Post #440   A PLINYBLOG BIRTHDAY (A Retrospective)

It was, slightly more than four years ago, when we began the publication of our mini-essays, popularly referred to as “blogposts.” A developing desire to share lifetime thoughts and experiences, seems to have accumulated a residual sense of urgency, as we attained the status of societal “elder.” The blog canon, itself, affords sufficient opportunity to make observations and personal judgments, on a variety of subjects, limited only by the extent of the author’s scholarship and empirical experience. The first few “blogposts,” were experimental, a trial dipping of an insecure toe, in the water; later published, mini-essays became somewhat more advanced and literary (as well as, hopefully, incisive) and enhanced our desire for expression, most especially, as to the human condition and its universally, classic, issues. Unless perceived events, and, felt responsibility dictated otherwise, we have attempted to limit the number of occasions for comment on issues arising in the current political scene.

It might be useful, or timely, to reveal the origins of the name of our blogpost, “Pliny blog.”  In ancient Rome, the nephew of “Pliny the Elder,” (the latter, a much revered Statesman), called,” Pliny the Younger,” authored copious letters, which turned out to be, a virtual treasure trove of information, for students of Ancient Rome.  In his review of the book, “Review of the Letters of the Younger Pliny,” literary critic, Arthur Serkis, states: “Whenever I began reading the collection of letters, I felt as if I may be reading Pliny’s blog. Except that they did not have the internet…”

The younger Pliny, is quoted, as, writing: “…so we must write as our [self] professes, and not make anybody else’s idleness, an excuse for our own. It is for us to produce something worth being written and read.”

To be clear, we do not, aspire to comparison with the exalted status of the named, ancient Roman, but we are, in fact, dedicated to produce “something worth being written and read,” and, we have, accordingly, undertaken, in this contemporary age of the internet, to call our blogspace, “” We do confess to being presumptuous, but only to the extent of the universalization of our own, salient and personal goal, the development of wisdom and mature perspective, as the appropriate aspiration for mankind.

As can be observed above, we have published, something short of, 500 mini-essays. These in large part, deal with the implicit obligation of homo sapiens to demonstrate, to the natural forces of evolution, his gratitude and recognition, by its use, for granting him an advanced brain. We have applauded those in modern society who have, indeed, shown respect for this invaluable anthropological gift, by pursuing personal advancement and understanding, but have expressed existential disappointment with the far larger numbers, who have refrained from doing so. We have argued, for the existence of an anthropologically, moral obligation of man, to continue to grow in understanding and perspective, by the exploitation of that generous gift. We have further declared, that the Nation is stronger and better, and individual life is more satisfactory and meaningful, with the acquisition of knowledge and mature perspective. This has been our signal message. We have (perhaps too) often referred to the message of Thomas Jefferson, to the effect that, an educated and informed population is required, in order to have a successful democracy., has consistently charted the pursuit of knowledge, as the only route to the aspiration for a higher quality of life, and personal fulfillment.

Far too much has been published to date, on the distressing subject of our sitting, miscreant, occupier of the White House. It would serve little purpose, to once more, recount his seemingly, uncontrollable and unseemly behavior. An especial cause of our present distress, is the frightening realization, that millions of Americans voted for him, despite his incapability and unsuitability for office. This, of course, makes relevant the cited, Jeffersonian statement, on the existential need for an educated and informed citizenry. It has been wisely and challengingly said, by many, “we can have a Republican Democracy, if, we can keep it.”

It has been this worrisome challenge, that fuels this blogpost, as well as its eternally expressed, urgent message of encouragement, of the citizen, in a reasonable, lifelong, participation in the arts and sciences, and in the responsibility and exciting challenge of human advancement. A Nation’s people, are its most strategic, reliable and effective, natural resources. Reason is the proper goal of every citizen, and of the Nation. We humbly, seek in this blog space, to encourage the pursuit of that doubly beneficial goal.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

One thought on “Post #440   A PLINYBLOG BIRTHDAY (A Retrospective)”

  1. I find myself speechless in the face of this eloquent dialogue that shares the reality of a world I do not understand. The malevolent force that is in the highest office in this country, and the multitudes that support it, make me despair if it weren’t for those who write as you do. You give me hope that we will shape a new reality.


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