Mark Twain is known to have said,” The truth has no defense against a fool determined to believe a lie.”  The pragmatic wisdom of Twain’s observation was never so emphatically, confirmed, as it has been since the misfortune of Donald Trump’s surprise ascendance to political power and the American Presidency. Trump’s undemocratic, autocratic policies, exclusively founded on neurotic self-love, egoistic arrogance, aggravated by colossal ignorance and incapability, set in motion, a skewed, novel and unprecedented, perception of the office of the American Presidency. Of all his feckless, undemocratic and autocratic-style policies, the most fundamentally damaging was, (and is) his programmatic attack on factual truth, in favor of the subjective conception of a more acceptable, “alternate” reality, thus, injecting a new, corruptive element or pathology to infect the populist lexicon.    

Our nuanced, simile, that “Truth” is the “existential epoxy,” joining Man and Society, should require little argument. Accordingly, on weighing the pernicious effects of the full inventory of Trump misdeeds, presently, engorging his full to bursting, cornucopia of miscreant behavior, this was the most injurious; constituting a pernicious crime, in effect, no less fundamental and damaging, in reality, than the commission of felonious treason against human evolutionary anthropology.

As an aggravating feature, as revealed in our reading of World history, and the literature, from Walter Scott and William Shakespeare, to that of our contemporary authors, is the hazard to the functioning of human society, of large numbers of uninformed and guileless, citizens. Such useless individuals have been shown, among other presented challenges to human development, to be inclined to ascribe validity to false and irresponsible, political and social memes and tactical propaganda. These factors provide the foundational explanation for the unlimited number, as well as the bizarre nature, of the popularly, metastasized, pathology of delusional ideations, imparted by Donald Trump, and unhealthily, infiltrating the American blood stream. It is a bizarre and disturbing phenomenon, that loyal Trump sycophants, persistently, eschew empirical facts, and instead, cultishly, curate their Trump inspired, preference for delusional ideation (“conspiracy theory”).

A partial list of  illustrative examples, of such bizarre  conspiracy theories are: the delusional belief that the Presidential election, which Trump lost, was “stolen,” that Israel sends rockets to earth from outer space,  that Covid vaccine contains tiny computerized, government trackers, that the 9/11 events were an American, false flag operation, that immigrants, per se, are prostitutes and drug dealers, that America was founded as a “Christian Nation,” that horse anti-worm medicine cures the Covid virus,  that  Americans, with black and brown colored-skin, are plotting to replace Americans with white colored skin,” that liberals are sub-rosa, child molesters and sex traffickers, that the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution grants to every American, he right to carry deadly weapons, that there are evil  books, such as, “The Diary of Anne Frank,” “Huckleberry Finn,” “Grapes of Wrath,” “The Great Gatsby,” “Beloved,” and, “To Kill A Mockingbird,” that inspire evil thoughts and are included in the copious list, of  “prohibited reading,” that “birth” occurs at the very moment of conception, that government empathic programs are (the dreaded) “Socialism,” that there is a secret, world-wide conspiracy, of Jewish Bankers, to rule the world, that Global Warming is a tactical ruse  by the left wing, that coastal liberals desire to take over the Nation, that there is a voluminous number, of “caravans”, of undesirable Mexicans and Central Americans, intent on emigration to the U.S, for nefarious purposes, and many more, factually, unsupported and delusional, ideations. It boggles the ordinary mind to take note of the many adherents to the mad cult of Trump, who are ardent perpetuators of such paranoid ideations, and would, simultaneously, assert any cognizable claim, whatsoever, to human sanity.

We can recall reading and noting the following statement, but regrettably, did not, also, note the attribution: “History will speak of [this] cult, and how easily they were gaslighted, how they embraced the most flawed leader in cultish history; how they rallied against their own personal interests, (see earlier, plinyblog, “LEMMINGS”) behind an obvious con. But the true disaster was the normalization of a madman.”

Contrasted, for example, with a purely theoretical situation, of a National dividedness, founded in differences in political philosophy, the schism might, in such case, at a minimum, be rationally, comprehended. However, political or economic principles have little to do with this veritable, “Cold War,” between the cultish supporters of the autocratic, Donald Trump, and the mainstream citizens who favor the continuation of our democratic form of government. We have speculated,  in earlier writings, as to the etiology of the observably, large number of supporters of Donald J. Trump, the latter, a persona which, in reality, calls for an extended therapeutic seat on a psychiatrist’s couch for critically needed psychotherapy and appropriate medication.

The rationale for such large support for such an artless, immoral and incapable persona may appear unexplainable; but the existential threat to democracy is all too evident. The dire consequences of autocracy, thoughtlessly, ignored, by the Trump cult, in its quasi- religious adoration of the Orangutan haired, Pied Piper, if successfully, implemented, will bite them every bit as deeply and painfully, as it would the presently, concerned, mainstream, American citizens.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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