During America’s Prohibition Era, the infamous Al Capone, was so successful in the practice of his nefarious arts, that, despite some stiff competition, he attained the coveted FBI title of “Public Enemy Number One.” Ultimately dying from the terminal scourge of advanced syphilis, Capone’s dismal criminal record is replete with uncountable instances of murder, bootlegging, assault, extortion, rape,  pimping, and general organized crime. The celebrated psychopath would appropriately be enshrined in the Criminal Hall of Fame, if one existed. He is credited, among other horrors, with having been the producer, director, and chief protagonist of the infamous,” Valentine’s Day Massacres.” Capone’s culpability for numerous homicides, establishment of  brothels, extortive labor law violations,  full- time violation of the Volstead Act (Liquor Prohibition), extortion and bloody gangland racketeering indeed proved sufficient, to qualify him for the coveted FBI trophy, as above noted, “Public Enemy Number One.” Nevertheless, incredibly, he was ultimately found guilty and incarcerated merely, and insufficiently, for the non-violent and sedentary white- collar offense of “tax evasion.” With distasteful reference to this insufficient and absurd example of institutional State  retribution, we would, wryly inquire, whether said finding of guilty of tax evasion, is rationally inclusive of the celebrated “Valentine’s Day Massacres” and the many other bloody and brutal psychopathic crimes committed by Capone?

After slightly less than an entire decade of tactical non-compliance with multiple Official demands issued to Donald Trump, for the production of copies of his tax returns, the United States Supreme Court recently provided a legal avenue for their production (together with their all-important, related work papers). Trump, a self-asserted multi-millionaire who has publicly boasted of paying yearly taxes in the paltry amount of $250, or in some years, nothing at all, will predictably be found guilty, like Al Capone, of tax evasion. However, with reference to the unexplainable and inexcusable omission to find Capone, (Public Enemy Number One) guilty of the other manifold crimes included in his sizeable portfolio of heinous and bloody criminality, it is of no less than existential importance that, as a societally mandated statement, Trump be determined guilty, of his (other) manifold crimes, most especially, those with negative implications to the Nation and to human society.

To reiterate as briefly as possible, Donald Trump, as is publicly known, has committed the following criminal acts: incitement of insurrection against the Nation’s Capital, solicitation to elected Officials to illegally alter the vote tabulation, treasonous relations with traditional enemy Nations, bribery and political extortion, multiple and intentional violations of the Civil Rights Law, tactical and false misrepresentation of the serious nature of the COVID-9 epidemic, resulting in a precarious delay in medical response, arguably causative of tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths (tantamount to multiple homicides), directing the kidnap and false imprisonment of young immigrants , multiple, intentional and criminal violations of the Emolument Clause of The U.S. Constitution, greedily and illegally, enriching himself, his companies and personal family, committing acts of assignation with prostitutes and fraudulently having them bribed for their silence, and moreover, with moneys, obtained and deceitfully shielded by the fraudulent misrepresentation of their purported source, acts of assault on women, including rape, political intimidation and extortion, multiple acts of intentional insurance fraud, perjury and an additional bulging cornucopia of despicable criminal behavior.

Trump’s despicable behavior,( but) short of being legislated into in the Criminal Code, but societally egregious, includes: his irreverent and slanderous damage to the societally existential institution of “Truth,” his costly derogation of science, intellectual prowess and education, including the denial of Global Warming, slanderous attacks against the free press and other media, his incitements to wrongful physical assault and tactical, verbal support of personal  autocracy to the ignorant underbelly of the Nation, his  serial mendacity, public adolescent-like  boasts of prior acts of sexual immorality, his personal repudiation of the established principle that “no one is above the law,” by his actions and televised statements [“I can shoot anyone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it.”], and, generally, his pathologically self-serving, egotistical, and profane Presidential behavior.

Trump’s heinous aggregation of virtually, a spectrum of criminal and immoral acts, as a matter of existential societal importance, must be sufficiently demonstrated to be far outside of the societally acceptable pale of behavior, by an adequate statement of deterrence from the society he reviled. Trump has arrogantly, and atavistically, rejected virtually all societal folkways, mores and long-established moral pretensions; and it is of existential necessity that man’s age-old process of evolving societal progress, be publicly declared to be again ratified and reinstated, by the imposition, on this miscreant, of the appropriate and societally redemptive penalty, of long- term incarceration.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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