Post # 453 ASPIRATIONS (Ways and Means)

It would be exceedingly useful, if some electronically gifted, denizen of Silicon Valley, were to develop a GPS, which could (albeit by satellite) direct the best route to the achievement of one’s aspirational outcomes. Man’s recorded history and classic literature, speak to a dismal record of eternally vain attempts, and of subsequent failures, in the pursuit of mankind’s ultimately, meaningful, goals.

At the earliest stages of human life, innate, primitive desires, relating to man’s fundamental need for survival, would appear to have been automatically installed, by instinctive nature. These rudimentary desires gradually morph, from such initial, existential wants, to creative imaginings, which themselves, in time, undergo alteration, during the long, developmental process of childhood. As life goes on, childish fantasies and dreams, become translated and edited to express, progressively, more realistic and attainable, possibilities. With the progress of maturity, many early fantasied designs, become more specific, and begin to emulate aspirations, shared by other members of his societal group; albeit, refined by his personal, empirical experience.

Recognizably, the greatest number of man’s personal goals and aspirations are mutually shared in common, with other fellow societal members. Included are, good health, financial security, friendship and love, marital happiness, professional success and personal self-fulfillment. It is inarguable, that such outcomes will, necessarily, vary in degree of satisfactory attainment, due to nuances in persona, and the occurrence of determinative events, outside of one’s control.

Mandatory ingredients for normal life in any society are, one’s confident perception, of his acceptance, and the earned respect of others. Fortunately, all that is necessary to arrive at this relatively, easily attained outcome, is a demonstrated, responsible and consistent compliance, with societal expectations.

Another category of attainment, but, one universally requiring, adequate desire and dedication, includes, losing weight, learning a foreign language, reading all of Homer or Whitman, running the Marathon, learning to swim, ice skate, ski, dance or riding a bicycle. Successful outcomes, in such matters, usually require normative skills, and an appropriate level of motivation. Inner-directed type personalities, may be able to accomplish these goals and skills on their own; others may need coaching or tutorial assistance. As to these subjects, the requisites, as applicable, are physical skills, such as balance and strength or, academic capability; however, by far, the overriding consideration is motivation.

In fairness, it should be noted that, in certain, identified areas, such as business ventures, successful outcomes, may in great part, depend upon external factors, beyond one’s control. Changes in supply, stylistic variations, supply or absence of raw materials, labor issues, weather phenomena, economic downturns, changes in the law, scientific advances, monetary policy, politics and/or other variables, may operate to retard, or advance, success. A thorough knowledge of the relevant field, flexibility, and a fixed determination, seem to be the only practical and possible, recommendations, for hoped for success. In commercial agricultural pursuits, sufficient knowledge is also mandatorily required, but, in similar fashion, there are a great many uncontrollable variables, including weather, pests, government regulation and changes in consumer demand.

Mankind’s profoundly fundamental and existential challenges, world peace and brotherhood, absence of want, as updated, to include: victory over cancer and other diseases, reduction in air-borne carbon, increased longevity, are, classic goals, to which mankind, universally and eternally, has aspired. These, outcomes, however, will always remain, sad to say, merely, esoteric destinations, as long as, so many humans continue to downplay learning and wisdom, in favor of short-lived and shallow entertainment, and for as long as ignorant populism continues, as a virulent pathogen, to sicken the potential advancement of humanity, towards its evolutionary- intended destination, attained wisdom and world peace.


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