What would be more bizarre than Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky?” More distorted than a carnival funhouse mirror? More, conceivably delusional than believing that “liberals” are maintaining a profitable business in child sex trafficking ?  More misguided than drinking bathroom cleanser, or injecting veterinary horse worm medicine, as preventative to an attack of Covid-19? More delusional than believing in laser attacks from outer space by Israel? That the Federal Government has secreted microscopic tracking devices in Covid vaccine?

The irrefutable answer, to all of the foregoing challenging questions, is The nomination of the disgraced and odious, Donald J. Trump, to run again for the American Presidency.

In the business world, applications for employment positions, involving any reasonable degree of judgment or experience, universally and necessarily, encompass a written resume, and a series of personal interviews. Such requirements are, discernably, in aid of the potential employer’s responsibility to determine the potential suitability of the job applicant for the relevant position. Should a prospective employer or his representative, detect any suggestive negative traits or questionable experiences, relative to the applicant, he would, reliably, refrain from electing to hire him.

The evaluation of any prospective performance by Trump, beyond his past, single and singular, four-year term, would not seem, as a practical matter, to require a written resume or personal interview. His established, ignorant and corrupt [mis]management of the high office, has been more, empirically informative than any descriptive resume or follow-up interview. Trump’s two Congressional, impeachments, the contemporary commencement by Congress and the Attorney General, of prosecutions to be pending against him for a smorgasbord of criminal offenses, including the possibility of Treason,  gross violations of the Emolument Clause of the U.S. Constitution, and most particularly, the unprecedented failure to peaceably step down, after his loss to Joseph  Biden, [as is traditionally required in a Democratic Republic], and his autocratic, creation of the “Big Lie,” ultimately, fomenting a violent and deadly insurrection, against the Capitol  Building [traditional historic  Nazi tactics], would, undoubtedly, mandate a long jail sentence, and not another detestable opportunity to replicate his un-American and immoral behavior.

Such dishonorable acts, are in addition to criminal negligence in issuing misleading statements, concerning the seriousness of Covid, promotion White Christian Supremacy Groups, bigotry against minorities and women,  serial mendacity, cruel, public ridiculing of the disabled, an embarrassing  and pathetically, sophomoric international performance, appointment of unqualified and ignorant toadies to the American Cabinet, autocratic campaign against the news media, derogation of the concept of truth, itself, and the contrary promotion of “alternate facts,” derogation of intellectuals and scientists, denial of global warming, publicly demonstrated, lack of moral principle, consort with prostitutes and criminal bribery to silence knowledge of such misbehavior, slander and castigation of critics, immense neurotic egotism, arrogance, coupled with massive and all-pervasive ignorance, lack of mature perspective and refusal to seek better counsel, lack of empathy for the needy, cruelty to immigrants and their families, improper relationships, viz.,  Epstein, Putin, perpetration of fraud and misrepresentation in business, ex., “Trump University,” “Trump Vodka” and others, plus an egregiously immoral record in the real estate business, inveterate golfer and slacker-off, grantor of financial favoritism and grantor of  bribes, general grifter and consummate violator of mainstream morality,  observable, full-time sociopath.

To those who, impulsively, would tolerate any consideration, whatsoever, of a reprise of the  Donald Trump  Presidency, we submit this writing, as his personal resume, for evaluative consideration.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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