Initially, we were undecided about the more accurate description of our contemporary Nation,  “Post-Apocalyptic,” referring to a mortally damaged Nation following an Armageddon type disaster, such as portrayed in the novels, “The Road”, By Cormac McCarthy and “The Silence,” by Tim Lebbon, or, a “Dystopian” Nation, as presented in the “Handmaid’s Tale,” by Dorothy Atwood and “1984” by George Orwell. Regarding the first category, the qualifying horrific disaster might be the ill-fated election of Donald J. Trump to the office of the President of the United States. The Alice-In- Wonderland category, “Dystopian,” is attributable acceptably to the warped nature of our altered American society, which emerged after that tragic election result. We came to the determination, that the more descriptive choice was “Dystopian,” for the reason that its existing surreal nature is due to aberrant social change, and not a silent state of still smoking ruins, caused by a nuclear bomb or scientific experimental excess.

Any wide-awake person can observe the rancor, tribal divisiveness and complete lack of civil amity between Americans holding diverse views, the frightening growth of White Christian Nationalism, the evil excesses, the many abuses by Municipal Police including homicide( particularly against unarmed black citizens), the overt practice of bigotry, racial, religious and gender, the widespread citizen possession of lethal weapons, the disrespect  for governmental authority and Law in general, the violence, the pathological disregard for human life and health by large industrial profiteering polluters, the general disrespect for learning, scholarship, arts and good music as opposed to populist,  temporary,  and superficial diversion, the xenophobia and opposition (by our own immigrant Nation) to immigration, the disbelief in well- proven Darwinian evolution, the opposition to woman’s rights of family planning, the frequent child and spousal abuse, the utter disregard for environmental issues, including the existential threat of global warming, the eschewing of family responsibility, the excessive use of  alcohol and drugs, the derogation of the respectable and authoritative press, in favor of the tabloid extremist media, the lack of support for programs of government compassion for the needy (even when against their interests), and other acts, incompatible with a civilized and peaceful society.

The American mainstream of law abiding and responsible citizens, are unjustly affected by this large cohort of miscreant citizens whose actions are detrimental to societal good order and function. The logical question may be posed, where did these malevolent actors come from, and when did they arrive? This question, in fact, is the intended theme of this writing.

Our view, is that individuals inclined to such anti-societal expression, have eternally, but covertly, been here, existing in sub rosa fashion, below the visible strata, pending an opportunity to reveal themselves when perceived to be publicly tolerable and permissive. The universal atmosphere created by the election and re-election of Barack Obama, an avatar of Presidential capability and excellent character, was certainly not conducive to the self-disclosure of these unsavory individuals. The surprising elevation of the miscreant and unconventional Donald J. Trump to the American Presidency, had the energizing and functional effect of a catalyst for the awaited green (orange?) light to, all those repressed anti-societal ideologues and low information flat earthers, to publicly arise from their protective cover in the anti- intellectual and perverse human dumpster, and manifest their malevolence.

Despite the hope, expressed in many of our essays, for the success in the encouragement of self-advancement of these flat-earth, poorly informed people (See, for ex. recent blogpost, “Infodemic”) we candidly, have little practical expectation that a person, living his  lifestyle in the thoughtless, mental couch potato world of atavistic, dark ages America, will respond positively to sincere encouragement and evolve to a more enlightened, informed and meaningful existence; but we are morally obliged to keep trying, especially regarding the young. The rest of America, living in the societal mainstream, who read newspapers and books, and honestly possess a positive self-image as an enlightened citizen, must continue to maintain its positive outlook, nonetheless, and continue to vote in accordance with its informed and considered opinion.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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