It requires no especial exercise of scrutiny to observe that the patience of the mainstream, American citizen, has been sorely, tested by the seemingly, eternal and frustrating delay, in the meting out of retributive punishment to the former President, Donald J. Trump and his lieutenants, and, thereby, attain, a much needed reaffirmation of the Nation’s signature democracy, and it’s moral aspirations toward universal equality.

The mainstream citizen was totally, “gobsmacked” by the news that Donald Trump, a real estate grifter and glitzy, third-rate T.V. game show host, was elected to the Office of the American Presidency. He could not, possibly, have any idea of the ensuing National ramifications during Trump’s term as Chief Executive, nor, of more consequence, the resultant morphing of the traditional democratic image and persona of the American Nation.

It took precious little time for mainstream voters to, discover that Trump was completely incapable and unsuitable for the high office, fortuitously, afforded to him. With precious little wisdom and experience, the ignorant Chief Executive appointed a like, unsuitable Cabinet, consisting of serial flatterers, rather than knowledgeable and dedicated National advisers.

During his single, and singular, four-year term, in which he was, unprecedentedly, twice,  Congressionally, impeached, the Nation was managed with the sagacity and rationality of the protagonist in Lewis Carrol’s “ Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Historic allies of the United States were offended, while, venal enemies of America, like Russia, North Korea and Mainland China, were befriended. Existentially important treaties, (military), (i.e. NATO), as well as environmental, (viz., Japanese Accords) saw disparagement or actual withdrawal. His mismanagement and irresponsible oversight of National affairs, were evident, regarding the Covid pandemic, taxes, education, scientific research, and other precedential areas of leadership responsibility, with special emphasis on immigration, racial justice and women’s rights.

It may be ominously, noted that the foregoing, explicit, demonstrations of ignorance and prejudice, were lauded and deemed highly acceptable by a large, newly federated horde of literacy-challenged and disaffected Americans, who seem to identify with, and delight in Trump’s generally, brash unconventionality and demonstrated racial and gender bigotry..

The historic Nightmare is notably, exacerbated, by Trump’s copious criminal felonies, many of which, were publicly viewed on National television. Two of the latter instances, cited, in slightly more detail, hereinafter, are his seditious invitation, addressed to his cultish sycophants, to stage the 1/6 violent, insurrection at Washington’s Capitol Building and his brazen telephonic request to Georgia’s Secretary of State, to falsify the latter State’s voting results.

Trump’s plethora of criminal acts also feature, sub -rosa, conspiracy to secretly, bribe prostitutes, personal and business tax fraud, substantial violations of the “Emoluments Clause” of the Constitution, illegal conversion and purloining of secret government documents, sexual assault, violations of  Federal and State Tax Laws, bribery and extortion.

In similar, autocratic fashion to his mentors and friends, dictators, Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jung-Un and Viktor Oban, who he publically, referred to as admirable leaders (“top of the Line”). Trump chose to avail himself of the classic, autocratic tactic, “The Big Lie,” viz., alleging, despite the absence of a scintilla of proof to such effect, and the multiple certifications of accuracy of Biden’s win, that the election was” stolen” from him by the Biden supporters. Such, “Big Lie,” was the alleged basis for the Trump incited, anti-democratic,” clarion call to his populist base, to stage the 1/6 insurrection, aimed at the destruction of the Nation’s Republican Democracy.

We have been, frustratingly, unable to comprehend the continued, persistence of the large, underbelly, populist following ( inclusive of many House Republicans) of  Donald Trump, despite universal public knowledge of his criminal, civic and domestic miscreance, his incapacitating ignorance, his exclusive and neurotic love of himself and his proven, lack of moral compass. In the course of the National trauma, experienced during his one term  as President, his demonstrated, hatred of democracy, exclusive, self -adoration, his pathological absence of conscience, empathy or moral compass, Trump has given rise to existing hordes of his devotees, loyal disbelievers in empirical fact, and convenient promoters of conspiratorial ideation.

We are confident that, in the very near future, appropriate and sufficient, legal retribution will be meted out to this miscreant individual and his compliant accessories.  Nevertheless, in our view, any celebratory, inclination, based upon the expectation that the extant contemporary challenge to America’s democracy will thereby, have been defeated, may be unrealistically, premature, or possibly, Pollyannaish.


* Apologies to Mr. Charles Dickens for the use of the above title.

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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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