Post #456 (fiction #5)   THE THREE BROTHERS*

If by some chance, you happen to drive through the small hamlet of Cheeseville, located in South Oregano County, Nevada, please be sure to stop at the Pizzeria, on Main Street, owned and operated by the Mozzarella brothers, Vince, Angelo and Bradford, (the latter, eldest, and third brother, from a previous marriage of their mother, Mrs. Angelina Mozzarella). Please be sure to ask for Bradford, or Vince, and say hello, and see how things are going. The three brothers are the owners and operators of the “Goomba Pizza Parlor, Ltd.” a well- known, successful business establishment, exclusively patronized, by self-styled pizza aficionados, throughout the entire, Oregano County.

You might ask Brad or Vince, whatever became of the Wolf Bakery, and Mr. B. Wolf, its vicious and loathsome proprietor. The last we heard, Wolf, who decided to incorporate pizza into his muffin business, had applied to the Superior Court of Oregano County, for an Order of eviction, against Goomba Pizza Parlor, Ltd., and, additionally, for a judgment for punitive damages, against the three proprietors.

To bring the reader up to date, the relevant facts are as follows. Wolf, a carnivorous and aggressive personality, had, conspired to, and by some sleight of hand, succeeded in, procuring the lease to the premises of the pizza parlor, and thereafter, as, tactically planned, in his drive to force the brothers out, raised the rent to an impossible amount. It seems that Wolf’s muffin business was in steep decline, and he lusted for the pizza parlor, which, in addition to being very profitable, was in vogue throughout the entire County. He also entertained an unreasonable hatred, against the three brothers, for many other reasons, besides business, among which was, jealousy over the desirably, close interactive relationship between the brothers (including the half-brother), who spent most of their working hours, happily, singing. When the brothers learned of certain unsuccessful attempts, by their new landlord to injure their business, they added to his irritation, a confident lack of concern, in face of the vicious (and, so far, unsuccessful) attempts by the, cunning, landlord to destroy their business.

What they wisely, did was to continue to pay rent, at the previous agreed rate (as opposed to the tactically, impossible rate, imposed by the new landlord, Mr. Wolf), which, in accordance with, the Landlord and Tenant Division of the State Supreme Court, Mr. Wolf learned, to his dismay, denied to a landlord, [ who imposed a penalty rent on his lease abiding tenants] the right of summary dispossess, for non-payment of rent. The landlord angrily, and tight-fisted, threatened further legal action.

The second attempt by Mr. Wolf, consisted of an attempt to falsely advise the public, that the pizza company, Goomba Pizza, Ltd., included, amounts of sawdust, in their pizza crust, to save money. This second attempt, slandering the product of the three brothers, was laughed at, by the highly satisfied customers, who were well aware of the method of preparation of the product, and immediately recognized the falsity, as well as the evil motivation of the slanderer.

The third (and, apparently, the final) attempt, was the costly engagement of a local attorney, with local political connections, to obtain a Court Order of Eviction and Damages, against the brothers, for withholding his right, as landlord, to possession, based upon the grounds of inadequate (but, regular) rent payments. This proceeding was brought by, Order to Show Cause, in the Superior Court of Oregano County, itself, [as opposed to proceeding in the Landlord and Tenant Division]. The case was still pending, when last we heard, and such was the reason we requested that the traveler, referred to in the first paragraph, speak to Vince or Brad; to obtain a report on the outcome of the third attempt, of the landlord, Mr. Wolf, to recover the building premises and oust the three entrepreneurs.

As it happens, just before the publishing of this writing, we received a text message, which, (happily) read: “The application of the Landlord, for possession of the premises, and for punitive damages was denied, due to the Applicant’s evident, deceitful action. It   was further ordered, by the Court, that, the three tenants are granted damages in the amount of $…….. against the Landlord, Mr. Wolf by reason of the latter’s illegal and inequitable business practices.

The three partners were happy and celebrated, in their usual, musical mode.


* We, emphatically deny, any and all, similarity between the foregoing narrative, and the children’s story, “The Three Little Pigs.”

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