The unexpected ascendance to presidential office of the new Orange executive, an unqualified former game show host, has manifested itself in reactions suitable and appropriate to a veritable planetary catastrophe. An unexplained dark cloud has descended upon Washington, D.C., the origin and stationary property of which has completely baffled the most expert of meteorologists. Additionally, the combined beating of millions of hearts of citizens in dire trepidation has cumulatively produced a roar comparable to a shifting of the planet’s tectonic plates.

Such extreme concern is caused by the enjoyment of the most powerful and historically significant position on the globe, by an individual alarmingly possessing merely the experience and egoistic personality of a former television game show host, and none of the requirements for the office; most especially the knowledge of national and international affairs, nor a sufficient awareness of history and the American way of life and its system of laws. Prior to the election, he was adjudged incompetent for the office in terms of personality and complete lack of gravitas, by pundits and professors of political science. Demographic analysis demonstrates that his snake-oil salesmanship and demogogery was indeed successful in motivating the poorly educated and low information portion of our population to come out to vote, and, moreover to delude them into voting against their own interest.

His initial acts as president evidently betray his confusion as to the distinction between the office of the American presidency, a representative selected by the country to responsibly occupy the office, and a king, selected by Devine Right and responsible to no-one. We have, in earlier writings compared him to a medieval king, evidenced by his demand for a protective wall, his egotistic rule and his arbitrary issuance of edicts (‘Federal Orders”) without counsel or regular process in a complete disregard of the American rule of law. In an earlier writing, we fearfully predicted a modern day “Dark Ages” and our orange Ruler is making the nightmare a daytime reality.

In the international sphere, in a matter of merely three weeks, he has damaged our historically solid relationship with Australia, made thoughtless teenage type telephone calls to confused world leaders, issued irresponsible threats to dangerous countries such as Iran and North Korea and has upset our standing treaties and agreements with mainland China and Taiwan by ignorantly making one of his inane telephone calls to Taiwan, symbolically a threat to Mainland China. He has confused our friendly nations and emboldened our traditional opponents.

On the national scene, he has expressed utter distain for intellectual prowess, including the liberal arts as well as the sciences; despite a virtually unanimous agreement by all scientists that man plays a part in climate change, he steadfastly denies it. The orange menace has even attempted to injure our traditional neighborly sensitivity to others of diverse ethnic persuasion, an admirable trait in our multi-cultural nation. The considerate choice of interactive vocabulary has been disparaged by him as the misdemeanor of “political correctness,” a crime of which he is assuredly innocent.

Behind the curtain, eternally in close proximity and available to our orange-haired Wizard of Oz, sits his supreme advisor and virtual Rasputin, the infamous Steve Bannon. Mr. Bannon is a proudly self-identified white supremacist. He is also a diagnosable paranoid, eternally believing in a future, Armageddon type war between the white Christian world and Islam; and, by extension, that Russia, our perennial enemy, will be our ally since it is white and Christian. This is extremely bizarre and irrational, but it does serve to explain the recent behavior of our leader “sucking up” recently to the evil Mr. Putin. Those who chose to vote for Trump, effectively elected this delusional Rasputin, President of the United States.

Four years of this will require patient endurance and a call upon our inner resources and resolution for the restoration of the unique and admirable country of which we have traditionally proud. However, we must be tireless American citizens and affirmatively speak out at injustice and inequity to prevent their normalization.




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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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