Post # 680     THE BEST LAID PLANS

The Scottish poet, Robert Burns, famously wrote the following lines: “The best laid plans of mice and men oft gang agley (often go awry). The lesson of this caution is, once more confirmed, in this writing.

There are instances in life, we find, when retrospectively musing, that we suddenly come to realize that certain distinct events that we assumed to be independent and unrelated, are in fact, connected, and serve to furnish a new understanding of events. This factual phenomenon is to be distinguished from conspiracy theories, where the existence of relationships, or causes, is delusionary.

We had often wondered as to the motive behind the intense support of Donald Trump, as a candidate, by Putin (Russia), and the subsequent dynamics and purpose of the bizarrely close relationship between a President of the United States and the former KGB gangster and autocratic leader of Russia, our sworn enemy. It will surprise no one to observe that Putin is a wily perverse, tactician and that Trump is an ignorant and unprincipled egocentric.

 The illegal and unprovoked attack by Putin’s Russia, against Ukraine, and its strong opposition by Biden and the United States, and NATO, were events, which furnished sufficient enlightenment to satisfy our curiosity.

The United States and certain other nations have been furnishing billions of dollars in weapons, military supplies, and money to assist in the Ukraine defense. It has also imposed significant sanctions against Russia, its banks and its corrupt so Putin-supporting oligarchs. This existential assistance, in combination with the valor and skill of the Ukrainian defenders, has, to date, stalled Putin’s illegal adventure. Should Trump have been re-elected, one might assume that U.S. support for the Ukraine would have not so easily, been furnished. Fortunately, Putin’s tactical wooing of Donald Trump went awry (gang agley).

It is further instructive and enlightening to note that during the one bizarre term of Trump Presidency, America’s historically close and friendly relationship with NATO and several other allied countries was materially downgraded, (a desired, tactical goal of Putin) by the unjustified, offensive statements and actions of Trump. The sly little, rodent had successfully, manipulated the bulky orange-haired, orangutan, conceivably, with the profuse flattery the latter, so neurotically and eagerly sought.

While acknowledging the empirical wisdom of Robbie Burn’s famous admonition, we are concerned that, despite the history of Trump’s sundry acknowledged criminal acts, (many incontrovertible, having been witnessed on T.V., by the public), and on several occasions, his disloyalty to the Nation, to the extent of treason, Trump retains aspirations (and millions of right-wing, supporters) to again, run for the Office of the American Presidency.


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