The prevailing national concern, at present, is the dogged persistence of the Covid virus, in all its mutational personae. Yet, despite medical statistics, which report a far more favorable rate of prevention and cure by submission to vaccination, and the recommended prophylactic protocols of mask and distancing, there are many ignorant Americans, who continue to adamantly resist compliance.  One would ordinarily assume that an individual would, in his own interest and of those around him, [the virus being highly contagious] avidly pursue those recommendations.  However, many, resignedly, do not having eschewed any available intelligence and self-determination, in their cultish obeisance to Trump’s populist and ignorant regime.

The above recitation illustrates only one relevant illustration of the perverse effects of the Nation’s bourgeoning accumulation of under-educated, poorly informed citizens.  It is that portion of our population, which, in addition to the above irrational obstinacy, persists in evincing atavistic, racial and religious prejudice,  that actively seeks to interfere with the [minority’s] voting franchise, exercises a blind, selfish and history-denying, opposition to immigration, that, opposes the natural right of women to make autonomous decisions about their body, promotes gun ownership [in the face of the uncountable number of tragic shooting incidents], deprecates science and learning, and completely ignores environmental concerns, including the existential threat of global warming.

The profound nature of their ignorance continues to be an imminent danger to our democracy, as was publicly demonstrated last year, by a violent, bloody, insurrection; mounted by a cohort of such “underbelly” American denizens, against the Capitol Building in Washington D.C., and purposed to illegally, and unconstitutionally, set aside the result of a proven valid, Presidential election. The outrageous, and unprecedented incident was, affirmatively and publicly, inspired by the perverse loser of that election, the dangerous, egocentric, would-be, autocratic czar, Donald J. Trump. Shocked and disillusioned, right-thinking American Citizens are now, expectantly, anticipating punitive retribution for the wrongdoers and their financial supporters. It is regrettable, that, observably, no action regarding the amelioration of the source of such threat to our Nation has been studied and proposed.

It would be unforgivable and conceivably, dangerous to “throw up our hands,” and resign ourselves to an assumption of an eternal existence of this class of ignorant, limited and discontented people. A suitable and effective solution to this sociological and political problem, is vitally needed.

Our recommendation would be to approach the problem by the uplifting of the eternally, angry and discontented, underbelly of the Nation’s population. It has been our view that the portion of our population, lacking in education and possessing only a limited, reductionist perception, [of themselves and their environment], have little possibility of personal life-enhancing, self-esteem and communal participation. Such a veritable, arid desert, of hopelessness and dissatisfaction, ineluctably, leads to frustration and, presumably, the need to project the blame elsewhere, i.e., on blacks, Jews, government.

We have, on many occasions, referred to the prescient admonition of Thomas Jefferson, to the effect that an educated and informed citizenry is required for the success of a democracy. It is our view that the dynamics of our following prescription have the dual potential of securing democracy and, as well, enhancing the lives of such disillusioned and disappointed citizens. The suggested approach is consistent with the theme and eternal message of this blogspace, regarding the nexus between self-fulfillment and happiness. It is our firm belief that a more knowledgeable citizen would have a richer, more thoughtful and more fulfilling life and participatory citizenship. History affirmatively shows that education is the great equalizer, financially, socially and politically. Our suggested program would incorporate the following:

  • Requiring High Schools to have a core curriculum, to include, in addition to literacy, mathematics, American History, geography and High School level Science and Mathematics.
  • Extending mandatory education to 4 years of High School [flexible hours for working teens]
  • Upon graduation, in addition to a diploma, graduates would earn, a lifetime voting certificate, the latter, mandatorily, required to vote [at the attainment of legal voting age.]

With respect to “(c),” the existing voting Statutes would require alteration to accommodate the new educational voting requirement, adjusted with the date of its enactment. The creation of a more rounded, aware and thoughtful citizen, would be a positive addition to our representational democracy. There is scant democratic or practical value, to our representative democracy to the efficacy of votes of ignorant and unaware citizens, proven vulnerable to demagoguery].

Especially relevant to our principal theme, however, is the personal benefit to the formerly rudderless, discontented citizen, who would acquire a new and enlarged perception of life, and conceivably, an awareness and increased involvement therewith, which will positively, lead, personally,  to a more fulfilling life, and, Nationally, to a thoughtful and useful citizen. 



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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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