Blog # 131 ELECTRIC AVENUE (mixed media)

Blog # 131 ELECTRIC AVENUE (mixed media)

The sworn undertaking of the President, tactically declared throughout his campaign, and which probably led to his success among many voters, was to “drain the swamp” i.e., to rid Washington D.C. of the controlling influence of the billionaires and corporate moguls who have plagued our government. Among other voters, particularly those of minimum education and sophistication, [which we have, with apologies, termed, the “flat earth people”] unspecified promises of a better life, by the orange snake-oil demagogue, seems to have so mesmerized such voters that they were misled into voting against their own vital interests.

Unhappily, the “swamp” was not drained, rather, such tactically stated undertaking was shamefully abandoned in favor of an enlargement of the singularly unhealthy habitat. The President’s selection of cabinet secretaries does so frustratingly illustrate this clear misrepresentation as to be no less than discouraging and depressing. So, because it is the constant aspiration of pliny to maintain the equanimity and good cheer of his readers, this writing will contain an upbeat musical refrain. At the end of each illustration. Pliny  recognizes the talent and authorship of Mr. Eddy Grant in his creation, “Electric Avenue” with apologies for the substitution of one word, so that the reader, may, in the interest of keeping his mood from sinking too far think, or sing out, audibly the following refrain:

Oh we gonna rock onto Pennsylvania (orig. “Electric”) Avenue and then we take it higher.  Try it if you care to.

Our first swamp denizen, is Mr. Rex Tillerson, multibillionaire CEO of Exxon-Mobil and good friend of the evil Mr. Putin, appointed to the crucially important role of Secretary of State. Mr. Tillerson will be the first U.S. Secretary of State in our country’s entire history to have no diplomatic or foreign relations experience. The Exxon interests in Russia and Crimea have resulted in making the him, effectively, a partner with Mr. Putin and he seeks to please Russia and enhance Exxon’s profits immensely by the removal of the vital U.S. sanctions regarding Crimea. His friendship with Putin is highly prized by Mr. Steve Bannon, for reasons set forth on the other side of the next refrain. Mr. Tillerson, additionally, is no friend to the middle and lower economic class American, by his opposition Medicare and other programs for the needy.

Oh we gonna rock onto Pennsylvania Avenue and then we take it higher.

Our next inhabitant of the stagnant bayou is Mr. Steven Bannon, appointed by Trump to be his Chief Advisor (and veritable” Rasputin”.) and Chief of Staff. Mr. Bannon is a proudly self- proclaimed White Supremacist and a delusional paranoid. His lifelong delusion is that there will someday be an Armageddon scale war between white Christianity and Islam; Further, he reasons, since Russia is white and Christian, it will be our ally in the coming world conflict. This is truly bizarre, but it does explain Trump’s recent sucking up to the evil Mr. Putin. The other selections of Cabinet Secretaries also show unusual friendships with our perennial enemy, Russia.

Oh we gonna rock onto Pennsylvania Avenue and then we take it higher.

A perfect specimen of a swamp critter is Betsy DeVos, selected to be Secretary of Education. Ms. DeVos, reportedly, knows absolutely nothing about education whatsoever, but “knows enough” to oppose educational assistance to handicapped children, oppose public education and secular education and supports Christian schools for all. She graduated from an all Christian college 100% of whose alumni have publicly stated that she is “completely incompetent” and “unsuited” for the position.

Oh we gonna rock onto Pennsylvania Avenue and then we take it higher.

A real swamp alligator is Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions, perversely selected to be the U.S. Attorney General. This office is known to be the ultimate authority on redressing racial prejudice. Sessions, a shining vestigial emblem of past racial prejudice, has been annually awarded the grade of ‘“F” in the area of civil rights by the  NAACP, and was denied a Federal Judgeship  by reason of his  bigotry; There is a report that he supported the KKK until he found out that many of its members smoked pot.

Oh we gonna rock onto Pennsylvania Avenue and then we take it higher.

The selection of Tom Price, as Secretary of Health is unquestionably redolent of the dank swamp. He earnestly seeks to do away with Medicare and the ACA, wants to defund Planned Parenthood and to do away with an Obama program for the distribution of free contraceptives. He opposes same sex marriage. There are various reports of significant wealth obtained by his illegal insider trading in pharma.

Oh we gonna rock onto Pennsylvania Avenue and then we take it higher.

Kellyanne Conway, is to be a chief counsellor to the President. She has been tasked with defending Donald Trump’s sexual misbehavior and may hold the record for the most despised prevaricator on television. She has improperly, shamelessly and illegally hawked Ivana Trump merchandise on television. Pliny has wryly predicted her future establishment of a White House website for the sale of Ivana merchandise.

Oh we gonna rock onto Pennsylvania Avenue and then we take it higher.

The most remarkable swamp designee may be Scott Pruit, as head of the EPA, an agency which, in fact, he has repeatedly sued and wishes to entirely eliminate, this choice is out of Kafka or Lewis Carroll.  If more is needed, he also does not accept the uniform findings of our U.S. scientists on climate change.

Oh we gonna rock onto Pennsylvania Avenue and then we take it higher.

The selection of Mike Flynn, as head of the NSA is equally problematic and troubling.  Mr. Flynn wrongfully and no doubt, illegally, discussed U.S. sanctions against Russia with the Russian Ambassador while Obama was still in office. Subsequently, it is a proven fact that Russia wrongfully interfered in the U.S’ Election to favor Trump. We are sure Mr. Bannon was pleased but this smells even worse than the swamp. These illegal discussions were adamantly denied by Flynn and Vice President Pence, before Flynn finally, admitted them. It is reported that   Flynn’s military colleagues believe the he regularly, and deliberately, utters false facts. Bannon must be pleased that Flynn is a fan of Putin and not a truthful person Imagine, head of the NSA!!

Oh we gonna rock onto Pennsylvania Avenue and then we take it higher.

The new Secretary of Labor, Andrew Puzdar is no stranger to swampland ecology. He was described by the magazine, American Prospect, as “The very worst appointee for low income workers and for the Labor Movement”. Among other things, he has opposed a federal minimum wage.

Oh we gonna rock onto Pennsylvania Avenue and then we take it higher.

Sonny Purdue, our new Agriculture Secretary, will be our last illustration, but there are others. Mr. Purdue (not the chicken man) is in the fertilizer industry and is expected to champion the product even though he is one of the folks responsible for polluting the local drinking water and turning Lake Erie the color Green. What swamp cleanup was the orange haired snake oil salesman talking about?

Keep singing!



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