The successful advent of the Fourth Anniversary of, seems to incline us to introspective and autobiographical musing. We gratefully see this enjoyable, and responsible, activity as a special franchise, for the expression of our thoughts, ideas and perceptions on the empirical and emotional world of our personal experience. We have diligently listened, to the extent of our abilities, to life’s lessons, for the greater part of a century, and to the extent of such empirical education,  have attempted to convey, to the best of our abilities, the lessons learned, hopefully, in an appropriately, modest manner.

Over the slightly less than five hundred posts (including, essays, editorials and poetry), we are grateful to have had the opportunity to express ourselves, our thoughts and observations on a plethora of subjects. This, we acknowledge is a special franchise, for which we are duly appreciative, most especially to our regular followers and readers. We, at, have accepted the challenge imposed by the obligation to be responsible, and interesting, as well as clear and (hopefully), readable. The challenge and opportunity, has been, most rewarding and no less than, stimulatingly, joyous.

Our loyal readers are aware that the wide variety of subjects undertaken, societal, anthropological, literary, historic, political, ethical and moral, psychological, ethnic and, indeed, the mundane, will reveal, nevertheless, a common theme, the advancement of mankind, and the enhancement of life, through the individual pursuit of learning. The latter provides depth and self- fulfillment to the individual, and ultimately, value to our Nation.

We are thankful to our readers for providing the opportunity for this most rewarding experience, and look forward to attempting to provide further interest and diversion, in the coming year.

Happy New Year, to all.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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