This writing, constitutes the second, of a two mini-essay series; the previous writing, the first, being the immediately preceding one, # 438, “The Certified Check.” We had, over the year, earnestly attempted to refrain from comment on the politics of the current President, and his sycophants, but recently felt duty bound, to publish these two notes.

There would seem to be little utility in a repetition of the details, concerning the disgraceful and incompetent performance of Donald J. Trump, as Chief Executive; his adolescent-neurotic-egocentric persona, his reductionist ignorance, systemic mendacity, bigotry and illegal profiteering. If detailed elucidation is desired, we would recommend a reference to the immediately preceding writing.

As we proceed, closer to the next Presidential election, it is hoped (perhaps, optimistically) that the true American persona, its values, traditional goals, stewardship and moral code, will be restored by a new, dedicated American President; one, capable of repair of the Nation’s, embarrassingly skewed reputation, caused by the leadership of the current President. It seems to us, that every informed and rational American would be desirous of the succession of the present Head of State, by a more capable and admirable leader. The theme, and ardent purpose of this writing, is to suggest, that the Democratic Party, is going about satisfying that aspiration, in the wrong way, by an unwise and foolish route, one, that, conceivably, might even, be in aid of the unimaginable possibility of a re-election of this flawed and immoral individual. The intended destination is, of course, desirable but the route, tragically erroneous.

It is our observation, that many of our political pundits, have pursued the desired defeat of Trump, and the election, of a desirable Chief Executive, by a sadly mistaken route, and that the self-proclaimed, “experts,” are suffering from a diagnosable case of, directional dyslexia, [chronic bad sense of direction]. The subject is existentially, far more important than the popularized case of “Wrong Way Corrigan,” a pilot, who mistakenly flew back to Ireland, rather than, as expected, to the point of his original departure, Long Beach, California. But, we feel that the most prominent, historical example of directional dyslexia, was that of Christopher Columbus (of reprehensible memory), who was commissioned by the lunatic, Royal couple, Ferdinand and Isabella, of Spain in 1492, to discover a direct water route to the Indies. Columbus, with the assistance of ample navigators of note, and the daily, fervent prayers of many, accompanying and on- board, devout, priests, ended up in Haiti, West Indies.

We have a great and uncomfortable concern with the “savants” and the “gurus” in the Democratic Party, (justifiably) desirous of the replacement, of this disagreeable and truly dangerous president, but, erroneously, flying the Corrigan route, or re-sailing the route of Columbus, by their uniform, public recommendation, that the criterion for the selection of a candidate is a “candidate that can beat Trump.” This is, in fact, the worst possible standard (or route) for the selection of the Democratic Candidate; it is foolhardy, contrary to reason, and cannot withstand the most elemental of critiques.  For purposes of analytical clarity, we will separate the two categories of such blatant error, and, thereafter, offer our proposed route to the desired destination:

  • Trump’s ignorance, immoral behavior and dishonesty is adequately known by every American. Do the democratic pundits and advisors appraise the American population, at a level so low, that Trump’s incompetence, ignorance and immorality are not sufficiently recognized by them, as adequate reasons for his replacement? Since it does not require especial insight, for the voting public to be aware of his unfitness and acts of immorality, why is it, then, considered a major challenge to defeat him?
  • The ill -advised standard, “Someone who can defeat Trump,” is not only, a clear expression of an insulting appraisal, and lack of respect for the American voter, but, as well, gives to Trump a tactical advantage, regarding his stubborn, reductive, tribal supporters. In general, It is a foolish and blind approach to an existentially important problem, in a divisive, poorly informed and reductionist population. Further, it also keeps Trump, (happily, for him) in the spotlight, a neurotically necessary matter, for that egotistic monomaniac; but, worst of all, egregiously concentrates the historical importance of an American election, on him, personally.

Trump is, by no means, the prominently featured issue, as erroneously portrayed; America is!

Our, clear-eyed, rational solution, is to select an (attractive) Presidential Nominee, one, most importantly, who supports the traditional issues and basic principles, that built the modern Democratic party, including: Equal rights, fair employment, wage and labor policy, safe working conditions, gender equality (including the right of every woman to govern her own body), regulations assuring the safety and health of food, medicine, and  drinking water, concern for the environment, recognition of planetary climate problems and ameliorative programs, reasonable gun control, infrastructure improvement programs, assurances as to separation of Church and State, reasonable and compassionate immigration policy, criminal policy review, and other such societally, and individually, beneficial programs. These are among the desired needs of the American people, and constitute, legitimate reasons for Candidate support.

The alternative is to convert the most salient and invaluable feature, of our Republican Democracy, the popular vote, into a cheap game show, a subject which our despicable President understands, and, one in which, he may have, some limited proficiency.


ADDENDUM: Because of our overwhelming concern on this subject, we will elect to throw all considerations of modesty to the winds, and request the reader to consider the sharing of this mini-essay with others.

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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Post # 439 DIRECTIONAL DYSLEXIA”

  1. 1. Approximately 50% of your writing this year is about Trump. Much of what you say is correct, but does not reflect a Judicial Temperament.
    2. Where’s The Beef? Who is your suggested exemplary Candidate? Mayor Pete looks good to me.
    3. Review President Obama’s recent essays respecting this topic.


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