Blogpost # 625 LETTER, PAM TO ELVIRA [late April 2021]

Dear Elviry:

Well, it looks like Spring is really moving along, our forsythia bushes are green and the tulips which Fred and the boys planted last November are looking beautiful. But I do not know why they planted so many yellows. The forsythia and the daffodils out back are also yellow. Fred does not pay any mind to this he is colorblind anyway and they had a yellow tulip bulb sale last Fall. I guess I really don’t mind much, so long as Fred and the boys don’t track in too much mud from the garden- that would be a problem.

Talk about problems, that smelly goat that belongs to our, across the road neighbors, really kicked up a fuss. He wandered across the road to nibble and munch along on our property, walked into our open garage, and got his fool beard caught in the rollers of our mop-pail. Well, you should have heard his loud bleats until both Abel and Reggie, after a busy 25 minutes of loud bleating until they could free him. Our garage kept in the fool animal’s smell for days. The one good thing is that his bad experience might discourage him from coming again for a long time to our place. I don’t know but I was told by a local farmer that Billy- goats don’t have  good memory.

I  took your suggestion to invite the Salpeters, from across the road, to dinner and it was pretty quiet but it was nice. Their two sons did not come because they had a party. As expected, Serena brought two dozen of her butter cookies also some pretty flowers (yellow!) from their garden. But we did not learn anything about them, except that they, come from New Jersey, are married for 22 years and their sons’ ages are 14 and 16, Jason 16 and Mason 14.(tell the girls). They only said they both enjoy gardening on Sunday mornings and did not attend any Church.

Hope you and family are well, please write back soon.


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