House cleaning in the wake of the shocking Trump- incited Capitol riot, is proceeding apace, the latter inclusive of the prosecution of the criminal insurrectionists as well as their miscreant, Pied Piper, President Donald J. Trump. The latter has been the unique recipient of an historically unprecedented, second Impeachment, for the deranged incitement of last week’s insurrection, by his base, targeted to overturn the (certified) results of the past American election. The responsive, rampaging horde of his “base,” seems to have been populated with representatives of the eternally ignorant and discontented underbelly of our Nation. Trump, together with those of his elected and elective co-conspirators, participating in the fomentation of the lawless and despicable insurrection, can entertain the firm assurance of being deservedly, “enshrined,” in the future accounts of America’s history.

While America, presently, is in the process of a seasonally early, but no less than existential, White House Spring cleaning, it cannot responsibly or justly, overlook the nefarious and immoral participation by the (undeservedly) praised, past (1994-2001) Mayor of New York,  Rudolph Giuliani.

Giuliani, in a recent television appearance, affecting as ever, his tactically employed, “Cheshire Cat Smile,” and sporting sweaty, black hair -dye face streaks, had for years, been undeservedly awarded the title, “America’s Mayor” for his purportedly, admirable actions, as Mayor of New York, during the horrific events of 9/11/93.  The accurate facts regarding Giuliani’s performance on  9/11 reveal, by contrast, his gross malpractice and blatant stupidity. Such matters included the senseless and irresponsible location of (no less than) all of New York City’s facilities for emergency communication, at 7 World Trade Center. Most reprehensible and deadly, was Giuliani’s careless omission to update the outdated, Fire Department’s radio communication equipment, tragically preventing receipt by firefighters of lifesaving evacuation orders, frantically transmitted, just before the sudden collapse of the Trade Center buildings.

Later years evinced his retainer for legal services by the miscreant President, Donald Trump, who was found by a Special Government Inquiry, to have treasonous liaisons with the autocratic Russian ruler, Vladimir Putin. The Governmental Inquiry also revealed that Russia secretly interfered in the American election, to assist in the surprising election victory of Donald Trump. Media disseminated photos of Rudy, with a salacious smile and wide-open collar, happily socializing in Trump’s treasonous interest, with known corrupt, wealthy Russian Oligarchs, in Trump’s treasonous interest. It is not clear to us whether Giuliani’s bills for legal fees were $20,000 per week or per diem.

At this point, we would return to the referenced White House Spring Cleaning, necessitated by last week’s unprecedented, riot and insurrection, criminally incited by Donald Trump. The crime of incitement to riot was, as known, additionally perpetuated by our dethroned hero, Rudolph Giuliani. The highly compensated bearer of the Cheshire smile, reportedly encouraged the delusional Trump in his baseless and neurotic conspiracy theories, falsely challenging the results of the 2020 Presidential Elections. Trump’s good buddy and retained lawyer, also incited Trump’s loyal and nefarious base to engage in violent insurrection, exhorting them to engage in “a physical trial” of their grievances.

We adjudge Giuliani to be an irresponsible, opportunistic individual and see no rational reason for his not being subject ( in addition to his nefarious client, Donald J. Trump) to criminal prosecution for the Federal crime of seditious incitement to insurrection. It was interesting to learn that he has already been summarily expelled by his New York Bar Association, with further serious consideration being given to the revocation of his license (“disbarment”) for such wrongful behavior, as stated, “to publicly protect the honorable standing of the legal profession.”

[We always “knew” that there existed sinister proclivities, underlying his ingratiating smile and quick- darting eyes.]




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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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