United States Federal Government
Department of Citizen Complaints
Capital Office Building,
Washington, D.C

It is with appropriate gratitude, that we acknowledge having the good fortune, among the entire, world-wide population of human inhabitants, to have been be born, and to reside in this country, with assured benefits of liberty, as prescribed by the Nation’s Founding Fathers, and as guaranteed by its Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The Founders’ declarations concerning universal equality of all citizens, sagely and properly, eliminated the centuries-old, European system of privileged birth, and its unfortunate consequence of privileged classes. We especially appreciate the constitutional assurance, proscribing governmental interference with the right of every citizen (in principle) to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Since childhood, we were assured that these rights were, inviolate, eternal and enshrined; virtually, secular icons, to be, equally hallowed by all Americans. We learned to be proud of our country of birth, and in its, unfailing, moral rectitude. We were, in our younger years, however, not made aware of the ugly National blemish of inequality of race and gender. The Nation, we have happily, noted, has, recognizably made considerable progress, in this disappointing and unjust area, but, yet, cannot, claim, complete accomplishment, of its promised, universal equality of rights and freedom from bias.

We were taught, as schoolchildren, the American, semi-religious dogma, called “Manifest Destiny,” pursuant to which it was the prescribed, and inherent, duty of our Nation to expand its territories to the Pacific Ocean. We were never, informed, however, about the consequential Governmental program of removal and killing of innocent, Native Americans, and the destruction of their ancient culture, in effecting that xenophobic destiny.

Decades later, we were advised that the Indochinese War (Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos) was, imperatively, necessary in order to stop the formation of a dangerous Communist bloc, with Red China. The war lasted about 20 years, killed thousands of Americans and their allies, and an untold number of Asians, and tore our country apart, perhaps, irretrievably. After the war, Secretary, Robert McNamara, one of the war’s original promoters, and architects, expressly admitted, in his subsequently, published book, that the bloody war had, been an ignorant mistake; that, there was never a realistic threat of the feared, “United Communist Bloc;” in that, China, Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia and Laos, have historically, been, mutual enemies. [ Query, why did it take, Harvard’s McNamara, et long to discover the error? The war lasted 20 years]

Americans were always justifiably proud, that every citizen had the inalienable right to vote. Nonetheless, one observes, hypocritical travesties, such, as poll taxes, voter blocking, deletion and interference, and the wide-spread, undemocratic practice of gerrymandering, persist, to date. Would you also reconcile, the fundamental democratic guaranty, of one, man, one vote, with the continued maintenance of the Electoral College?

The Constitutional principles of Separation, of Church and State, were always earnestly maintained, by the Founding Fathers to be a fundamental guaranty of liberty, yet, we still suffer from religiously motivated, government proscriptions of the woman’s choice of abortion, have foolishly, meddled in the vital subject of contraception, and discouraged sex education in schools.

We were taught about the Separation of Powers, [Executive, Legislative and Judicial], functionally, and, in addition, the ability, of one branch of government, to prevent, the abuse of power by another branch.  (“Checks and Balances”).  At present it seems to be an impotent dynamic, as amply demonstrated our current President, and his illegal and unconstitutional usurpation of unauthorized powers.

Our Nation received the assurance, since the time of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, that America was to afford to the lower and middle classes, new and needed social programs, and the amelioration of want, by empathic benefits, included in a new American concept, of a compassionate Capitalism. Yet, the present government, in Washington, has permitted moneyed interests to exercise their influence, in eliminating, or reducing them (welfare, food stamps, unemployment and sick benefits, regulations of safety in the workplace, purity of food and water, fair housing and other like programs).

The Constitution, as is known, expressly, forbids cruel and unusual punishments, yet, America still tolerates, in too many jurisdictions, officially approved, killing of convicted individuals; euphemistically, called, “Capital (as in decapitation) Punishment.”

We have, publicly and accurately, represented ourselves as a Nation of immigrants, and their descendants, with an eternally open door, to welcome the poor and endangered, immigrant, as enshrined in our Statue of Liberty. Nevertheless, particularly, in the past few years, contrary to our history, Laws, our pretensions to decency, the government has permitted false and defamatory representations of fugitives and other immigrants, with brown skin, as undesirable, criminals, and has taken steps to block their immigration, as well as, mistreated them and separated their families.

We have acknowledged that the most valuable natural resource, of a Nation, is the quality and sophistication of its population, but have not been responsive to the need for assistance, to students, in the financing of higher education; resulting in substantial, life-long indebtedness of its graduates. Additionally, the government does not support, the cultural growth and improvement of its citizenry, by its denial of financial support to the Arts and Sciences.

The Courts, by their decisions, have permitted the misreading of the Second Amendment, to permit the free commerce and ownership of guns. A, objective plain reading of the same, especially with knowledge of the history of its time, clearly indicates, that, in order to induce the several States to (surrender much of their respective sovereignty) to an established federal government, their (the State’s) right to maintain an armed militia. would be preserved. The cynically intentional and tactical, misreading has earned miscreant members, of the gun lobby, multiple millions of dollars in profit; it is also the cause of an untold number of innocent deaths.

We continue to hope, together with, as well, we assume, of other loyal and believing, citizens, nevertheless, is that these past issues will be addressed and corrected, and not be shielded, or avoided by hypocritical and misleading euphemism. Our aspiration is and that the avowed, and traditionally laudable, image and promise of America, would continue in its progress toward the elimination of injustice, extremes in inequality, unfettered individual freedoms. We would, significantly, hope, as well, for a return to rational governance by leaders who are just, capable and sufficiently knowledgeable.

Until the foregoing is accomplished, would you please be kind enough to afford us some guidance on what to teach our young children.



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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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