Research reveals that the United States is home to more gun owners, than any other Country in the world, that by far, gun owners tend to be male, that, being male is one of the two top predictors for committing acts of public violence, that a gun present in the household, is far more likely to kill a person who lives there, than a burglar or even a serial killer, that tens of thousands die each year because of gun violence, that more than one woman in 16, is killed by a gun, in domestic violence, every 16 hours, that mental illness is responsible for only 4% of interpersonal gun incidents (inclusive of the regularly occurring mass shootings), and so on, ad nauseam. One does not require, the plethora of additional data, regarding the horrific effects of the ownership and use of guns, to comprehend the all too obvious, point, guns and the wholesome existence of human society, like oil and water, do not, at all, mix.

A great many Americans, particularly those of us who live in the large urban areas, find the desire for gun ownership, difficult to assimilate. A knife, for example, can be used for cutting string on gift wrapped packages, for slicing cheese, for cutting fruit, for whittling and many other positive purposes; a gun, on the other hand, can only be used for one purpose, inflicting grievous injury, and death.

Authoritative statistical studies show that owning guns is dangerous, and does not afford desired protection, that the fictional rationale, of “good people, preventing crime by bad people” is a myth, manufactured by the NRA, the lobby group for the gun manufacturers and their sales outlets, among other mendacity, such as, that it protects women and families against violent criminals, and that carrying instruments of death by citizens, is protected and encouraged by the United States Constitution. No other Western or civilized nation, in the entire World, permits the ownership and use of firearms by its civilian population, for any reason, including the spurious rationalizations referred to.

Why is it, then, that The United States of America, purportedly, the avatar, of morality and enlightenment, the only Country disgraced by the atavistic acceptance of itself as a gun culture? What happened to America’s avowed historic dedication to peace, brotherhood and love?

In accordance with our customary, fearless inclination, we will, humbly, render our considered opinion, on this dilemma. The correct answer, while seemingly elusive, is, in our view, demonstrably simple, but far wider in scope, then the specific gun problem. The solution is capitalism’s moral improvement and its acquisition of an unalterable sense of public ethics and responsibility. The Nation needs to re-evaluate its present criteria, so that, the recognition of the good of humanity, exceeds the exotic lure of profits,

We have written, on numerous occasions, on the subject of the unprincipled entrepreneurs in the fuel industry, whose concern regarding the harmful impact of carbon emissions, on the very life of the planet, and its inhabitants, are apparently, subordinate, to its sociopathic greed for profit. Ina past writing, we have, frighteningly, postulated a possible future, in which, our planet was degraded to an unpopulated, inert rock, like the moon. Yet in some neurotic lust for unlimited billions in profit, these despoilers of the Earth, and its surrounding atmosphere, maintain their selfish practice of, knowingly, spewing carbon and methane into the responsive atmosphere.

Financially selfish successful sociopaths, inclusive of the subject gun manufacturers, buy off hungry politicians and perform whatever fraudulent, Machiavellian deeds, they find necessary, to render desired homage, to the gods of profit. These despicable misusers of the free enterprise system, including the gun lobby and the fuel industry, are the prime cause of existential threats to our civilization.

On the larger scale, it is Capitalism’s need for moral improvement, that is the fundamental problem. Other proposed theories on the prevailing problematic issues, such as the gun issue, we would maintain, are relatively, beside the basic point.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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