Post # 643    THE EPITOME OF FRUSTRATION: Editorial

It will be recalled, that our former sociopathic and miscreant President, Donald J. Trump, confidently proclaimed to the American public:  “I can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, and get away with it.” This outrageous, indisputably, pathological, and societally bizarre, boast, to our outraged perception, is, bizarrely to say, the only, apparently predictable, concept to emerge from the would-be, autocratic lips of this arrogant and egomaniacal, miscreant.

It is a matter of public record and, of private witness, that a  plethora of demonstrated and evidentially confirmed,  intentional, premeditated and deliberate crimes, felonies, personal and traitorous, have been intentionally committed by Trump, [to the applause, blessing and ‘thumbs up” of his loyal,  “underbelly” American cult]. The latter cohort of discontented, vociferously, dangerous, ignorant, reductionists, together with the numerous Republican toadies, fearful of losing the approval of the Orange Deity and, as a consequence, the votes of his rather numerous, cultish, acolytes. The salient example, consists of Trump’s publicly avowed admission, on numerous occasions, that he was the instigator, cause and, personal impetus, for the violent and deadly, January 6, insurrection.

We would ask if there is, in the long history of American Jurisprudence, precedent for any admitted, nefarious criminal, even, regarding a minor intentional criminal action, permitted to go free and unpunished? How does such a, twice impeached, avatar of classic evil and continuing existential threat to our Democratic Republic, as a minimal consideration, deign to walk free and further, [the absolute pale of rational, endurance], like a proudly crowing rooster, trumpet his impending candidacy, again, for the American Presidency? Is this reality or a theatrical Comic-Tragedy?

Irrespective of the vast amount of the existing, televised and journalistic derisive comment and articulated outage, some of which, attaining the literary level of oratorical brilliance, Trump’s Teflon status, unchangeably, remains, frustratingly untouched and unbridled. There appears to be more than ample testimony, inclusive of, publically, and privately witnessed crimes, most of which were,  demonstrably performed, before the television camera;  privately witnessed fraudulent action,  a plenteous larder of specific damming, admissible evidence, written, electrically recorded and photographic, including the express admissions of Trump and his guilty confederates, relevant expert and lay testimony, official [legally obtained] recordings, damning admissions and correspondence, in essence, all manner of relevant and prosecutorial proof, admissible, under Federal and State Evidence [procedural] Statutes. Yet this important criminal is untouched. What, in the civilized World is going on?

Do we, candidly, err when we, teach our children that all men are equal before the law?

 Are the authorities, somehow, mesmerized, by a covey of Joycean Sirens, newly escaped from the Greek Islands, eons ago, traversed by Ulysses? The eternally ongoing deliberative discussion and written comment seem, frustratingly, to incessantly continue without end and, like the articulated frustration of an impatient, luckless and hopeful fiancé, “all talk but no action.”

Justice William Gladstone, wisely, juridically and historically, declared, “Justice delayed, is justice denied.” [previously stated in ancient Hebrew lore, “Perke Avot,” and, more recently, in Martin Luther, Jr.’s, “Letter from a Birmingham Jailhouse].

The American citizen is completely and justifiably, dependent upon the government administration to maintain order and is the dependent beneficiary of the latter’s, solemn, undertaken and fiduciary responsibility to protect him and his Democratic Republic, from all enemies, foreign and domestic

The purpose of this diffident essay is to enunciate a frightened cry for emergent relief by way of appropriate governmental action before it is too late for the Nation and its responsible citizens.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

One thought on “Post # 643    THE EPITOME OF FRUSTRATION: Editorial”

  1. Beautifully written! And yes, Justice delayed is indeed justice ignored! It’s unbelievable that this is all reality. Thank you for sharing!


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