As if the daily barrage of bizarre and disgraceful acts of miscreant behavior, of the Trump three-ring circus, weren’t  disheartening enough, we have been exquisitely disturbed and acutely concerned, about certain sycophants in the Trump corner, who preoccupy themselves with the sophistic, and completely merit- less argument, relating to the proven misdeeds of President Trump, to the effect that are not “criminal” and therefore, not sanction-able. This argument reveals an atavistic, and truly reprehensible, disregard of the basic understanding, fundamental design and indeed, the existence, of the primal and existential institution of all homo sapiens– society.

There is an implicit agreement among members of society, to cooperate for the mutual benefit of all. The “Social Contract” theory of Rousseau, and other [of his] contemporary thinkers, recited the willing surrender to society, by the individual, of certain natural rights, in contractual exchange for the multiple benefits of living with others of that society,   i.e.,safety and joint security, food production, sense of belonging and identification, skills, mutual participation in joint enterprises, socialization and a great many other features, far preferable to living alone and being preoccupied with survival on a constant basis.

There is, accordingly, in all societal relationships, in addition to interdependence, societal interaction and security, the socially understood and unspoken [contractual] obligation, to comport oneself and behave in a manner, generally approved  and morally expected, by one’s society. Such basic moral demands and expectations are customarily the product of empirical wisdom, developed over the ages,  and are existentially necessary to societal continuance and advancement. Acceptance of the ample cornucopia of benefits derived from living in society, while privately entertaining a selfish disregard of its foundational ethic, is morally reprehensible.

The very existence of the Penal Law and its various enforcement arms, , are indications  of the  failure of societal  customs and traditions, at times, to regulate human behavior. The use of police and the Criminal Law amount to. disappointingly, last ditch efforts to control  wrongdoing.

The irresponsible, sophistical, and contrived defense on behalf of Trump, viz., that to date, he has not been formally charged with a criminal offense is contrived and vacuous. The President of the United States has been publicly demonstrated to be guilty of repeated, gross and intentional repudiation of any and all established societal norms and moral strictures; hardly an historic tribute to the Oval Office and the American people. To us it is, now morally, if not legally, sufficient, in view of its continuous, arrogant  and imperious repetitions to, constitute “wrongful ….”misdemeanors” under the U.S. Constitution.



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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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