Russia’s autocratic, President for Life, Vladimir Putin, ostensibly, possessed of Napoleonic or Alexander the Great, style delusions, has committed fatal error, in his attempt to continue Russia’s facile aggrandizement of Crimea and The Donbass regions, into the Nation of Ukraine, itself. His apparent assumption was that it too, would easily fall, and within in the matter of a few days. His assumption turned out to be dead wrong.

In fact, large numbers of body bags of Russian soldiers, regularly continued to arrive, in addition to battlefield intelligence, reports on the ongoing destruction of Russian tanks, helicopters and other munitions. Putin began to realize that his ambitious desire to conquer and acquire the Nation of Ukraine, may have been too optimistically, envisioned. He discovered that the Ukrainian military is imbued with great patriotic sentiment, and possessed the capacity and motivation, to mount an effective defense and to launch aggressive, counterattacks against the invading Russian military.

Putin’s assumption, that Ukraine will easily and quickly fall, having proven erroneous, the frustrated and pathologically motivated, Putin directed that his aggressive war be criminally, redirected against non-military targets, residential apartment buildings, businesses and civilian automobiles, hospitals, maternity wards, schools and churches, and, worse still, civilians, regardless of age. Televised transmissions of the bloody results of Putin’s frustrated, and unhinged behavior, have caused us to be thoroughly nauseous, analogous to the appalling view of highway roadkill. It has been reported that upwards of 3,700,000 desperate refugees from the Ukraine, have fled Putin’s terror, and been given shelter by empathic neighboring countries, horrified by his war crimes.

Added to Putin’s failure, to date, to subdue Ukraine, are the following consequences, hurtful to Putin and Russia, and helpful to those Nations, which oppose his autocratic policies and xenophobia:

  • Rejection of Putin and Russia by many nations
  • Cultivation of international empathy and military respect for Ukraine
  • Willing and generous assistance, in the supply of money and military arms by Western and many European countries
  • Opposition of many Russian citizens, as exemplified the by large St. Petersburg protest
  • Loss of confidence in Putin by many Russians
  • Severe sanctions imposed by the U.S, and other nations
  • Cementing together joint relationships with other countries, previously marred by Trump policies and pronouncements
  •  Conceivable discouragement of other autocratic countries from pursuing similar actions

Putin has effectively isolated, and cut himself (and Russia) off, from other countries, while salubriously, (and unintentionally) repairing the damage between NATO countries, and America, caused by the previous policies of the incapable and ignorant, Donald Trump. Such results are contrary to Putin’s (Russia’s) interest. In classical literary terms, Putin, “…has been hoisted on his own petard.”

However, a serious concern persists. As a psychopathic and neurotically ambitious leader, Putin, (like his friend, and fellow neurotic, Donald J. Trump) simply, “cannot accept losing.” We fear that Putin, a person capable of bombing and waging war against civilians (grandmothers and grandchildren) would in desperation, elect to employ some weapon of mass destruction, nuclear or chemical, to attempt to avoid being a “loser.” We have the instructive case of the losing candidate, Trump, and his minions, persist in their nefarious process of attempting to destroy our country’s democracy, and its democratic vote, to avoid accepting the certified tabulation demonstrating his loss to Biden.

We remain hopeful but much concerned.


 * Apologies for the title, to Tom Wolfe, author of the novel, “Bonfire of the Vanities.”

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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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