington D.C. Capitol Building. The blatant event involved forcible entry and  (Bastille like) scaling of the walls of the legislative landmark building, breaking windows, damaging valuable historic treasures, and menacing lawmakers and staff employees. The boisterous, Victor Hugo style melee, also featured an installed hangman’s noose, which rioters loudly proclaimed was for Vice-President Pence. There were five reported fatalities; one of which resulted when a D.C. policeman was psychopathically beaten on the head with a fire extinguisher, by one of the zealous insurrectionists.

The singularly nightmarish event had its undeniable etiology in the Pavlovian-type response, of many discontented inhabitants of the “powder keg” underbelly of our Nation, to the explicit invitation by our visibly, deranged President, calling for a reversal, by violence, of the (certified) result of the recent election, in which he was determined the loser. The entire nightmarish and surreal scenario seems to be more suitable to some conjured up, homicidal version, of a nightmare fantasy by Lewis Carroll, than it does to any version of clearheaded reality.

The event was a frightening omen, that a Democratic Republic has its vulnerabilities,  including the potential of perverse individuals in its free society, to use their liberty (for which they should be grateful) for miscreant and destructive purposes. We have recommended, to those who have not read it, the frightening, consciousness-raising (1937) Sinclair Lewis novel, “It Can’t Happen Here.” The real possibility that it “can” easily happen here, is the warning and the ominous theme of the novel. Such warning,  predictably, will be articulated, [together, perhaps, with some reference to the 1930s deterioration of the Wehrmacht Democracy to Hitler’s hellish regime]  by the responsible press and media.

We resolutely oppose all violent assertions of the need for change, allegedly meritorious, as well as those that lack merit.[see our earlier essay: “THE MEANS ARE THE ENDS”]. If society is to continue and advance, solutions to extant problems must be attained by peaceful, non-violent revolution in education, knowledge, and in mature human perception. We have always had the concern of possible existential danger to our Republic, brought about by the militant potential of the discontented -with-life, insufficiently educated or informed, and easily propagandized, portion of our population.   

The intent of this essay, nevertheless, as a less important subject, but hopefully of general reader interest, to reference our personal observation of this bizarre and odious event, as a matter of reflective and, perhaps, some historical interest.

Reference at will, any revolution or insurrection in history; conceivably, the American, Russian, French Revolution(s) the Cuban, Nicaraguan, Chinese, Iranian or any other like government upheaval, and you will realize, at once, the utterly bizarre nature of the recent insurrection. Without exception, it appears that all historical political uprisings and revolutions were undertaken by the subjects against the King or head of State, viz., The Czar, King Louis, King George, Battista, Chang Kai Shek, the Shah, et al.

While not in the least minimizing its existential threat to democracy and the tragic five fatalities, we have unashamedly titled, the insurrection “The Trump Tantrum” for arguably, good reason. This insurrection was the mad hatter version or polar opposite of every other political rebellion; perhaps conceivably, because  Donald J. Trump is the antithesis of every desirable quality in a human being, let alone, an American President. In this bizarre instance, the overthrow of a head of state was not, at all, the motivation for the event; in fact, it was an insurrection, insanely, summoned by the head of State, against his own Nation’s headquarters in the Washington Capitol; a Kafkaesque suicide by stupidity.

The revolting crowd pressed for no doctrinaire issue, no need of bread (instead of “cake”), no demands for the amelioration of poverty nor, indeed for any purported injustice or cause. We are of the resolute opinion that there existed no common or singular stimulus, which motivated the varied, colorfully costumed, flag-waving, conglomerate of repressed bigots and reprobates; each had his own individual nuanced, accusatory, and defensive rationalization for his discontent with life, and acted in violent sync with his personalized angst. Meanwhile, our Orange Nero looked on while Rome burned, and rejoiced in the neurotic, egocentric fantasy, that the insurrection was essentially about him.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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