The lavish “send-off,” in honor of deceased past President, George H.W. Bush, (“Bush Sr.”) was appropriately within the traditional context of funereal expectations, regarding a leader of our Republic. To our point, it also served as a memory of the persona and professional style of this deceased President, which was affirmatively consistent with historic expectations regarding the visibly, world-wide office, of the  American Presidency.

The style and poise, of the wielder of such implicit power, effectively serves as a significant catalyst in the effective execution of the American role in a consequential theatrical presentation, where, not only the nation, but the entire world, occupies good orchestra seats.  The exemplified expectations  relating to the office of the American Presidency, were visibly and consequentially satisfied, during the term of office of the late Bush, Sr.,  and notably well, in the  recent two terms of office, of President Barack H. Obama.

We feel it appropriate, in this note dedicated to the demonstration of visible “grace” in high political office, to make mention, [albeit,of a non-President] of the recently deceased,  Senator from the State of Arizona, John McCain. Senator McCain was an absolute avatar of grace and dignified service, and an exemplary proponent of rectitude and justice.

We had ventured the optimistic hope, perhaps prematurely, that the re-election of President Obama, was a noteworthy, positive indicator that, in the insular context of interaction between citizens of disparate beliefs, there would be a diminution in  mutual  antipathy, and an acceptance of the rational phenomenon that differences of opinion, can easily and naturally be, consistent with friendship. Such dreams of civic amity had already become virtually nightmarish.

Instead, we shockingly witnessed the elevation to the Oval Room, of an ignorant, egotistic, former T.V.  game show host, and real estate grifter, lacking any modicum of grace, but, to the contrary, serving as a living explanatory definition of the epithet, “a bull in a china shop”; in fact, we feel that Donald J. Trump carries an [oral] china shop with him, wherever  he happens to go, nationally or  internationally.

More devastating than the constant embarrassment caused by Trump’s evident lack of capacity, or understanding of the role of  President, is his regular mendacity, his inconsistent impulsivity, egocentric behavior and express bigotry. These have had polarizing effects on our nation, exacerbating already  existing differences, and creating still  further insular division. Distressing and truly frightening, is his policy of waging all- out war on the basic virtue and existential necessity, of [the standard of] truth, itself; while, in autocratic style, attacking the responsible media. For the first time in remembered history, Trump has caused the perception of the  revered institution of the American Presidency, to be transmogriphied into a “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.”

Consistent with our eternal optimism, we remain hopeful that the three public, shining examples of human grace,  exemplified by the Presidential  term of Office of  decedent, Bush, Sr., recently reviewed in detail, through the many media outlets, the exemplary service, and unruffled dignity and grace, of President Barack Obama, and the dignified grace of the late Senator John McCain, will be the templates for future governmental service.

At the very minimum, it us hoped that these three exemplars of mature character, will, at the very least, serve the purpose of denying the possibility of  normalized perception as to of the many disreputable features of the era of Donald Trump; which are lacking in any empirically rational claim to “grace.”







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