Blog # 129 NEW ORANGE IS THE OLD BLACK (Redux, “Walls”)

Residents of Washington DC have reportedly seen a “stationary black cloud” hovering over the Capitol District. Meteorologists and climate scientists are totally baffled, especially since the very mysterious pall appears to be unrelated to any of the known atmospheric phenomena and has, miraculously, not dissipated for the past three weeks. There have been anecdotal instances of real panic and even some predictions that it is a sign of the coming of the “end of days.” Noted historians opine that there has not been such communal fear since the occurrence of the hellish “Black Plague” in medieval Europe.

In the 14th Century, the notorious “Black Plague” a/k/a “The Black Death” so ravaged Europe that research reveals that upwards of seventy-five million souls died. No efforts, spiritual or temporal, sufficed to limit its horrific progress; no walls, religious incantations not even arbitrary selection and murder of scapegoats sufficed. The plague was never eradicated but it was limited by the enhancement of personal cleanliness and advances in general societal sanitation.

A black plague of markedly different etiology, albeit also dangerous and life-threatening, has asserted itself. Its recorded arrival appeared to be contemporaneous with the ascendance to the world’s most powerful throne, of an orange-haired monarch; one, possessing none of the mandatorily required attributes of governance but rather exhibiting a lethal combination of egotism, reductive ignorance and arbitrariness, redolent of Medieval European tyrants (see: “Walls”). His behavior appears to be comparable to the egotistical Queen of a well- known fairy tale who eternally stares into a mirror, asking “Who is the fairest of them all?” Additionally, consistent with the medieval comparison is his promised construction of a huge protective wall, his total absence of perspective and his petulant temperament.

During his candidacy, political scientists, pundits and informed citizenry alike, diagnosed him as utterly unfit to serve as president, citing ignorance, lack of mature discretion and, above all, unsuitable character and temperament. Consistent with such jointly agreed diagnosis, in his first few days in office he has undeniably confirmed the accuracy of these predictions by his demonstration of reductive and pathetic ignorance to such an extent he that has caused American citizens and as well, residents of foreign countries, great panic conceivably equal to that existing at the time of the black plague.

We are of a mind that this self-deluded, glitzy game show host enjoyed the flashlight publicity of the campaign but, never, in truth, expected to win. Indeed, he had prepared in advance for his anticipated loss by publicly manufacturing fictional excuses such as “media bias” and, even “voter fraud.”  We believe that he was shockingly surprised and completely frightened by his unexpected win.

The confused, possibly rudderless winner of the election, in a state of real panic, now sought someone who had seen the 1939 film, “The Wizard of Oz” and who was willing to hide behind a curtain and be his private alter ego and tutor. The shrewd and opportunistic, Steve Bannon “miraculously” “appeared out of nowhere” to save the day.

Mr. Bannon is a proudly self-identified White Supremacist whose extreme right-wing credo may be said to be to the right of Catherine the Great of Russia. He has also shown himself to be no less than a paranoid by his avowed belief in a future, Armageddon style, all- out war between White Christianity and Islam and thus, considers our historic enemy, Russia, an ally since it is white and Christian. This is totally incomprehensible but it does explain the bizarre action of our new Orange leader, recently, sucking up to the evil Mr. Putin.

Under the co-dependent wing and tutelage of Bannon, President Trump, without consultation with, and probably without notice to, his cabinet advisors, has irresponsibly issued several draconian and un-American Orders, among many other prohibitions, barring re-entry of members of the Muslim faith, travelling home from seven arbitrarily selected Middle Eastern countries, yet exempting those individuals of Christian faith and, as well, certain Middle Eastern countries. Especially notable is the omission of Saudi Arabia, the homeland of all but one terrorist in the 9/11 event.  It is both precedential and black letter law that this ban is unconstitutional and statutorily illegal. Most vexing is the observation that Middle Eastern countries which do business with the Trump companies appear to be exempt; we urgently need a “blind trust” agreement written in Black and White ink and not in Orange Crush.

The Federal Electors and the ordinary citizens who voted for Trump will have that singularly memorable act enshrined in their personal autobiographies; we hope they will ultimately find some redemption

For the rest of us he has succeeded in making America grate!



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