Blogpost # 907   A WRINKLE IN TIME

We reliably experience a negative, visceral reaction, with each viewed replication of commercials, hawking the sale and cosmetic use of botulism toxin, (the latter, high on the list of the world’s most dangerous substances) for the purpose of removing facial wrinkles.

Such antipathy is founded on two separate and distinct bases. The first simply relates to a general concern for physical health; the second, by contrast, resides in the more esoteric context of emotional health and the development of mature perspective. Such latter concerns relate to widespread issues of personal insecurity and resultant, sophomoric, criteria for acceptability. These subjects are far more complex in their comprehension, than our initial, straightforward comment implicitly, questioning the ethics of marketing programs, designed, to exploit commonplace, egocentric insecurity.

With regard to the second (more complex) context, we have long been puzzled, as to the questionable election of individuals (mostly female,) inarguably, desirous of experiencing a long and fulfilling life of salubrious, good health, to assent to the conveyance, under their protective skin, of one of the Planet’s most toxic substances?  What are that person’s exigent priorities? Does one refrain from smoking, avoid ingesting too much sugar, control the extent of his ingestion of alcohol, eat sufficient high-quality protein and limit the ingestion of fat, regularly partake of fruit, fresh salads and vegetables, stay sufficiently, hydrated, get regular exercise, to then, voluntarily, choose to introduce a deadly toxin into his systemic chemistry? The intriguing question, as to “purpose” constitutes our salient theme.

We are obliged to assume that the sole, (conceivable) motivation, for this voluntary, hazardous, ingestion of such exotic body pollutant, is the compulsive, desire, responsive to the tactical lure of advertisements, to eliminate spontaneously, developing, facial, or body wrinkles, (a chemical property of biotoxin). Such compulsive, aspiration, can, by simple psychological diagnosis, be pathologically identified, analogous to the medical detection of dangerous, toxicity in the systemic bloodstream.

We would assert, contrariwise, that the mature perception and respectful acceptance of the stereotypic, stages of gradual and progressive change in physical appearance,  gradually occurring during the natural progression of life (for those, fortunate to live a normal lifespan) is the healthiest, most effective and commendable, route to temporal happiness and long-time, personal satisfaction.

The issue regarding the possibility of harm arising from the use of Botox toxin for cosmetic purposes can be seen as a sub-text in the more basic, subject of insecurity, perceived, self-image, fundamentally, making one vulnerable to the tactical, commercial ratification of faux criteria, for social acceptability.

The significant commercial success of many manufacturers of apparel and women’s cosmetics may well be attributed to the combination of human frailty and self-conscious insecurity, catalyzed by such business enterprises by attractive advertisement and canny sales tactics. Without such insecurity, especially regarding, the neurotic fear of aging, profits may, possibly, decline, but, only at the expense of the confidence, self-assurance and equanimity of humankind.

In an earlier writing, we emphasized (as if it were conceivably, necessary) the empirical fact that aging is not a “disease” but a natural, and often, dynamic, and productive stage of life. Contrasted with some loss of physical prowess and the possible acquisition of some discomfort, old age has a plethora of valuable and ultimately, satisfying benefits, viz., the beneficial reward of years of an empirically, developed, perception, matured and curated, by personal experience. So much of the reality of life, is sufficiently, and finally understood, accepted and appreciated. Such wisdom, or, mature perception of reality, is of existential necessity in the acquisition of a fulfilled life.

Finally, and perhaps, of overriding significance to the continuing evolution of humankind, is the assessment and recalculation, where needed, of Man’s priorities regarding his attribution of relative importance, based upon his reason and founded in his experiential understanding of “life.

It would seem to be inarguable, that over the course of Man’s lifetime, the acquisition of a mature perception of himself, in relation to other members of humankind, be they, subjectively, perceived as similar, or exotic, as well as the global environment, itself, would be a far more appropriate undertaking, than neurotically attempting, to publish, as our, selected true identity, a “freeze-frame,” outer appearance, anachronistically, replicative of ourselves at an earlier, (and decidedly, less informed), stage of life.


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