Post # 830      THE META UMBRELLA

The applicable venue of this writing can reliably, be set, in that distinct, inner area of the psyche, wherein reside, the most intimate and private of our thoughts, which we choose to call, the “Meta Umbrella” area. It is, precisely, here that our often referenced, “life-long, private conversation with ourselves,” takes place. It is that sensitive and discreet neighborhood, of the psyche, where the empirically, established and determinative, guide, viz., the self-image, has its functional sway and introspective jurisdiction in the resolution of moral ambiguities.  Uncountable, personal experiences of self-validation, as well as remorse, are referentially, stored at this home office, or library, of morally, overriding determinations. When necessary, the inner psyche can also perform yeoman duty as an intermediary, by way of its abiding, protective, Meta- psychic umbrella, selectively, repelling the storm of falsity and other repulsive stimuli.   

The private nature of each individual is, empirically, confirmed, and easily, demonstrated, by his own, exclusive reaction to external stimuli. An illustration of such singular, Meta level, response, may take place, at bedtime, following the conclusion of a busy and tiring day. Thereafter, a subtle turn of the pillow to its cool side, the consequent, sigh and an inner feeling of comfort, at times, to the degree of evoking an unwitnessed, half-smile of contentment. (See early blog, “The Cooler Side of the Pillow.”) Singularly, exclusive, and personalized pleasure, is likewise, experienced, by the removal of tight-fitting shoes upon arriving home, at the end of a working day. These uniquely, private, personal responses emanate from our referenced, deeply private portion of our psyche, the essential intimate, “Meta Umbrella.” Like the actual, handheld, appliance, utilized on rainy days, the scope and effect of this psychic umbrella are only wide enough, for each, distinct person. These intimate and exclusive, sensations, respectively, each serve as a contextual reminder of our universal and distinct individuality.

It is our principal theme, that such inner “self,” viz., the rationally profound, metaphysical portion of the psyche, is universally and eternally, available, as a fixed, personal, guide to selective choices, or found solutions to problems, and reliably guided (and consistent), as stated, with one’s personal and long-established, self-image. The personal exercise of mature judgment, valuably, contributes to Man’s society, in bright contrast with the mindless, uninformed, “group think” of popularly existing “tribal” cults. Confident reliance upon one’s own personally acquired, standards of rectitude and equity (i.e., within his own personal umbrella) as opposed to reliance on outside, populist influences, in the determination of moral and political issues, is the hallmark for useful and informed citizens.

The personalized, psychic umbrella of mature perception is likewise, capable of rendering yeoman service, when needed, in the nature of a shield or buffer, against criticism or unjust attack, and is eternally, available as a comforting, inner assurance of one’s individual perception of rectitude. The curation of an inner- self, which is determinative, moral and confident, is of existential importance to being a valuable citizen, and the fitting, or useful, response to Trump’s, tactical, demagogic influence to his large, amorphous cult and his pernicious delusion of “alternative facts.”  

We would recommend that one’s next, personal experience of ephemeral pleasure, derived, perhaps, from contact with the cooler side of his pillow, ought to serve as an enduring and meaningful reminder of his independent, singularity, and his individualized capability, in fact, his mature responsibility, to maintain and express his own independently derived, determinations, ( i.e., under his exclusive) psychic umbrella).


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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