The reader may by now be aware that we are long-time admirers of the rational method of reasoning best encapsulated in Euclidean Geometry. Pursuant to its (logically deductive) procedure, a problem is clearly stated, (the “given”); in our case, the current instability of the Nation, fueled by acute divisiveness. The problem (or, “theorem”) having been clearly and succinctly identified, next expressed in progressive, logical order, are the relevant, accepted principles (“axioms”).  The  “solution” is derived as the result of the logical progress of progressive deduction from the relevantly chosen axioms. Traditional practitioners of geometric mathematics might well add the letters, ”QE.D.,” (quo erat demonstratum), meaning, which has been proven, or shown) following each problem’s attained solution.

It is the express proposition of this writing, that the method of solution regarding the restoration of National Stability (the problem) can be obtained by the logical application of empirical principles (axioms), leading to a deductive solution to the subject problem,( viz., inspired populist divisiveness, threatening our Republican Democracy), by Euclidean reasoning as employed in Geometry.

THE GIVEN (Statement of the problem)

We begin the process with the known facts representing the causation of the presenting problem, viz., the contemporaneous National instability and divisiveness, exacerbated and weaponized by the incapable, neurotic and demagogic, President, Donald J. Trump. The flawed Chief Executive was first successfully elected, in large part, due to the unprecedentedly large vote of individuals, thereafter, termed his “base,” consisting of the insufficiently educated, uninformed, chronically discontented, citizens (“the “underbelly”) of our Nation, responsive to his tactical and insincere “snake oil,” demagoguery. In his memorable first term, President, Donald Trump, was directly responsible for, among other negative consequences, the exacerbation and worsening of the lethal viral pandemic, the decline in support and respect for education and scientific advancement, the despoilation of the planetary atmosphere and the natural environment, an autocratic assault upon the validity of the Press and on the existential institution of “truth,” the implicit support of bigotry, the straining of international ties with our historic allies and the befriending of our traditional enemies, and such other acts, of malpractice and immorality, a more inclusive list of which, would take us yet further, from the theme of this writing, viz., the logical (geometric) route to the future avoidance of National instability, such as was evidenced at the recent Capitol Building insurrection.

AXIOM 1: [Divisiveness and discontent is avoided by an educated citizenry with mature perception]

We have eternally stated that the aspiration for ultimate feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment in life, is obtained by the cerebral benefits of reading good literature and/or the cultivation of an outside interest in a chosen field or occupation. The empirical result is the advancement or growth of a mature perception, the capacity to deal in complex matters, and the ability not to feel threatened by diversity of opinion. The cultivation of the awareness of others and other modes of thought and belief tends to avoid divisive conflict and toleration of others.

AXIOM 2: [ Our challenge consists of the numerous existence of the insufficiently educated and uninformed voters]

The absence of desire to advance or to attain mature perception,  unfortunately, characterized by so many of our fellow citizens, has the predictable, result of empty and disappointed lives. The ultimate result is the absence of a personal sense of the shared universality of human problems, and the perception that life is insular, lonely, and insecure. We have stated, in the previous essay that, “ignorance is the quiet death of the human evolutionary potential and is fertile ground for the fear of differences; it is the promoter-in-chief of pernicious bigotry, divisiveness and hatred.” There eternally exists, the potential of a felt need for such disappointed and frustrated citizens to vent their pent-up, angry, feelings of frustration. Given some perceived common cause, and sufficient incitement, such as the not-so-subtle invitation to riot, delivered by the miscreant, defeated presidential incumbent.

AXIOM THREE: [ Insurrection requires a perceived “common” cause and an adequate incitement]

The successive generations of lives of millions of our poorly educated, inadequately informed population, are often potential fertile fields for snake-oil demagogues, in the style of Donald J. Trump, to tactically attract their votes, albeit harmful to the Nation and often also against the interest of the targeted, credulous voter. Yet, few Americans would favor limitations imposed upon universal American suffrage.

Such was the underlying basis for the famous, 18th Century caution, expressed by Thomas Jefferson that, for a representative democracy to succeed, it is required to have an educated and informed citizenry. Recent events unfortunately indicate that we do not sufficiently satisfy even such elementary criteria.

AXIOM FOUR: [The assurance of acceptable Presidential candidates would avert divisive incitement]

We have strenuously urged that there be a mandatory prerequisite for potential nominees for the Presidency to be sufficiently vetted and carefully screened, as to character and capability, by a competent bi-partisan, Board of Examiners. Presenting to our entire, (and heterogeneous) voting population, an elective choice of two candidates, both of whom have been objectively adjudged to be suitable, albeit with diverse platforms, rather than fielding an imprudently, unknown aspirant for America’s highest office, would assure the prevention of another (Trump style) inciter of insurrection.


A mandatory prerequisite consisting of the positive demonstration of acceptability viz., sufficient educational,  and emotional qualification, by aspiring nominees for President, would, unquestionably, be of major benefit to the Nation and as an incident, would prevent future insurrection by the avoidance of a potential source of incitement in the person of an unprincipled and defeated Presidential Candidate.



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