Post #414 Delayed Exigency                  

It was the universally, venerated sage, Yogi Berra, best known for his wise and cogent declarations, who said, “New York City is too crowded; that’s why nobody goes there.” The eloquent savant also declared,” We’re lost, but we are making good time.” It is the wisdom of the latter expression, which is relevant to the theme, and intent of this note.

In the second statement, the speaker admits that the traveling parties are lost, but seeks to soften the dread of being lost, with an irrelevant announcement concerning speed. The statement is humorous, because the speaker seeks to mitigate the bad news, with a positive, but absolutely irrelevant, fact. [The latter declaration, as well as all of the wisdom of the inimitable Yogi Berra, we understand, has been permanently preserved and duly enshrined, for the edification of future generations].

However, the principle of the complete lack of impact, of an attempted rationalization of a problematic situation, by the recital of an unrelated, positive one, is the intended theme of this writing. Our concerning problem is the existential threat posed by climate change, or “global warming,” the dire effects of which, are not, at all affected, by its successful acceptance by rational human beings, nor its irrational denial.

This note, however, is specifically intended for the earthlings, who believe in the findings, by virtually, all reputable scientists, as to climate change, and its significant exacerbation by human lifestyles. We refuse to deal with the purported “issue,” as to whether harmful climate change exists, or not. It would be a manifest waste of very precious time, to expect that the disbelievers will be cured of their lichen-type recalcitrance, in sufficient time for the prevention of further damage to the planet. It is our present belief, that far too much energy and valuable time, has, already been dedicated, to the fruitless purpose, of attempting to convince non-believers of global warming; it amounts to scientific evangelism without a useful goal. Like Yogi’s, useless and irrelevant, rationalization of “making good time,” mere debate does absolutely nothing, to ameliorate the damage caused by global warming nor, as in Yogi’s case, the problem of being lost.

The objective facts are, that there is an almost 100% consensus, among climate scientists and professional meteorologists, that there exists an ominous and existential threat to our planet, by man- made climate change (added to the small amount of naturally occurring warming.) The English, Royal Society of Science,  The American Geophysical Union, the Joint Science Academy, The Integrated Panel on Climate Change, The American Meteorological Society, The American Association of Science, and upwards of 95% of accredited climate scientists agree, with the assessment, that the progressive problem of global warming, and its dire effects, have been in existence, for the past 50 years, and that the same is due to greenhouse gases and other contaminants, such as methane and other gases, all, caused by human activity.

In light of the above, it boggles the mind, that so much human effort is being wasted, trying to convince the deniers of the proven condition. The latter are either, ignorant, have been swayed by irrational religious dogma, or have an interest in profit making, which, sociopathically, overrides their personal morality. While one is foolishly wasting precious time, trying to convince the ignorant, or cynical, our one and only planetary home is being steadily and mercilessly, damaged and deteriorated.

It is reported that the natural temperature of the earth has increased 1.8 degrees in the last 20 years, with serious ramifications, some of which are permanent, that the greenhouse gases, plus methane and other harmful gases have greatly increased, in our planet’s atmosphere, that there is a loss of sea ice, permafrost and significant losses to the earth’s glaciers, a general sea level rise, the loss of seashores, major deaths of irreplaceable flora and fauna, temperature anomalies, stronger and more frequent storms, and flooding, while, in other areas, death-causing draughts. Further, it has been shown that temperature anomalies, themselves, further exacerbate global warming, that average temperatures on earth have been increasing at unnatural rates, that oceans, in addition to melt and rising, are experiencing a general and unnatural increase in acidity. The overwhelming consensus of scientists, affirmatively believe, that human activity is responsible for no less than, 97% to 98% of climate change. It does not matter, whether or not your next-door neighbor, or Uncle Max, or even the Grinch himself, Donald J. Trump, actually believes the overwhelming consensus of climate scientists. Like the irrelevant, vaunted speed or travel time, of Yogi Berra, he is still lost, and our only planetary home, is  being degraded, nevertheless.

We must all insist that our political leaders and representatives, cease engaging in empirically, meaningless, debate, and begin to take the necessary ameliorative steps, at once, before our still verdant, life sustaining, Earth, is eventually degraded, to the extent and state, of a sterile, moon-like rock, whose sole virtue, and utility, is its lifeless, reflective property.


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