After so many bankruptcies and failures [ in real estate, Trump Vodka, Trump University Trump Eastern Air Shuttle, Trump Mortgage Company, Trump Steaks, Trump Magazine] and other specious ventures, Donald Trump can breathe a sigh of relief that he finally attained a success, at least, in preaching the malignant gospel of insurrection to his base. In response to his seditious summons, thousands of deluded Trump worshipers stormed the Capitol Building in an insurrection, witnessed not only by shocked American citizens but by amazed and confused witnesses throughout the World[ presumably with a good measure of satisfaction from Mr. Putin and other autocrats]. These also include Nations which the U.S. has forbidden the maintenance of nuclear weapons because of their “instability”.

The violent insurrectionists, many of whom, armed with lethal weapons and carrying American and Confederate Flags and banners, climbed the walls of the Capital Building, as if it were the storming of the Bastille, broke through doors, damaged valuable historic properties and easily [?] overran the Capitol police like an enormous herd of wild cape buffaloes.

It is extremely worrisome that this successful call to arms of the flat earth, inadequately educated and propagandized base was, inconceivably, supported by certain members of Congress, a shining and outstanding example of whom is Missouri’s Senator Josh Hawley.

The Hawley example is most instructive as to the customary, cynical and pernicious tactics of the Trump camp. Hawley had submitted a book, to Simon & Schuster for publication. By reason of his publicly known egregious action in inciting the subject un-American insurrection, canceled his publication contract. The typical tactics of Trump and his supporters are clearly revealed by Hawley’s specious assertion that such contract termination was “unconstitutional.” This claim is an intentionally fraudulent, and tactically aimed at the poorly educated, populist Trump base. It is well known by all but the incurably ignorant, that “Constitutional” rights and issues are matters, definitionally, between the Government and the American citizen; not between a publisher and a(cynical) author. The miscreant Hawley, who is an attorney (Yale Law School) and a graduate of Stanford University, is only too aware of this obvious and elementary point, nevertheless, by an egregiously hateful tactic [identical to the typical behavior of the members of the Trump conglomerate] seeks to mislead the populist, uninformed Trump follower who, predictably will hungrily consume such falsified propaganda du jour.

This pernicious tactic of intentionally misleading reductionist and uninformed citizens is typical and is a demonstrative illustration of the routine tactics employed in the recruitment of Trump fans (his “base”). It also supplies further and emphatic endorsement of the Jeffersonian admonition, concerning the existential dependence of the institution of democracy, on citizen literacy and awareness.

Nevertheless, we remain incurable optimists, and maintain the hope that the unprecedented shameful, un-American and shocking immorality of the insurrection, like the incomprehensible cruelty and inconceivable immorality of past Church burnings, as tragically occurred in Birmingham, will likewise have the effect of raising the moral consciousness of citizens [like the many Republicans who have condemned the subject seditious event] to, at last, see the bright light of reason.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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