Post # 581 THE SWARM

Last Wednesday was witness to a monumentally, historic addition to the copious, record of immoral, criminal, and treasonous behavior on the part of the petulant and reluctantly departing Chief Executive, Donald Trump. In addition to the plethora of his publicly known incompetent, unconscionable and illegal behavior, he has, as a parting shot, added to the long list, the treasonous incitement and vocal encouragement of insurrection against the Government of the United States, in the nefarious and delusional effort to keep himself in office, notwithstanding his current (and certified) electoral defeat.

A  relevant Federal  Criminal Statute, 18 U.S.C. 2383, makes it a serious felony, to incite or engage in, any act of insurrection or rebellion against the government of the United States. Trump’s broadly televised illegal incitement in the nature of clarion calls for Wednesday’s insurrection, was expressly and inarguably illegal, un-American; and consistent, with Trump’s publicly known persona and previously demonstrated lack of mature judgment, and demonstrably, stupid. The stated declarations, confirmed by the witness of millions of television viewers, are patently obvious, and we impatiently anticipate the imposition by the Federal Authorities of the legislated penalties against this miscreant, Presidential Pied Piper, and his incited and willingly reactive respondents.

We find it especially worrisome and disappointing that such a substantial number of Americans were zealously responsive to Trump’s seditious call to arms, and who dedicatedly participated in the criminal insurrection against our Nation’s Capital Building. One can liken them to a swarm of previously undetected termites, hungrily invading and busily undermining the foundational structure of our Democratic Republic.

A mandatory prerequisite to purchasing real estate, whether for residential or business use, is a prudent inspection of the contracted building or buildings, by a competent termite service, to confirm the absence of that subterranean wood destroyer. Banks, understandably, before extending Mortgage moneys will require the positive result of a certified termite inspector of the subject realty. The infestation of these highly destructive insects is not visible, since they conduct their nefarious and destructive activities, under the surface (Northeastern Subterranean Termites) but can be eliminated by a course of extermination treatments; The extent of termite caused structural damage in such instances, should be investigated.

We would again refer to the swarm of misguided Americans, whether members of the “White Christian Nationalists”, “The Proud Boys,” the “Klan” or any other, underground, termite-like, destructive infestation. If there is a positive and redeeming feature to Wednesday’s ugly and illegal insurrection, it consists in the useful feature of the awakening and consciousness-raising of the American citizen, as to the existence of the continued sub rosa pathology of anti-black, antisemitic, anti-intellectual, delusional, “faux Patriotic” pestilence.

We have strenuously urged the prerequisite vetting and non-political examination of all aspirants to Presidential nomination, to avert incurable pathologies such as Trumpism, and thus, at election time, offer two suitable candidates for President, albeit of different platforms for the universal vote.


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