It is earnestly recommended, that one view the evident, “three-ring circus,” constituting the Congressional Inquiry, [into the question of the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump], from the sole, relevant standpoint of American Civics and Constitutional Law, rather than irrelevant and irresponsible partisan politics.


It is common knowledge, that the Founders’ express intention was to create Republican Democracy, consisting of three separate branches of Government, Executive, Legislative and Judicial. This conceit, known as “The Separation of Powers,” was expressly intended to avoid the dangerous and impractical situation, where total political power over the new Republic, was concentrated in the hands of one group, or individual. As additional precaution, each branch, when warranted, was granted, the constitutional right, to restrain (“check”) the acts of the other.

James Madison, expressed the prevailing view of the forward-looking, Founders, by stating that the Separation of Powers provision is intended to prevent any individual or group, from the abuse of power. It is to be [relevant to this writing], noted that precedential decisions and applicable standards, of the U.S. Supreme Court, in cases of alleged infringement [of the Separation of Powers Clause], by the Executive branch, have been considerably stricter, as compared to the other two branches. The ultimate check, appears to be, Section 4 of, Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution, which grants to Congress, the authority to impeach and remove the President, and (certain other, enumerated officials) upon a determination that he has “engaged in treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” This impactful act, we have termed, “The Certified Check.”


As a legally irrelevant, but, clearly contextual, background statement, the presently pending impeachment inquiry and proceeding, against, President Donald J. Trump, relates to an unique individual, occupying the office of the  Presidency, who has chosen to, disloyally and intimately, befriend the traditional enemies of America, and avidly, woo their autocratic and despotic heads of State, [especially, Putin of Russia], while, contemporaneously, making  enemies of America’s traditional Allies, including NATO; who has greatly, and wrongfully, enriched himself and family, by the substantial, egregious, misuse of his office as President, forbidden under the Emolument Clause of the Constitution, which prohibits President from (shamefully)  profiting from the Office of President; who, regularly and undemocratically, attacks America’s Free  Press, and other media, while personally exhibiting his regular, daily campaign of mendacity, (“fake news”) ; who has disparaged education and learning and  has acted on a consistent basis, detrimental to the interests of the Nation, including withdrawal from the Paris Accords, disparaging the existential subject of climate change and its consequent damage to our planet; who has wink- encouraged bigotry, and violence; who has, incapably performed acts of incomparable ignorance and inconsistency, causing confusion among International World Leaders and great embarrassment, and decline in esteem to the Nation; who has publicly committed acts of personal immorality of every stripe, including  fraudulent cover-ups of multiple, known assignations with prostitutes, and who has, generally demonstrated a complete, and intentional, boastful disregard, of all normal standards of societal morality and decency.


The grounds wisely and tactically selected by Congress, for their current proceeding,  [among potentially, others, including the collusion with  Russia (Putin) for his treasonous,  assistance in his election ( ref.: Mueller Report), lying to Congress and the authorities, multiple violations of the Emolument, Clause, of the Constitution, by wrongfully and unconstitutionally, using the Office of President to greatly enrich himself]  amount to horrendous acts of immorality and duplicity, specific felonies, enumerated in the Impeachment Clause, namely, bribery, as, as well as extortion. This malevolent scenario commences with the unusually intimate relationship between Trump and Russia’s cunning head mobster, Vladimir Putin. It should be especially observed, at this point, that all U.S. Intelligence Agencies, have uniformly found that Russia interfered with our past election, in aid of Trump’s unexpected victory.

It is our, responsibly considered, opinion that the ultimate charge of “Treason,” would be applicable and appropriately imposed, based on Trump’s proven collusion with Putin [ termed by some, as the “Bromance”], which was ongoing, as shown by the facts, set forth below, upon which the present charges against him, are based. It appears to us that the wily and conniving Putin, has played Trump, the ego-centric adolescent, like a flute.

Those, familiar with current events, know that Putin’s Russia, illegally annexed a sizeable portion of Ukraine and has been violating international law, and morality, by waging an aggressive and brutal war against that country.  In their recent election, it appears that the Ukrainian voters, frustrated with endemic corruption in Ukraine, elected a young neophyte, non-politician, a young television comedian, Volodmyr Zelensky, to its Presidency. The election of an honest Head of State, together with the ongoing program of new tank killing armament, supplied by the U.S., gave hope to the Ukrainian people for honest governance; while the efficient anti-tank weapons (Javelins) would furnish protection against the aggressive Russians.


The newly elected, young, President of Ukraine, needed a White House meeting with the American President to, symbolically, reinforce his credentials as the recognized and legitimate leader, of Ukraine, and ostensible, U.S. support, for its ally, Ukraine. As an additional, existential matter, Ukraine in its present peril, desperately needed the continuance of the U.S. supply of the potent, tank killing Javelin armaments, to stave off Putin’s illegal and violent aggression.


The impeachment grounds selected, were Trump’s craven acts of extortion and bribery, in advising the new Ukrainian Leader, communicated personally, and with accomplices, that he will not grant him the politically needed, White House meeting, nor continue the supply of existential, Javelin Armaments, unless Ukraine publically announces, (falsely) the start of a corruption investigation against Hunter Biden, the son of his anticipated competitor for President, Joe Biden. This improper, demanded condition, [ “quid pro quo”] was, inarguably, an act of immoral and illegal extortion and bribery, both, inarguably, impeachable offenses under the Constitution. As the facts were revealed by sworn testimony, it was an announcement alone, to the effect that there would be an investigation, that was desired by this crooked President. This appears to us to be modus operando procured by him, regarding Hilary Clinton, in his previous win. Remember this despicable individual, and his minions, shouting “lock her up?” All this to the delight of, (and conceivably, as suggested by) Vladimir Putin.


Trump’s repeated prevarications (one of his few accomplished skills) in denying that he committed the horrendous, cruel and impeachable crime of extortion-bribery, is fruitless.  He has himself, ignorantly made relevant, useful, admissions, as have those of his co-conspirators, who have been law abiding enough to respond to Congressional subpoena. Ambassador Sondland, originally, part of the conspiracy to extort, changed his sworn recollection of the incident, and testified as to the identities of all the parties who were the operative criminals and executors of his felonious and disgraceful plan (termed the “drug deal”) for the illegal shake-down of President Zelensky; regarding the necessary White House recognition of for his election, and the continuance of supply of the desperately needed, Javelin Missiles. The threat of no meeting or missiles, absent such false announcement, (quid pro quo) is raw, criminal and psychopathic extortion; presumably, with the approval, and possibly planned by Russia’s Putin. Two named members of Trump’s cabinet, plus Trump’s mayor-turned disgraceful shyster-operative, Rudy Giuliani, referred to as the “hand grenade,” who was chief, among the parties who undertook the implementation of the deal.


It will be remembered, that unassailably honest, dedicatedly patriotic, non- partisan Federal officials, including, the knowledgeable, witnesses, Marie Ivanovich, Fiona Hill and Lt. Col. Vindman, as well as other non-assailable, non-partisan, fact witnesses, personally testified to this Trump, criminal shakedown; and further, to his wrongful cooperation in the Russian propaganda falsehood, that it was Ukraine, not Russia, that meddled in the Trump election victory. It seems to be further proof of Trump’s disloyalty to his own country, that he, despite the findings of the Moeller Commission, is a present promoter of the extensive Putin conspiracy, to falsely portray that it was Ukraine, not Russia, that interfered in the 2016 election.


That Trump is properly impeached, and removed from office is, ineluctably, warranted; the single, worrisome, consideration, is an extremely partisan Senate, who, constitutionally, is to conduct the trial on these egregious impeachment charges (indictment). Recent statements and events, reveal the truly shameful possibility, that many Senators will put less material, party loyalty, above their Constitutional responsibility to the Nation and to their personal legacy.



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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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