Upon watching on television, the formal, ceremonial wheeling out of a gold bust of Donald Trump for public (Republican) adulation, our reactions can successively be described as initially, shock, loathing and lastly a profound sense one might fundamentally describe as a species of primal fear.

On a mundane level, it is astonishing, that an individual whose publicly known cornucopia, of shamefully miscreant, and immoral behaviors, include multiple acts of criminality, wrongdoing in office, blatant immorality, and bigotry, could rationally, warrant public recognition, let alone such apparent beatification and worship. On a more metaphysical level, such adoration and apparent obeisance were, to us, an ominous indication that far more than an uncomfortable sufferance, simply, of a politically divided Nation, we are confronted with a large cohort of people (almost half) who wittingly or, as a matter of sublime ignorance, would be content to see a reversal, or “U-Turn,” in the naturally ongoing universal progress of human civilization.

As memorialized in the (Bible’s) Old Testament “Exodus” and also, in the Second Chapter of the Quran, when Moses came down from Mount Sinai, he was greatly angered (threw down the two tablets of the Ten Commandments, cracking them) upon observing that his people were worshiping idols, most especially, a “Golden Calf.” He violently destroyed the pagan gold calf and thereafter directed the mandatory prohibition of idol worship and their referable cults.

The anachronistic appearance of a gold pagan deity-like statue, in the reverential likeness of Donald Trump, is a disappointing recognition that there are certain communities of people, largely, but not exclusively, under-educated and poorly informed, who have the atavistic inclination to prefer demagogic or messianic versions of reality to factual reality. The possible etiologic reasons may be limitless, such as discontent with the facts of one’s personal life, misperception of reality due to trauma, the limitations of emotional or mental illness, cynicism founded in failure of personal aspirations, limited experience combined with vulnerability to suggestion and demagogic influence, neurotic insecurity and consequent need for group acceptance and approval, or just,  run-of-the-mill uncomplicated, reductive ignorance.

We had, long ago, deduced that the loyal followers of Donald Trump, irrespective of his immoral and shameless personal behaviors and his demonstrated incapacity and dishonesty in Office, are properly identified as a “cult”; since It is empirically normal for citizens to avert their eyes from the sight of roadkill, and to condemn those who transgress against societal and professional norms. As a typical example, many avid supporters of Trump, such as the White Evangelical Church, whose unwavering mantra is to condemn all those they choose to subjectively determine to be sexually immoral, have continued to be his wholehearted supporters; this, despite his public boasts of societally improper assignations with prostitutes, aggravated by sub-rosa and false sources of money to buy their silence.

As additional evidence supporting the concept of a Trump “cult”, in addition to his egregiously immoral behavior, he has never evinced any credo or doctrinaire beliefs, on which to base loyal support. For these reasons we had identified in previous writings and in this essay, continue to classify his fervent supporters as his cultists. Their extreme loyalty and obedience to this golden Trump cult-deity were especially demonstrated, last January 6th  by the sizeable, treasonous response to his call for a violent insurrection to be waged against the Capitol Building. As historically proven, loyalty to a cult, despot or golden deity is dangerous, viz, Hitler, Hirohito, Mussolini, Mao Tso Tung, Josef Stalin, Julius Caesar.

In common with other cases of loyalty to an autocratic leader, following their inculcation in the bogus belief that the true facts are being manipulated by the established authorities, the members of the cult become convinced that the demagogue’s perverted version of events is singularly true.  Such propaganda is relied upon by the misled followers who are encouraged by the cult-deity to believe that the objective and accurate facts are the tactical product of an evil, anti-cult conspiracy. The followers, thereafter, will customarily rely exclusively upon such (perverted)  “truth” as is enunciated by its Leader.

The experiences of witnessing the gothic and obscene presentation of a purportedly, reverential gold statue in the likeness of Donald Trump, for those people who venerate the Old Testament or the Quran, were predictably deemed, obscenely sacrilegious; we see it as especially dangerous and delusional.

In keeping with the vital goals of the preservation of our Democratic Republic, and the dictates of Reason and impartial Justice, the Government is morally and legally mandated to pursue the many confessed crimes of Donald Trump to conviction, and, for the existential necessity of societal protection, grant this “golden deity” a stiff jail sentence; it is well- deserved justice and would, importantly, serve as an official restatement of societal normative propriety, to his aberrant and deluded sycophants.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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