We candidly confess that until recently, we had unproductively agonized over the possibility of a dynamic interplay of two seemingly disparate issues, before we were able to satisfactorily discern their functional and causative relationship. The confounding relationship between the two issues in question amounts to (a) the confluence of the spurious claim of voter fraud, and (b) the pernicious and all-pervasive tactics designed to reduce the votes of people of color. As morally inclined believers in the American promise of universal equality, and the fundamental principles of republican democracy, we were appalled by our best discernment of the probable and shameful answer.

The seemingly disparate subjects both exist in the enduring context of pernicious racial prejudice maintained by a sizeable, atavistic minority of the Nation’s population. The origin of this disreputable and unsightly blemish upon our democratic republic and its avowed pretentions may have personal and nuanced etiologies. We imagine the latter relates to the phenomenon of personal insecurity and its attendant neurotic need for a “pecking order,” implemented by our Nation’s long history of immoral and dehumanizing black slavery, itself followed by the persistence of Jim Crow policies and laws.

For readers who need the reminder, male, black Americans were not granted the right to vote until after the Civil War. In 1870, the 15th Amendment was ratified to prohibit the States from ”denying the right to vote, based upon race, color or previous condition of servitude.” The passage of the 19th Amendment in 1926, gave women the voting franchise, but such right was not initially, as a practical matter, extended to women of color because of widespread voter suppression. Shockingly, it was only after the passage of the Voting Rights Act, in 1965 that black women were, legislatively assured the right to vote.

The agonizing and unendurable four- year term of the incapable, dishonest, and bigoted Donald J. Trump, served as a litmus paper chemical test [ acidic content test which turns red from blue] as to the revelation of the vast extent of the underbelly of our population which characteristically evince ignorance, reductionism, and [to our topic] racial bigotry. Trump himself, among other disgraceful traits,  showed himself to be a racial bigot. This latter pernicious trait, undoubtedly, was among the paramount and logical reasons for the huge vote of people of color, for his successful opponent.

Our previously unresolved dilemma begins with Trump’s fascist-style, “Big Lie,” in which he tactically and falsely, proclaimed that the election was stolen from him by a construed, Democratic Party conspiracy to incorrectly count and thereby falsify the vote count. This absurd and irrational claim lacked any alleged factual background or basis and had the sole merit of further demonstrating Trump’s autocratic and delusional egotistic character. The lie persisted, despite the evident fact that the Democratic party does not count votes, and more substantively, by the fact that several independent professional audit companies had definitively concluded, respectively, as to each audit,  that there was a complete absence of voter irregularities.

Nevertheless, Trump’s delusional and adolescent psyche was not deterred; quite to the contrary; his unjustified, delusional outrage continued to be emphatically and programmatically repeated. On Trump’s invitation and encouragement, many hundreds of protesters,[ including the entire indigestible menu of the Nations’ White Supremacy Groups and hundreds of other, self-proclaimed” patriots,” [read violent and ignorant malcontents]  responded to Trump’s noxious invitation and call to “Stop the Steal” by an unprecedented,  violent and deadly insurrection on the U.S, Capitol Building. January 6. The latter was the date on which the outgoing Vice-President, Pence, was scheduled to deliver the certification of Biden’s successful, Electoral win. Among their earnest battle cries, was, “Hang Pence,” [in the rioter’s conveniently, constructed gallows]. Many of these armed and dangerous lunatic-patriots are being prosecuted by the newly appointed and, happily, law-abiding, Justice Department and we hope, in the interest of justice and the principles of democracy, will be amply punished for their domestic terrorism.

Trump and his National underbelly sycophants and their slightly more literate political leaders thereupon commenced a program whereby many Legislatures, Federal State and local were pressured for the passing of legislation and promulgating regulations, specifically targeted at preventing or at least, limiting, Black votes. Days, times, and locations at which people of color were known to traditionally find suitable for voting were, unconstitutionally and illegally, omitted or altered, premised on curtailing, or preventing black voting. Laws such as eliminating mail-in absentee ballots and their “drop off” boxes in identified black neighborhoods were removed. In addition to our dismay, our initial response was confusion as to the motivation for such illegal and unamerican actions by local legislatures. As stated, above, we were puzzled as to how such tactics to limit the black vote, even if successful, relate to the false and misleading claim of Trump and his base followers’ articulated assertion  “Stop the Steal.”  We struggled to determine the possible nexus between the outrageous claim that the Presidential Ballots were fraudulently counted, and the simultaneous, illegal, and immoral program to curtail the votes of citizens of color? Might it be simply explainable by the empirical fact that voters of color voted, in large numbers for Trump’s opponent, Joseph Biden?

But we regrettably suspected that there existed a more fundamental and hateful impetus, for the tactics designed to hampering the black vote, coincident with the spurious claim of election fraud and its insane and delusional cry, “Stop the Steal.” This was the unsolved question respecting which, we have, as stated, reached a proposed answer which we profoundly decry, as true and moral American citizens.

It is our considered and vexing conclusion that Christian white bigots exclusively want a Christian white male who is elected to the Oval Office, by Christian white votes. The media this morning reported no less than 47 States with multiple proposed Statutes seeking tactically racial voting restrictions. The empirical reality of the defeat of our underbelly’s choice of selected candidate facing defeat, and even worse, materially assisted by a uniform bloc of voters of color, is political Gehenna; one that can only be explainable by an alleged “Steal,” or more rationally, by a factually computed loss, jointly contributed to, by self-interested and foolishly discredited, black voters.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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