We include ourselves in the vast number of law- abiding American citizens who were shocked and deeply disturbed by the recent obscene and egregious insurrection, which took place on the premises of Washington’s august and historic Capitol Building. The motivation of the riotous and threatening participants, it seems, has been popularly ascribed to a forced overturn of the democratic result of the recent Presidential election, at the  behest and invitation of its miscreant loser. It is our considered opinion, however, that the expressed anger and motivation of the unruly, flag waving, gun toting and highly destructive mob, was, to the contrary, brought about by a perceived singular opportunity for a mob, composed a virtual conglomerate of individually nuanced malcontents, to release their long term, pent-up emotional panic, based on a felt recognition of their malignant discontent with their life.

Presidential choices aside, our regular followers are cognizant of the foundational raison d’etre of this blog space, (“plinyblog”) and observably, the various themes, evinced in our more than one half thousand published essays. We have eternally believed that one’s aspiration for the ultimate feeling of satisfaction and self-fulfillment with his relatively short span of life, is attained by the cerebral benefits of reading good books and/or cultivating an enduring personal interest in an elective field or activity. The advancement in any educational or liberal field of education develops mature perception,  the capacity to deal in complex matters and, additionally, the ability to not be threatened by diversity of opinion. A cultivation of the awareness of other modes of thought tends to avoid conflict and encourages empathy and the toleration of others.

It has always been our perception, that contrariwise, the lack of desire to advance one’s understanding and maturity of perception, has the predictable reward of a repetitive, insular, and disappointing life. In such instances, there is a total absence of perception as to the shared universality of man’s issues, his commonality. Thus, life is shallow, lonely, overly insecure, and often threatening. Ignorance, we would bravely declare, is the quiet death of human evolutionary potential, and a fertile breeding ground for fearful insecurity and resultant fear of difference; it is the promoter-in-chief of pernicious bigotry.

It is our considered opinion that participation in the unprecedented and violent insurrection was based largely on the perception of unlawful license, irresponsibly given by President Trump, [for his own pathological reasons]; a license to vent their respective idiomatic frustrations and angry disappointment with their nuanced personal lives, under a faux but more rationally stated, common banner, viz., the improper computation of votes in the past election.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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