Post # 803      ON HEALING AMERICA

Commencing with our attainment of that level of maturity, requisite to the objective perception of the history of the Nation into which we were born, we, albeit, first-generation offspring of European immigrants, have eternally, felt a derivative sense of guilt, regarding America’s period of inhumane enslavement and mistreatment, of black human beings. As we expanded our experience, we were able to discern the plethora of instances of unequal and immoral, treatment of people of color, as, contrasted with “white” members of society. Due to the happenstance of being born, with more melanin in their skin, their future, in this” land of the free”, societally and otherwise, would be, destined to undergo personal challenges, to which we, and other white citizens, are exempt. This automatic exemption, acquired, solely and reductively, on the involuntary happenstance, of our birth with light skin color, is, generally, and acceptably described,  as “white privilege.”

One, understandably, may cultivate a personal sense of innocence, based upon his, inarguable, absence of participation in such hierarchical and unfair, mode of interaction; and, indeed, may deeply despise it, as an atavistic and purely, evil, social phenomenon. Nevertheless, all American citizens, of moral rectitude, it is submitted, are dutifully and responsibly, taxed, with the moral obligation to oppose the existence of prejudicial and cruel behaviors, and to actively, seek universal equality, as inscribed in our National mantra.

Instances of immoral racial inequality, are, unfortunately, legion and readily, observable in matters, such as housing and home purchase, employment and job promotion, finance (including mortgage financing), educational opportunities, health services, brutal police treatment, the justice system, social and residential exclusion, tactical denial of the Nation’s history of slavery, real estate red-lining, interference with minority voting, and, in its more vapid insensitivity, “flesh-colored,” band-aids.

The epitome of anti-American, racial and religious bias has, too often,  been publically demonstrated, by the right-wing extremist groups, known as  White Christian Militias, whose Nazi-style, false propaganda and violence are bitter, nostalgic, reminders of Messrs. Hitler and Mousseline. Their mindset is a paranoid and psychopathic belief, and desire, to eliminate (kill) all individuals who, with the alleged, tactical assistance of wily Jewish advisors, are intent on replacing white Christians them and the established Christian American Nation. Their delusional belief is that “White Man’s Survival,” depends upon the elimination of People of Color. This conspiracy ideation, in common with other lunatic conspiracies, is clearly, insane, and delusional, but also factually skewed. The Founders clearly, articulated, their express, intention to establish a secular (not a “Christian”) Nation and, one, benefiting from, and affording equity to, a foreseeable, diverse, population of citizens, i.e., “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”  In addition to their paranoiac, delusional ideations, these Nazi, look-alikes, violently, pose an existential threat not only to minority Americans but as well, the ultimate survival of our Democratic Republic.

In addition to the personal, moral aspiration of “color blindness,” Americans, notably, white American citizens, have the moral responsibility to ally themselves with their fellow black Americans, in active and affirmative opposition to bigotry and privilege, and in favor of America’s promise:  universal equality and mutual, inter-racial and ethnic, citizen, brotherhood.

It appears to be no longer sufficient, for the ethical white citizen, to, merely, to be “in favor” of universal equity and civil rights. When appropriate, he, as a mainstream American, is morally obliged to, clearly and emphatically, give voice to his principled rejection of racial and ethnic, prejudice,  and anti-democratic screed.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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