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Dear Mr. Content,

We are located at the editorial offices of, in the City of New York, and are the publishers of mini-essays (blog posts) transmitted to the general public. We are completely independent, secular, non-political and non-commercial. Our mini- essays, in essence, amount to, considered, personal observations of the mutual relationships (political and social) between the modern American citizen, and his society. The salient and dedicated, theme and purpose, fundamentally, encompasses our nuanced, empirical observation of the present state of progress of mankind, toward the goals of the development of wisdom and mature perspective. We comment on politics, and the political scene only, when it is felt that the Nation’s security or well-being, seems to us, to be in question.

This unusual, “letter” format has been selected, because of its direct and timely delivery, as opposed to our usual, blog post (or, “mini- essay”) to be reviewed at the reader’s leisure time. This correspondence partakes, in large part, of a rarely elected, political theme, for the reason, as above explained, that it appears that the Country’s proper administration is at stake.

The Nation is at present, engaged in the exigent, historic process, of the selection of a Democratic Presidential Candidate, to oppose President Trump, in the next Presidential election. It is believed by many, that the defeat of this incumbent President, is mandatorily necessary, to the restoration of normalcy of the Nation, and its return to its traditionally, admirable standing,

We closely approach a state of despair, in yet continuing, to hear the term, “Socialist,” used as an expletive, and applied, with negative, critical intention, to Democratic Party Candidates and their programs. Socialism, is neither an epithet, nor is it, in any way, relevant, to the present procedure for the choice of Candidate.

Socialism is an economic-political system (having little in common with “Communism”) in which, all industry and means of production, are completely owned by a Central Government. There is absolutely no Candidate, who, to any degree, whatsoever, believes in the Socialist System. It is unfortunate that Senator Sanders and some others, hold themselves out as, “Democratic Socialists,” to a public, too many of whose members, are reductively ignorant, as to the meaning of the term, and see it as an expletive, perhaps, similar to “Communism.” Not one Candidate, is espousing “Socialism,” which is, in any event, a socio-political theory and neither an accusatory adjective, nor related to Communism.

All of the Democratic Candidates, without exception, unreservedly, believe in Capitalistic, free enterprise.  What Senator Sanders and others are espousing, in fact, is “Compassionate Capitalism;” viz., the free enterprise system, with appropriate, humane protections, and benefits, provided for workers and their families. In the age of Adam Smith, the early philosophical proponent of free enterprise capitalism, (“laissez faire”), when profits, and the “natural law” were the only relevant considerations, workers were uniformly subjected to lives of extreme privation. One has only to read the great reformist novels, of Charles Dickens, to fully appreciate, the unbearable living and working conditions, of the lower class, of that time.

Commencing with the post-depression era, Presidency, of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, American workers and their families were, for the first time, justly accorded, needed relief, by way of Federal Government programs, of assistance and protection, (as at present) including, Social Security and Survivors’ Benefits, Disability Benefits, Laws concerning compassionate working hours and reasonable working conditions and many other humane and empathetic protections; which, at the time, many labeled as, ”Socialism,” and ipso facto, evil. The reality is entirely to the contrary; such humane treatment ensures and preserves Capitalism, and the free enterprise system, against the prevalence of other competing economic systems, like Socialism. We submit that, most importantly, it morally and empathically, recognizes the humanity of American workers.

It verges on the intolerable, to observe that there still exists, hordes of ignorant and reductionist American citizens, who’s systemically induced, (ranting) screed, persists, in the assertion of the” charge” of “Socialism,” regarding any governmental program of legislated assistance or service. Such reductive individuals, who lack, even one iota of awareness, or rational perception, are, themselves, undoubtedly, the fortunate recipients of several of the following governmental programs, Social Security, Welfare, Food stamps, Retirement Benefits, Old Age and Survivor’s Insurance, Disability Benefits, Veterans Benefits, Federal Mortgage Loans, Federal Infrastructure, including highways, bridges and tunnels, Federal Flood Control Projects and Assistance, Student Loan Assistance, FEMA Disaster Relief, Unemployment Sickness benefits, FDA Protection of Medicines, Federal Regulations regarding Safety, Research and Disease Control, Purity of Food and Water, Federal Health and Labor Codes, Mortgage Assistance, Public Health Regulations and Service, Agriculture Management, Air Traffic Safety, Efficient Postage System, Currency Control, Banking and Financial Services, and vastly and exhaustively, too many other vital citizen services, to sufficiently recount, not to mention, necessary Military Protection.

We would hope that this letter has been seriously read and considered, and that the recipient-reader, is in accord with the view, that our American government, is not “in the way,” but, rather, is a vitally necessary participant, in the efficient, and as well, the moral and empathic management, of our Capitalistic Democratic Republic.


* [ fictional name and address]

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